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Austria: Apple has to provide access data

by Tejas Dhawan

An interesting decision on the part of the Austrian courts in dealing with access data and Apple. According to the judgment of the district court in Dornbirn, Apple has to provide the access data for an account, specifically to the heiress of a deceased person.

According to the final judgment of the district court in Dornbin, Apple has to give an heiress the access data for a deceased’s user account and iCloud. The group is said to have recognized the judgment and has agreed to simply reset the password.

Reset credentials – a possible precedent

According to lawyer Stefan Denfil, this could set a precedent for comparable cases. In this way, heirs should have access to (digital) memorabilia. The lawyer had filed the lawsuit late last year. He relied on a judgment of the German Federal Court of Justice, there was a similar decision.

The verdict “now also gives other Austrian heirs the opportunity to obtain Apple products from a deceased person through the court. Specifically, this means receiving personal memorabilia that are part of the emotional processing of a death, among other things, ”said the lawyer.

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