Because of Paypal: payment on account the most popular

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Shopping with one click sounds temptingly easy – but when ordering online most consumers in Germany still prefer the old-fashioned way.

Consumers in Germany still prefer to shop online on account. Almost a third of all online purchases (32.8 percent) were paid by invoice in 2019, as the Cologne-based commercial research institute EHI reported on Tuesday. That is another 1.5 percentage points more than in the previous year. One reason for the increase may be that the US internet giant Amazon has actively promoted this payment method to its customers.

PayPal came second in the popularity ranking of payment methods on the Internet with 20.2 percent – this was also a slight increase compared to the previous year. Direct debit was in third place. However, its share of the overall market fell by 1.2 percentage points to 18.3 percent. Only 10.5 percent of purchases were made with credit cards. All other payment methods such as purchases made in advance, immediate transfers or cash on delivery played a subordinate role.

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