August Patchday: Google plugs 57 security holes in Android

Almost half of the bugs are in Qualcomm components. There are also several critical vulnerabilities. Samsung is already distributing the August patch to the Galaxy S20.

Google has August security updates for its mobile operating system Android released. They are now available for the supported pixel devices and the Android Open Source Project. The developers close a total of 57 security holes this month. Bugs classified as critical can only be found in Qualcomm components.

Android Patchday (Image: Android Security Bulletin lists 54 vulnerabilities. Only six vulnerabilities are rated as critical, including in Qualcomm WLAN chips. All other bugs pose a high risk.

With the Android Patch Level August 1st, Google closes 14 gaps in the components framework, media framework and system. They not only allow malicious code to be introduced and executed remotely, but also the theft of personal data, an unauthorized extension of user rights and denial-of-service attacks. Android 8.x, 9 and 10 are affected.

The security patch level 5 August fixes are aimed at components of the kernel as well as components from the manufacturers AMLogic, MediaTek and Qualcomm. The lion’s share, a total of 27 vulnerabilities, was reported by the manufacturer of the Snapdragon processors.

The Pixel Update Bulletin for August only mentions three vulnerabilities – one is in the kernel, two in Qualcomm components. Google made no statements regarding non-security-related corrections.

Google partners have had the details of all security patches available for at least 30 days. Amongst other things Samsung has already started distribution – Galaxy S20 users can already download the update.

According to its current bulletin, Samsung is filling 61 holes, two of which are rated as critical. This includes the July 5 security patch level fixes that Samsung hadn’t offered last month. Samsung also improves the security of its own software. Among other things, the boot loader of the S20 smartphones is vulnerable and it is possible to bypass security settings for Knox containers.

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