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ATEP602 Your wishes for the mega subscription

ATEP602 Your wishes for the mega subscription

For some time there have been rumors about a mega subscription from Apple, in iOS 14 there are also more and more references in the code to a possible combination subscription. But which services should be included? We asked our community.

Apple launched some new services last year. Even if the group is apparently considering a change of strategy here, these will probably remain for a long time. Currently, all offers are brought separately to men and women, there are no combined discounts. Apple could bundle its services – yes, the ideas even go to hardware.

Music in front of the services

In our survey – in which several answers were possible – Apple Music is clearly ahead with almost 80 percent. With 72 percent close behind iCloud storage, an offer that many customers of iOS hardware will surely use. At least in third place: Apple TV +. Other services are far behind, such as Arcade with 23 percent, Apple News + with 20 percent and iTunes Match is not forgotten with 18 percent.

Hardware is also conceivable

A little more surprising: the iPhone actually comes in fourth place. 38 percent can also imagine hardware in a bundle. In addition, the iPad comes with 23 percent. The Mac follows with 18 percent. 16 percent of all participants are not interested in bundles.

Standalone, many offers will have a hard time presenting themselves as viable offers in the future, a combination of services at an attractive price could be a solution.


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