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Although Disney is always an option, it is not the only one. There are many titles that we can find on streaming platforms, on Amazon Prime Video or on HBO with 3D stop-motion animation or anime cinema with Tahaya or Miyazaki. They are not all who we have special affection because there are many that have marked our childhood and adolescence but some of the best that you can see,

Toy story

The Toy Story saga is possibly the most successful in the history of animation. With four feature films, the first from 1995 and the last from 2019, it tells the story of some toys that, when their owner does not look, come to life. In the first movie we meet Woody, a toy cowboy who is the leader of a boy’s toy group named Andy, he is his favorite doll and the one who organizes the other toys in his room when Andy is not around. But one day Andy is given a new toy, Buzz Lightyear, a totally modern intergalactic soldier who becomes the great attraction of both the child and the rest of the toys.

The relationship between Woody and Buzz, his adventures in and out of the house, the soundtrack and, above all, his messages of friendship above all, have made the Toy Story saga an intergenerational legend that both parents and children love. And now you can see all his movies again on Disney + with a saga that has continued year after year and is one of the most important. Not only will you find all the Toy Story titles, up to the fourth, but on the Disney platform there is special content with the same characters, short films and animation programs for fans of a saga that he is now 25 years old.

Platform: Disney +

Year: nineteen ninety five

Duration: One hour and 21 minutes

Theme: Cartoons / Family Cinema

Age: For all audiences

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Toy Story 2 on Disney Plus

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Toy story


One of the great successes of Disney is this film set in the tales of the thousand and one nights, which is about a street thief named Aladdin who one day finds a magic lamp. Inside the lamp there lives a genie who, to free him from captivity, rewards him with three wishes. Aladdin uses one of those wishes to disguise himself as a prince who seeks approval from Princess Jasmine to marry her.

The songs, the aesthetics, the humor and, above all, the genius of the lamp, gave this film an immediate success. It became the highest grossing Disney film in history to date and one of the best animated films in history. In 2019 a version with royal charactersIt was also a success. Both versions are available on Disney + for you to sing their songs and relive the legend of the city of Agrabah.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 1992/2019

Duration: Two hours and 14 minutes

Thematic: Humor / Fantasy

Recommended age: For ages 9 and up

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See Aladdin (2019) on Disney Plus

Aladdin - Best Cartoon Movies

The Lion King

Another classic cartoon movie, which has become one of the most loved by the public, is The Lion King. His fame has led to a musical and a live-action film released in 2019. It is the story of a pride of lions whose leader is Mufasa, who reigns over the animals of the African savannah. Mufasa has a son, Simba, who should be his successor as the lion king. But her evil uncle Scar has a plan to prevent that from happening.

Exiled, Simba will meet two friends, Timon and Pumbaa, a meerkat and a wild boar, with whom he will learn the true meaning of friendship, although without ever forgetting his home and his revenge against his uncle Scar to take the place that belongs to him as king of the pack. His message, his emotionality and the songs made the film one of the highest rated and one of the best animated films of all time.

Platform: Disney +

Year: 1994

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Thematic: Family Cinema / Cartoons

Age: For olders than 6

See The Lion King (1994) on Disney Plus

The Lion King 2 – Simba’s Treasure on Disney Plus

See The Lion King 3 – Hakuna Matata on Disney Plus

The Lion King (2019) on Disney Plus

The Lion King - Best Animated Cartoon Movies


Away from the usual movies of charming princesses and chivalrous princes who come to his rescue, Shrek is an adventure film that has an ogre as the main character. Rude, surly and lonely, Shrek one day finds his swamp full of enchanted characters from fairy tales, who have been banished from their home by an evil and dwarf prince. When he goes to ask for an explanation, the prince offers him a deal. He must rescue Princess Fiona so he can marry her and become king, then bring peace back to Shrek’s swamp.

