AUDIO TEST 5/2020: Measure, check, understand

Because life could take place less outside, because restaurants, parks and museums were still only able to open to a limited extent, we had more time to test. You can see that in the current AUDIO TEST at first glance.

An audio tester likes to lock himself up in his listening room anyway and enjoy the time with the music – and the reproducing technology. In order to be able to validly test a device, it first of all needs trained hearing that has already been able to hear hundreds of systems. For some points, in addition to the listening experience, we still rely on technology – measurement technology. However, we can also expand human perception and use technology and know-how to explore and determine frequencies, amplitudes and fields that lie outside of human perception.

That is why we have decided to give this booklet a look behind the scenes of our daily test routine and to show you why measurements are sometimes an important thing, and whether it is to have the overall impression of a device confirmed. We will show you in the magazine what we measure and what you can maybe check at home to get a few more percentage points out of your system.

With all the technical sense, we were also able to enjoy great new products musically. Above all, we were very happy with Technics’ new limited lathe SL-1210 GAE with Nagaoka pickup system. I would also like to recommend our test of the new Monitor Audio Silver 300, which convinced us with its sound and price. If you would like to have it particularly noble, I recommend the Arcona 100 MKII from Gauder Akustik, which has played into our hearts with physical precision. We tried something special with the Denon AVR-X1600H and looked at the AV receiver from a gaming perspective.

Topics of the AUDIO TEST 5/2020

NEWS: The most important new releases on the hi-fi market
Measure, test, understand: We explain why, when and what everything is measured and what typical mistakes can be made
Dr. Volume: How do distortion values ​​in technical data come about, what do they say and how do we perceive them?


Adam Audio T8V
Advance Paris X-i1100
Clearaudio Smart Power 12V
Gauder acoustics Arcona 100 Mk II
Denon AVR-X1600H
Glasamp 2150
Elac Debut Reference DBR62
Pro-ject Phono Box S2 and Phono Box DS2
Technics Limited SL-1210 GAE
Monitor audio Silver 300
Velodyne Wi-Q10
Technics EAH-AZ70
Quad Atera Pre and Atera Stereo
Ruark Audio R7 Mk III

You can get the current issue 5/2020 of the AUDIO TEST at the kiosk, online as e-paper via readly and booklet purchase or as a subscription.

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