ATEP608 Hey and the drama on the App Store

From time to time there are complaints about the approval policy for apps in the App Store. Even though there are many Apple guidelines, some are the same as the same. The service faced some issues, while on the other hand, the first cartel hearings against Apple are starting.

The Cupertino group publishes many guidelines for the approval of apps in its own store, some of which could distort competition in the end. Accordingly, Apple is also facing proceedings in the United States and the EU. The recent incidents surrounding are pouring more oil into an already blazing fire. doesn’t want to pay 30 percent is a new email service with an associated app. The service comes from the creators of Basecamp, so the developers are well known. When the app is started, the user is asked to create an account and to subscribe. In version 1 of the app, this was still okay for Apple, but due to this practice, an update rejected it.

Review board shows little understanding

The app review board then stepped in and also spoke directly to the press. A practice that developers are actually prohibited from, but apparently Apple is not. To describe the letter as passive-aggressive would be an understatement – it was an open attack against the providers of the application and the service.

All of this happened before WWDC and the group did not decide to deal with the topic in any way. Apple is currently facing a number of lawsuits, and the speakers will not be forgotten. Instead of acting like a “cornered animal”, Apple should rather think about what makes their platform. A tip on my part: there are also many great apps and services.


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