With a donkey as a companion, she comes to the rescue of Princess Fiona, another character that does not fit the classic description of a helpless princess who hopes to be rescued by her lover. Their songs, the hooligan tone of the script and a lot of humor are the key pieces of Shrek, a film that had several sequels and is one of the most recognizable from the DreamWorks production company.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 2001

Duration: One hour and 30 minutes

Thematic: Humor

Recommended age: For ages above 7

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Shrek 2 on Netflix

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One of the most emotional cartoon films and one of the most exciting beginnings is Up, a film that is about old age, dreams to fulfill and adventures, as well as friendship between people of any age and respect for animals and nature. The protagonists are Russell, a boy who aspires to be an adventurer, and Carl, an old widower who only wants tranquility and who is dragged by the little one into a thousand crazy things. Faced with the threat of eviction from his home, he decides to carry out his latest adventure and unwittingly takes Russell with him. Your adventure through the air and Russell’s occurrences they bring humor to a very emotional film with which children and adults will learn values.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2009

Duration: One hour and 36 minutes

Thematic: Drama / Animation

Recommended age: For olders than 6

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up - best cartoon movies


Animals are usually a classic protagonist of animated films, but few could imagine that a movie could be carried out by a rat. And even less that that rat was a cook. Ratatouille is about a country rat who dreams of moving to the city and becoming a chef. Remy travels to Paris attracted by the lights ofAuguste Gusteau’s restaurant a well-known television chef who has passed away. Lingüini, a clumsy young man, begins to work in the restaurant kitchen. Remy used as a puppet to use their cooking skills with the human body. A very funny film, with many misunderstandings and a friendship, between Remy and Lingüini, which will have many points of humor but will also teach values ​​to the little ones.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2007

Duration: One hour and 53 minutes

Thematic: Family / Comedy

Recommended age: For over six years

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Ratouille - Best Cartoon Movies


In 2013 Disney released what would be one of the most important moviesIt is not only from the last decade but also from its history, with a worldwide success and a Frozen ‘fever’ that lasts to this day. The key was to put aside the princesses as the factory had presented them, to put aside the stories of princes and princesses who fall in love at first sight, who are saved. Here the prince is the villain and true love is that of the sisters. That’s why thousands of girls around the world have dressed as Elsa and Anna every day from 2013 to today. Frozen is one of the best animated films that we can see on Disney Plus and the second part is also available, released in 2019 and another of the best.

Frozen, as we all know by now, is the story of Elsa and Anna. Elsa has powers that make everything she touches turn to ice and her life has been a sad story of being locked up in a castle to avoid disaster. Also Anna’s, who since she was little stopped being able to play with her sister. When the kingdom of Arendelle seems to fall into an eternal winter, Anna will have to live an adventure to avoid it, where she will meet Kristoff, Sven and Olaf who will accompany her on the journey.

Frozen got two Oscars, for best animated film and best song. It also won the Golden Globe for best animated film and the Bafta Award in the same category. A resounding success that has conquered children and adults with a free interpretation of the story The Snow Queen.

Platform: Disney

Year: 2013/2019

Duration: 1 hour and 42 minutes / 1 hour and 43 minutes

Thematic: Family / Fantasy / Musical

Age: For over six years

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frozen 2


The first Spanish animated film on Netflix is, without a doubt, one of the best animated films that we can see on the streaming platform. Although Christmas, you can see it the rest of the year. A fantasy and magic story ideal for the holidays … It is the story of Jasper, a postman who has been punished and sent to a frozen northern city where nobody sends letters. In order to get out of his punishment and go home, Jasper will have to get the inhabitants to send a certain number of letters but it seems impossible in a city where everyone is busy fighting, blaming each other.

But in Smeerensburg ingenuity will be rewarded. Thanks to Alva, the village teacher, and Klaus, the carpenter, Jasper will get the inhabitants to become interested in sending letters, in exchanging letters for toys in a magical story to see as a family. There is no shortage of gifts, socks, legends, snow, fireplaces and an infectious charm that will make the inhabitants forget about their problems.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 2019

Duration: 1 hour and 38 minutes

Thematic: Childish

Recommended age: For all audiences

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Spirited Away

One of the most recent and highly recommended Ghibli films is Spirited Away, the story of a ten-year-old girl who discovers an abandoned amusement park on her way to the new house where she will live with her parents. Like other times, Miyazaki talks to us aboute moving, children, fantastic animals and nothing presented as it seems. When it gets dark, everything around Chihiro is different, life changes completely and so do the people in it. His parents have turned into pigs in a haunting and somewhat spooky scenario where he will have to get used to his new companions and creatures. There he will also meet Haku qo a Yubaba for two hours of a sentimental, exciting and disturbing title but for all audiences.


