"Bang Boom Bang" for the last time today on Tele 5

© TELE 5

Bye, Keek, Kalle and Schlucke: fans of the Ruhrpott comedy “Bang Boom Bang – A sure-fire thing” have to say goodbye to a ritual they have grown to love.

Since the end of August 2019, the cult film has been shown on Tele 5 every Friday – now the huge repeat marathon ends. Tele5 shows the crook strip today at 8.15 pm “a damn, very last time”, as the station announced on Thursday. “We have reached the end. With our viewers too. “

The film from the so-called Unna trilogy by director Peter Thorwarth was 20 years old last year. The weekly reruns on Tele 5 began on August 23, 2019. According to the broadcaster, almost 6.7 million different viewers have tuned in to the comedy since then.

The strip is considered a cult because many quotes (“90 minutes of hardcore, real feelings”) have become classics. He tells the adventures of Kiffer Keek (Oliver Korittke). His circle of friends includes the video lender Franky (Jochen Nickel), who shoots absurdly bad sex films in the hobby room. In addition, many well-known actors and comedians stood in front of the camera for “Bang Boom Bang” – from Diether Krebs and Martin Semmelrogge to Til Schweiger and Ingolf Lück to Ralf Richter and Alexandra Neldel.

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