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Attack on "Spiegel-TV" reporter: State protection investigated

Attack on "Spiegel-TV" reporter: State protection investigated

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The state protection of the Görlitz police investigates an attack on a “Spiegel TV” team during a corona protest on Bundesstraße 96 in Saxony.

“We know the case,” said a spokeswoman on Thursday. He became known to the authority on Tuesday after the television broadcast (Monday), it was officially reported for assault. What exactly happened has to be clarified, and the perpetrator and the victim still have to be found. The Spiegel publishing company, based in Hamburg, did not provide any information on the incident in view of the ongoing investigations.

In the video you can see how, according to the article “on the B96 between Zittau and Bautzen”, a man films the TV team with his cell phone and yells at the cameraman: “Take the camera away, you bird, otherwise it will clap.” he approached the cameraman with the words: “Piss off, get out!” The voice that was used to explain the TV report then said: “The dialogue ends with a punch for our reporter.” Reported on the attack also the “Sächsische Zeitung.”

The German Association of Journalists (DJV) condemned the incident. The chairperson of the DJV in Saxony, Ine Dippmann, emphasized on Thursday: “We will not accept that violence or its threat is approved as a means of dealing with it.”

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