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Bake bread at home

Bake bread at home

You get up in the morning and a scent of fresh and home-baked bread flows through the kitchen – a bread maker makes it possible. GIGA names recommended models and gives tips for buying.

If you don’t have a bakery nearby, don’t get the bread you want, or just want to avoid all contacts at the moment, you’re happy about a bread maker: prepare a bit, then the machine will do it for itself. After a few hours, a hot, fragrant bread comes out.

GIGA looked around for test winners. The last test of the Stiftung Warentest is from 2005, so the models listed there are no longer important. But the Belgian pedant for Stiftung Warentest, Test Achats, tested breadmaking machines in 2017 – and that is one of the winners:

Test winner: bread maker Panasonic SD-ZB 2512

Bread maker Panasonic SD-ZB2512

Bread maker Panasonic SD-ZB2512

Is the purchase intended for a single household or a family? No matter, the Panasonic SD-ZB 2512 is versatile: You can bake the right amount with three different bread sizes from M to XL. 18 programs are integrated, the bread maker can bake white bread as well as sourdough or whole grain bread. Thanks to an extra compartment for ingredients that are only added during the baking process, the machine can automatically add grains, dried fruit or nuts to the dough at the right time. The desired tan can be set in three stages.

You have to count on four hours of baking time for white bread. So that the bread is ready in time for breakfast, there is a time delay. The Panasonic SD-ZB 2512 is not only specialized in bread, but can also prepare yeast dough for pizza and cook jam. Incidentally, in the test by Test Achats, the manufacturer Panasonic has taken the top spots with several devices.

Price tip: Bread maker Rommelsbacher BA 550

Bread maker Rommelsbacher BA 550

Bread maker Rommelsbacher BA 550

In their 3/2019 issue, the kitchen experts of the “Kitchen & Household” magazine (included in the Readly magazine subscription *) tested the Rommelsbacher BA550 bread maker and classified it as a “luxury class”. The grade was a smooth 1, indicating a very good price-performance ratio. The testers praised the operation as well as the quiet and reliable way of working.

This model also has an ingredient compartment, through which nuts, grains or other items can be added automatically during the baking process. The bread maker can prepare dough for cakes and pizza, as well as cook jam. And all for less than 100 euros.

Buy bread maker 2020: two important features

Some cheap bread makers don’t offer all the basic functions. Before buying, you should consider carefully whether you want to do without it or rather spend a little more:
Ingredients compartment: Grains, fruits or nuts are placed in this compartment and should only be added during the baking process. Simpler machines stop the baking process with such recipes and you have to add the additives manually.
Types of dough: Not every baking machine can bake every type of bread. If you want a rye bread, you should tap the manufacturer’s description on it, and prospective pizza makers pay attention to the suitability for yeast dough. In order to be optimally equipped for different applications, some manufacturers supply two different stirring hooks.

Bread makers at Aldi and Lidl

Discounters also occasionally offer bread makers as weekly promotions. Sometimes these are branded devices, sometimes cheap or own brands. Anyone looking for that Medion bread maker from the Aldi shelves find it at other retailers all year round. The few reviews on Amazon for the device are positive, but you can currently get the baking machine much cheaper at Otto Versand.

Medion bread maker MD 14752

Medion bread maker MD 14752

No matter which model you own: the bread does not necessarily become perfect from the first loaf. You have to reckon with having to approach the optimal result with the choice of ingredients and quantities. A good and reliable baking process can be expected from good models.

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