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Even though Apple’s power supplies have always been a stumbling block – the topic has never been discussed as often as it is now. In addition to Apple, we also asked our community about it.

Power supplies are like sand by the sea, even Apple has a large armada on offer. 5 watts, 12 watts, 18 watts – Apple obviously does not participate in the race for superlatives. While the group is supposedly thinking about no longer including a power supply, Samsung should consider similar steps.

How to load your iHardware

In our survey, we asked you how you charge your iPhones or iPads. Surprisingly, the original power supplies came first with 56%. Admittedly, adding the iPad could distort the survey slightly.

Qi charging pads came in second, but with 42% they were clearly behind. Third place went to multi-power supplies from third-party manufacturers with 27 percent. Even purchased power supplies or single power supplies did not play a major role at around 8 percent each.

Apple has little to offer

In the end there are many universal solutions. Apple controls the connection and the cables, but the power supply side seems lost. The topic of Qi is particularly exciting. If Apple really does without connections, the group has nothing to offer here.


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