Year: 2001

Duration: Two hours and five minutes

Thematic: Adventure / Drama

director: Hayao Miyazaki

Age: For all audiences

Watch Spirited Away on Netflix

Chihiro - Best Ghibli Movies

Princess mononoke

Miyazaki created a princess in the late nineties who would later remind us of Moana, the Disney princess. One of the best cartoon movies of all time, courtesy of Hayao Miyazaki for Studio Ghibli. Nature and female characters are, as almost always, the axis of this story of more than two hours where the moral is clear: you have to take care of the foreste and the creatures that inhabit it.

To reach this conclusion we meet Ashitaka, a young man who has been attacked by a beast through a curse. The only cure you can have you will find it through the Spirit of the Foreste and will march for it. But when he reaches Atara to finally achieve his adventure, he finds a territory where humans and nature fight. The gods of the forest want to keep it, the humans want to destroy it to get weapons. A confrontation full of fantastic animals, adventure, action.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 1997

Duration: Two hours and 14 minutes

Thematic: Adventure

director: Hayao Miyazaki

Watch Princess Mononoke on Netflix

Mononoke - Studio Ghibli

The fireflies’s grave

It has been more than thirty years since The Tomb of the Fireflies, one of the best animated films created by Isao Tahata, was released at Studio Ghibli. A tearful and emotional drama, sad but totally recommendable. From a childish point of view, as is usual in others in this factory, the film shows us the loneliness of the two protagonists in a complicated period of misery and darkness.

The grave of the fireflies leads us to World War II Japan where two orphaned children try to survive by escaping the war. They not only fight to save their life from the continuous bombs and the consequences of the conflict but also in a battle, theirs, so as not to starve. An hour and a half that will show us the harsh consequences of war from the childish and naive point of view of two brave children who will make us cry from beginning to end.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 1988

Duration: One hour and 28 minutes

Thematic: History / Emotional

Age: For over 13 years

See Tomb of the Fireflies on Netflix

My neighbor totoro

If you have not seen it before, surely you have seen the big giant cat protagonist of this story. In merchandising, in references to other drawings … My Neighbor Totoro is one of the most mythical Ghibli titles, one of the most adorable and recommendable that does not go out of style despite being over thirty years old. Satsuki and Mei are two girls who have just moved to the country with their father. Her mother is sick with tuberculosis in a hospital and they will move to be close to her.

But the house in the woods has all kinds of secrets and magic and that’s how they discover it when they chase a creature through the forest. This is how they will meet Totoro, the guardian. A movie full of “messages” that you can search for once you’ve seen the title on Netflix. Friendship, curiosities, spirits, magical stories and imagination, as well as the child’s point of view of the little ones.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 1988

Duration: One hour and 26 minutes

Thematic: Adventure / Comedy / Children

Age: For all audiences

Watch My Neighbor Totoro on Netflix

Totoro - Best Ghibli Movies


Pixar launched a film in 2017 that made us run out of handkerchiefs in all cinemas, that forced us to wipe our tears with our sleeves, which we could not hold back with the story of Miguel, this Mexican boy who he lives his passion hidden from his family. The animated film won the Oscar for best fiction feature film in the year of its premiere but also the Golden Globe, the BAFTA Award and another great collection of awards that decorate the shelf of a story of family, passion, and music. And with a catchy soundtrack that you just can’t get out of your head.

Coco is the story of Miguel, a young Mexican who lives with his family and dreams of becoming a star like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz. But music is forbidden in Miguel’s family ever since her great-great-grandmother Imelda left her by her husband to seek a musical career. Music has no place in Miguel’s house, but he creates his own guitar and will learn to see it in secret. Following your passion will take you to the Land of the Dead on El Día de los Muertos, traditional in Mexico, which will make you meet your ancestors and discover the importance of family legacy in a colorful, musical and folk movie.

Platform: Disney +

Year: 2017

Duration: One hour and 44 minutes

Thematic: Animation / Fantasy

Age: For over six years

See Coco on Disney Plus

Coco - Series and movies for Halloween


Riley is an eleven-year-old preteen who has to move to another city with her parents, leaving behind a life in the Midwest and adjusting to a much more chaotic city like San Francisco. The transition is not easy in a story where Riley is not the protagonist but His emotions: joy, fear, anger, disgust and sadness. The emotions that live in your mind will maintain a continuous fight for get to be the dominant state in the girl

Alegria wants Riley to be happy in her new home, but others won’t make it easy for her. Disgust, Fear, Anger or Sadness will always be there in a continuous fight to control the day to day in the new home. The different changes will be shown in an official way in which it is not only one of the best animated films but one of the best Pixar tapes of the last years full of good times and joy.

