ATEP609 Colored Apple Pencil patents

Again and again we report on patents in this podcast, they give an interesting insight into the research of Apple. Last week, a patent for a color sensor appeared in the Apple Pencil.

An Apple patent describes a new area of ​​application for the Apple Pencil. With a color sensor, the Apple pen should be able to recognize colors. This does not mean the colors on the display, they are known anyway, but rather the colors of the environment. This turns the Apple input device into an interesting color picker for graphic designers and draftsmen.

Apple Pencil for display calibration

This function would not only be useful for creative people, the pen could also be used as a calibration tool. Whether for displays or even for printers – an interesting area of ​​application. Will we ever see this feature? Unclear, the Apple Pencil would gain a variety of interesting and new functions.

Via Uspto


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