Automatic nap detection finally arrives

The most ‘premium’ models in the Amazfit catalog are updated with automatic nap detection and sleep monitoring even for short periods of time during the day.

I don’t know anyone who’s tried a smartwatch and say it was not useful to you. In fact, it is that I am a faithful defender of smart watches and when asked, I always recommend to everyone to buy a smartwatch highly. I do it convinced, because certainly help disconnect from mobile no need to be really disconnected, and also we allow much better management of health and physical activity data thanks to their enormous potential and that we always wear them.

Most of those available in the market, in fact, have a battery of sensors that accurately capture data and quantify our physical condition, reading our continuous heart rate, physical activity and calories expended, the floors or heights we climbed and much more, with some even capable of automatically measure our sleep periods to monitor how we rest and that we can improve in such an important aspect for our health.

The Amazfit GTR, on the wrist of a user

Xiaomi’s Amazfit watches will be able to detect small naps and monitor them, starting with the Amazfit GTR

This is where the models Xiaomi Amazfit, which has in its catalog some of the best-selling smartwatches on the market, they wavered a little compared to the competition, although the Chinese manufacturer has just introduced us one of the most anticipated improvements for your smartwatcheswhich fortunately they are already able to do monitoring our naps with its latest firmware update.

Such a novelty were echoed by the guys from xda-developers, who presented us with the update for Amazfit GTR and Amazfit GTS reporting the models more premium Amazfit are already capable of read our rest periods during the day fully automatically, just as they did with the night dream to date.

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Screenshot with Amazfit GTR update

A small software update, and with it comes a long-awaited functionality for Amazfit watches

Amazfit GTR and Amazfit GTS watches already measure your naps, and help you rest better

Virtually all smartwatches and quantifying wristbands are capable of track sleep, but not all do it continuously to also store breaks during the day. It is here that Amazfit has wanted to improve, also tracking sleep patterns during the day to please the sleepiest ones who enjoy their naps, and the night shift workers who, during daylight hours, had to activate sleep detection by hand.

It is the latest firmware versions of the Amazfit GTR and Amazfit GTS that implement this novelty, specifically the builds for the GTR and for the GTS, finally offering automatic controls of the sleep patterns during the day and statistics of the rest made, as long as the nap lasts at least 20 minutes or more, integrating the data into the daily global information of deep, light or awake sleep, and thus affecting sleep scores in the Amazfit app.

To make it work you will not only have to update the clock, but also the Amazfit application to version 4.5.3 or higher in Google Play Store, update that will detect the clock without any intervention to automatically request the installation of its new firmware version.

In any case, for now it will only reach the Amazfit GTR and Amazfit GTS, no news from Huami about a broader deployment for the rest of the watches and quantifiers in its prolific catalog sheltered from Xiaomi. In any case and in case you want to get your GTR and GTS unit at the best price, right here We leave you again with the links and prices on Amazon Spain:

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