AVM launches new Fritzbox

At the communication company AVM, the IFA Special Edition in September is all about fast internet, smart home networking and strong WiFi. There is already a premiere.

At the technology fair, AVM wants to present the new Fritz products for the new WiFi standard Wi-Fi 6. These include the recently available Smart Home products, the Fritz! Dect 500 LED lamp, the Fritz! Dect 339 four-button switch and the new Fritz! App Smart Home. With the Fritz! OS 7.20 update, over 100 innovations will soon be in the starting blocks.

AVM is also celebrating the product premiere of the new Fritzbox 6850 LTE today. The box should serve as an alternative to DSL and fiber optics and allow enough bandwidth in city and country. Providers should be able to use fast internet with up to 150 Mbit / s via mobile radio. The Fritzbox should be available in stores shortly. AVM also plans to release the Fritzbox 6850 5G version for the new 5G mobile radio standard at the end of the year.

At IFA, AVM wants to present its Fritz highlights at the “Business, Retail & Meeting Lounges” and the “Global Press Conference”. The company also announced that online presentations and talk formats will take place on the AVM website and channels.

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