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ATEP612 Sign in with nobody

ATEP612 Sign in with nobody

For a few weeks now, Apple has been strictly enforcing the sign-in service with Apple. Anyone who has to use the Google or Facebook login must also offer this service – yes, it must even come first. Developers have their problems with that.

As an exception, today I can approach a topic from two different perspectives – on the one hand as a user with a somewhat journalistic background, but on the other hand as an app developer. “Sign in with Apple” has been mandatory for a few weeks now, and the service promises customers easy login and maximum data protection – things that also pose challenges for developers. Anylist has chosen not to offer the service. The reasons are understandable to me.

What email address actually?

One problem is deeply rooted, I had to look after it myself in the case of support: Customers don’t know their email address. iCloud IDs often come with an iCloud email address, usually only a few customers actually use this address. Communication with the customer is therefore via an address which he does not check. It gets even worse with the anonymized email addresses – because when customers ask for support, developers have to ask for the anonymized address first.

And who will reset which password and how?

This becomes a problem in many standard promotions. If a password is to be restored – which service actually does that? When in doubt, developers need to send customers to any third party, which is not a pleasure for anyone in the process.

In the end, “Sign In with Apple” is a little worse for developers than the offers from Facebook and Google – for customers, they are definitely much better. What solution remains? Anylist’s. Offer none of these services – for developers – or if in doubt use none of the services – for customers. This way everyone has more control over their data.



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