ATEP603 The iPhone and the scope of delivery

While the rumor mill offers little news about the iPhone 12, there are more and more rumors about the scope of delivery. Apple could potentially cut out a few accessories – a prediction that is causing great debate.

First the rumor about the deletion of the EarPods, now there are rumors about the power supply. There are pictures of a new 20W charger, but this should only be purchased separately. There are many possible reasons.

For 5G and the environment

Arguments for the elimination of these accessories can be found quickly. Let’s start with the environmental reasons: Many users already have other accessories and simply don’t need them. Apart from the current Pro series, Apple still includes a 5 watt power supply, but this is not really up to date. In terms of EarPods, there is a very successful competitor from their own house: the AirPods.

Environment or not, the new iPhone will cost Apple significantly more. By switching to 5G, the costs increase, so the deletion could improve the margin and the price could ultimately remain the same for end customers.

A possible solution

Either way, the end result is a cent product, although the argument of smaller packaging cannot be denied. That many people specifically do not need this accessory is certainly correct. A suggestion that would be enough: Apple includes a voucher worth the power supply and headphones. If in doubt, this can be redeemed on urgently needed products – at Apple – like a new case or as a grant to the AirPods.


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