Base Merger and Infinite Contract

Fusion Initiates and Fusion Selection Fiction They have come to complement the already existing offer for those clients less interested in soccer. The first includes more than 80 channels of the Family package and the own production of Movistar +, as well as unlimited data, voice and SMS on the mobile line for 50 euros per month for 6 months (after 68 euros in ADSL and 100Mbps of fiber and 75 euros per month in 600Mbps fiber). For its part, Fusión Selección Ficción includes all the Movistar + Cinema and Series, Disney +, more than 80 channels of the Family package and Movistar + ‘s own production, as well as unlimited data, voice and SMS for 50 euros per month for 6 months for both 600Mb fiber as for ADSL and 100MB fiber (after 89 euros per month in ADSL / 100Mbps fiber and 99 euros per month in 600Mbps fiber).

Goodbye Fusion Base

The arrival of these two rates has led to the inevitable goodbye of Base Fusion. This fee cost 75 euros with 600 Mbps fiber and 68 euros with 100 Mbps fiber, that is, the same as Fusión Initiates. On the main mobile line it did not offer unlimited data, remaining only 15GB to browse. Fusion 0 remains as an entry option in exchange for 53 or 60 euros per month depending on the speed of the optical fiber.

Base Fusion

For his part, Fusion Selection Fiction is placed as an alternative to Fusion Selection with Champions or Fusion Selection with LaLiga. These packages have unlimited gigabytes on the main line, fixed with 550 to mobiles and fiber of 100 or 600 Mbps, varying only in television content.

The Merger offer Now it is with Fusion 0, Selection Fusion (3 options), Fusion Selection Plus (2 options), Total Fusion and Total Fusion Plus. In addition, all of them have two special variants with Netflix, being X2 for the standard HD quality package and 2 screens or X4 for the premium UHD 4K quality package and 4 screens.

Change of conditions in the Infinite Contract

The publication of new conditions in Fusión is not the only novelty of Movistar. In this case it affects the Infinite Contract, its rate with calls, SMS and unlimited data on Movistar for 39.95 euros per month, although promoted until June 31 by 24.95 euros per month for 12 months.

The change of conditions does not affect the price, but it does affect the service of Secure Connection. As Movistar has published:

Secure Connection: the Service includes Secure Connection for registrations prior to July 19, 2020; For registrations from July 19, 2020 the client must expressly request the activation of Secure Connection.

In case anyone does not know, Secure Connection consists of protection by domain reputation (against web pages of dubious reputation with malicious, fraudulent content) and against viruses in connection and mobile browsing by 3G / 4G, along with license from the Movistar Device Security solution McAfee powered for a mobile device to protect it on connections to WiFi networks.

Tuenti points to the news

As if that were not enough, at the level of changes and novelties, Telefónica does not want to forget about the clients of Tuenti. Now that the operator has stopped offering fiber optics to focus on cheap mobile rates, it is time to adjust some aspects to have the most attractive offer in its segment.

From now on, the second Telefónica brand improves the 1 GB Bonoplus for 6 euros. Without raising its price, it will have 5GB for 6 euros. This improvement is already available and can be activated at any time from the operator’s app or from the Tuenti website.

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