Atlus Management is finally starting to see the value of PC Gaming – WePC

A nuance may have been lost in the translation, but it’s interesting to note the details of speaking to platform owners. I can see some possible interpretations of this statement. It could be that some exclusivity agreements may have been made previously where Sony and Atlus originally made an agreement to keep Persona, or at least Persona 4: Golden, exclusively for PlayStation, so Atlus had to request Sony permission to publish on PC. Another interpretation could be that they want to work with platform owners to remaster older games. For example, Atlus’ parent company Sega has partnered with Microsoft to bring the Yakuza games to Xbox. It’s a bit vague here and we don’t read this statement in the Japanese original so it’s not entirely clear.

For many of us who are rooted in the PC gaming world, it was clear that Atlus had tons of games that PC gamers would appeal to. So it’s frustrating to have no choice but to watch Atlus ignore this sizable international market for years, but maybe extremely strong sales for Persona 4: Golden out of the gate have awakened them for the dormant potential. Japan does not have a strong legacy of PC games where, for various cultural and technological reasons, it has never been a dominant platform for games in Japan, but over the past decade we have seen most of the major Japanese publishers gain an understanding how well their games are doing on PC, and Atlus is perhaps the main remaining stumbling block.

Are there specific Atlus games for the upcoming or earlier catalog that you would like to see on PC? Let us know in the comments.

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