ATEP605 iOS 14 and more – the first impressions

Just two and a half weeks after WWDC 2020, Apple also launched the public beta for iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS 11 Big Sur and all other operating systems last week. This gives us the chance to talk about our first impressions.

Apple has followed an interesting strategy, feeling the first year since the iPhone was released that iHardware was not the focus of the presentation. iOS 14 attracts with only a few innovations, this is mainly because we will only see many things when it is released. There are only widgets from Apple, but AppClips are none at all. iPadOS generally shows little news, here it is beyond me why Apple preferred the release of trackpad support.

iOS 14 behind Big Sur

The biggest changes are undoubtedly in macOS, Apple is worth the step forward even a completely new leading version number. Here, too, the changes are only superficial for the time being – namely in the truest sense of the UI. As the second developer beta showed, it has so far been rather pointless to talk about the UI. Apple has adjusted some icons between the two releases. But one thing is striking: The UI offers significantly more space everywhere. On smaller devices, like the MacBook, this is quite annoying. Is there a bigger reason behind it? It almost looks like Apple wants to make room for fingers, … but that’s supposed to be the subject of another episode.


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