Because of the masks, this Google app will be used in some ambulances

The UK ambulance service will use a popular Google app to treat patients with hearing loss.

Google It is a company that has a large number of products and applications, and some of them serve to facilitate people’s daily lives. A clear example is Google Live Transcribe, the Mountain View company’s real-time transcription service, which from now on it will be used in some ambulances because of the masks.

At least that’s what the UK ambulance service has confirmed, which is considering adopting this app to treat patients with hearing loss. Google Live Transcribe is a great help tool for deaf or hard of hearing peopleAs it performs voice to text transcription using Google’s speech recognition technology. In this way, the user can participate in conversations with other people, and even write the responses on the screen within the app itself. Transcription in over 70 languages ​​and dialects and bilingual support are other of Live Transcribe’s most interesting features.

Google Instant Transcription

Google’s instant transcript will be used in some ambulances.

In the current situation in which everyone wears a mask, communication for this type of people can be really complicated, which is why the UK ambulance service has taken this action. Danny Hughes, a physician with the South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECA) in the United Kingdom, has discovered, and subsequently shared on his Twitter accountwho could use the Google Live Transcribe app so that hearing impaired patients can know what you are saying, even wearing the mask on (since with this element they cannot read the lips). A solution that would improve this communication and that the ambulance service itself has decided to adopt from now on.

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Google Live Transcribe will be used to treat patients with hearing loss

Throughout these weeks, and with the use of masks by everyone, they have been asking for a series of measures to improve communication with people with hearing loss. Measures such as clear face masks were even suggested so that these people could read lips and make facial expressions visible.

However, with this app communication will be improved and these people will be able to know what they are saying even if you wear a mask, since you only have to read the text on the mobile screen. There is no doubt that the idea that this doctor has had is a great step to improve communication with people with hearing loss, something that has been affected with the use of masks.

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