ATEP607 The charm of beta

In our survey last week we wanted to know which beta versions of the operating systems coming in the fall you have installed. In today’s episode we want to go into the result.

Every year again: Apple shows us the new operating systems in July and millions of users jump on the beta train. All the warnings are of little help, in the end there are often tears.

Developers in duty

Without a doubt, developers will have to test their apps with these versions sooner or later, especially if new features are to be offered. However, many private users also take part in the public beta.

iOS 14 clear front

In our survey, iOS 14 is clearly ahead, followed closely by iPadOS 14. Both come to around 30 percent each. The Mac is significantly slower with only 13 percent. The reasons can be varied, one possible reason is the large amount of “old devices” that are no longer the primary devices of the users.

All other operating systems only play a subordinate role. WatchOS comes in last, even if there is a public beta here. After all, almost 48 percent of all participants do not use a beta version.


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