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Industrial espionage, a supposed suicide and the question of human free will: Uamong othersm “Devs” starts exclusively in the MagentaTV megathek in August.

“Devs”, Season 1

When her partner Sergei Pavlov (Karl Glusman) mysteriously disappears, software engineer Lily Chan (Sonoya Mizuno) begins a nightmare: her employer, Californian tech company Amaya, publishes alleged evidence that Sergei is said to have committed suicide. But Lily does not want to accept this and secretly starts her own investigation. There is, for example, the mysterious “Devs” department, short for developers. What begins as industrial espionage quickly takes on ever larger dimensions – right up to the no longer just a philosophical but also a practical question of whether people have free will.

From the streaming premiere on August 19, a new episode of the first season can be viewed each week in the MagentaTV megatheque – directly after the broadcast on the Fox Channel.

Better Things, Season 4

The fourth season “Better Things” tells the story of Sam and her three daughters in ten new 22-minute episodes. This time it is about the upcoming 50th birthday of the single mother. Protagonist Pamela Adlon has already been nominated for her performance, among others, for the Emmy Award and the Golden Globe as the main actress in a comedy series.

The fourth season of “Better Things” will start exclusively on Magenta TV on August 6th.

“Better Things”, season 4, exclusively on Magenta TV

Two further international series will also be continued in August: the Spanish drama series “Velvet” and the US crime series “The Oath”. Both will be available in the MagentaTV megathek from August 1st at no additional cost.

Also in the third season of the historical drama series “Velvet” stands the forbidden love between poor seamstress Ana and Alberto, the heir to the luxury fashion store Velvet back in focus.

In the second season of the police series “The Oath” it is, however, a corrupt group within the police force that tries to free itself from the debts of a cartel.

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