AUSZEIT 4/2020: Longing for touch

Longing for touch – what at first glance sounds like a reaction to the limitations of the past few weeks and months actually describes a deeply rooted desire. A good reason to pursue very different aspects of this topic in the current issue of AUSZEIT, important and inspiring for each of us – whether single, couples or large families …

When we put together the cover of this issue, the editorial team objected that the topic might be too tailored for the reader who is in a relationship. So who are much closer to the daily exchange of tenderness than the many singles, those living alone and those left alone.

So is it really the case that single people (yes, I am one too) let the issues of tenderness and touch become melancholy much faster than those who have a person next to them who, at least in theory, hug one at any time and can touch us tenderly? As with many of these questions, a simple yes or no answer is not enough.

Hope or reverie?

On the one hand, we are all so different: everyone has their own relationship history, their own feelings about their needs and desires, their very own way of dealing with their dreams. Then there are also hormone fluctuations, weather changes or threatening crashes in our account balance – all things that put the unfulfilled great longings very much in the foreground at the moment. And then we know that, for example, we should definitely not watch heart-rending love films because they would actually tear our hearts at these moments.

But there is also the other side. Because apart from the fact that each of us should also accept ourselves as the goal of love and sensuality, even a little sadness and melancholy can’t really hurt. The memories of wonderful moments we shared are basically something very beautiful. Because it was moments of tenderness that nobody can take away from us, that stay with us forever, that shape us. Even some relationships mostly live only from these memories …

And also: For each of us there are people who you can take in your arms as a matter of course in order to experience moments of closeness and warmth very directly. Moments that open our hearts and recharge our batteries a little. You too have such people around you, just dare to approach them and forego the often inappropriate formality. That’s working!

Touching dreams

One more word about our dreams: Tenderness that has been dreamed of can fill, make us smile, make our hearts vibrate. And should such a daydream try to become independent and painfully point out how unfulfilled it is – believe me, it will pass. Sometimes a little distraction helps, just clear your head or watch a good movie. Even if it shouldn’t be a love story at this moment, just to be on the safe side …

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