Bargain: Roborock S5 Max for 413 euros

Gearbest has the Roborock S5 Max again on offer. Shipping is from a Polish warehouse.

The Chinese online retailer Gearbest currently offers the Roborock model S5 Max for 413.10 euros. This makes the robot vacuum cleaner about 16 euros cheaper than other offers. The dispatch takes place via a Polish warehouse. The online shop specifies the delivery time with 2 to 5 working days.

Roborock S5 max for 413.10 euros (screenshot:

Compared to the Roborock S6, the S5 Max vacuum robot presented in autumn 2019 offers improvements for wiping. For this purpose, Roborock more than doubled the filling volume of the water tank compared to the previous model S6 from 140 ml to 290 ml. The dust container is somewhat smaller at 460 ml compared to the S6 at 480 ml. The basic technical data such as battery capacity and suction power are identical with 5200 mAh and 2000 Pascal.

Technical data: Roborock S5 Max compared to S6 (table: Roborock)Technical data: Roborock S5 Max compared to S6 (table: Roborock)

Electrically controlled water delivery

For improved wiping, Roborock has also completely redesigned the water tank and equipped it with an electrically controllable water delivery device. Instead of the S6, whose water tank is integrated in the wipe holder, the S5 Max has a self-sufficient water tank that dispenses a certain amount of water onto the wipe holder via an electrically controllable dispenser. The water delivery can be completely blocked in the Roborock app or set with “low”, “medium” and “high”. It is practical that you can make these settings depending on the cleaning zone or room. Depending on the floor covering, such as parquet and tiles, the water drainage can be regulated or even stopped completely.

Roborock S5 Max: water tank (Image: Roborock S5 Max has a self-sufficient water tank that dispenses water onto the wipe holder using an electrically controllable dispenser (Image: Roborock).

Another advantage of the newly developed wiping device is that, regardless of the amount of water still available, a continuous pressure of the wipe holder on the floor of 300 grams is generated. As a result, Roborock claims to achieve a constant wiping performance from the first to the last drop, which is not the case with other vacuum robots such as the S6. Here the pressure of the wipe holder on the floor depends on the amount of water in the water tank. With a full water tank, this is higher at the beginning of cleaning than at the end when the tank is filled with less water.

Above all, Roborock optimized the wiping function of the S5 Max (Image: Roborock).Above all, Roborock optimized the wiping function of the S5 Max (Image: Roborock).

For efficient cleaning planning, the Roborock app offers the option of storing custom cards. This makes it possible, for example, to define restricted areas and virtual walls that the robot vacuum should avoid. A timer function is also available, which enables individual cleaning planning according to user-defined specifications. This also takes into account settings for the cleaning mode (quiet, balance, turbo, max) and the water flow (off, low, medium and high), which is referred to in the app as “water volume setting”.

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