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It could be an exciting year for Apple and other large tech companies – Apple faces some complaints about its own competitive behavior. The EU, the USA and Great Britain have started investigations. Is there a monopoly?

It is an unusual tech summig: All bosses of the big tech companies were allowed to answer in a hearing in the USA. Even if the charges are varied, the end result is always the exploitation of the platform rule in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Well-known opponents …

Exceptionally, Microsoft can lean back more or less this time. Slack tries to go to court against the group, but the group is outside on many other points. Do you remember the browser wars? Microsoft has practically lost this, Internet Explorer and all derivatives hardly play a role anymore.

It should now be similar with search engines, for example. In the UK, an investigation into the Google deal is expected to begin.

…on every corner

On the other hand, there are many lawsuits from service providers that offer comparable services to Apple. The Cupertino-based company has significantly expanded its offering in recent years: music, films, series, games, cloud storage – everything is on offer. Your own apps are often highlighted in the App Store – who pays for them? Subscriptions cost 15 – 30 percent to Apple if the payment interface is used – and what does Apple actually pay? This is an extremely unfair advantage, especially in areas where there are no such margins. Smaller developers also have problems, most recently And Epic is also a big player in the fight. The game manufacturer calls for alternative app stores.

What that means for Apple in the end remains questionable. However, the consequences could be significant.



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