Platform: Disney +

Year: 2014

Duration: One hour and 34 minutes

Thematic: Animation / Fantasy / Emotions

Age: For all audiences

See Inside Out on Disney Plus

Inside Out - Best Cartoon Movies

Beauty and the Beast

It is one of the great classics and probably one of the best princess movies that Disney has made. In addition to cartoons, in 2017 released the remake with real characters and with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens as protagonists being faithful to the original and keeping the magic and the essence of the title that we saw in the nineties and that conquered us all with Lumière and the others.

Bella is an intelligent and singing young woman, happy who walks through the town always helping others and book in hand. He also flees from the unbearable and believed Gastón who is convinced that she must be his beloved and they must be happy forever. But Bella has other aspirations. His life changes when his father ends up locked in the forest castle, imprisoned by a great Beast. Bella will decide to change for her father in order to save him and will have to live locked up in a castle where she will discover that magic is common, plates move and chandeliers sing. Magic, music and secrets in an enchanting story where beauty is inside.

Platform: Disney +

Year: 1991

Duration: One hour and 29 minutes

Thematic: Fantasy / Love

Age: For all audiences

See Beauty and the Beast on Disney Plus

Beauty and the Beast - Best Animated Movie

Ernest and Celestine

Although far from being as popular as the previous ones, Ernest and Celestine is one of the best animated films and we can see it on Amazon Prime Video. With fairy tale aesthetics, he will tell us about the friendship between a bear and a mouse, both unwilling to become what life dictates them to be. Short and endearing, the French title talks about friendship and freedom but also of not being satisfied with what they impose on us or with what we must do. A mouse who does not want to be a dentist will help us convey messages and values ​​in this animated title

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Year: 2013

Duration: One hour and 19 minutes

Thematic: Animation and adventure

Age: For all audiences

Watch Ernest and Celestine on Amazon Prime Video

Ernest and Celestine

Nightmare Before Christmas

The melody of This is Halloween has been with us for almost thirty years in another of the best animated films of all time that does not go out of style and is now available on Disney Plus. Jack Skellington is the protagonist, lives in Hallowee townn where everything is gloomy and dark and scary. Each city must take care of a holiday. But Skellington discovers Christmas and he wants to be the one in charge, to be Halloween the one in charge of organizing Christmas.

But his idea of ​​Christmas little or nothing resembles the real one, going through kidnapping Santa Claus and with all kinds of dark and gloomy changes that will make everything a disaster. Only Sally can bring sanity back in a puppet film produced by Tim Burton and presented as a gothic Christmas tale for all ages. It all fits into a film that stands out in history, in characters, in catchy songs and a sense of humor but also in the designs that continue to fascinate us today.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 1993

Duration: One hour and 17 minutes

Thematic: Fantasy and musical

Age: For over six years

See The Nightmare Before Christmas on Disney Plus

Nightmare Before Christmas

The song of the sea

In Amazon Prime Video you can see The Song of the Sea (or in Filmin paying 1.95 euros for its rent) A Nordic feature film in which Ben and Saoirse are two brothers who they live in a lighthouse on an island next to his father. But they will go to the city to get away from the risks and dangers of the sea after the disappearance of his mother. They will go to the city with his grandmother and there Ben will discover that his sister is a sea fairy, the key to helping all kinds of creatures survive. A movie full of magic and charm reminiscent of Ghibli but with European animation. A beautiful title although not as well known as others on the list but absolutely recommended for all audiences.

Platform: Amazon Prime Video / Filmin

Year: 2015

Duration: One hour and 33 minutes

Thematic: Fantasy

Recommended age: For all audiences

Rent The song of the sea in Filmin

See The Song of the Sea on Amazon Prime Video

How to Train Your Dragon

Hiccup is a teenage Viking who lives in Berk where everyone must know how to face the dragons, which continually attack the island. But no one takes Hiccup seriously for being less brave than others, for being less strong. Hiccup knocks down a dragon and he is prepared to kill him and thus finally get them to take him seriously, show that he is as strong and valid as the rest of his companions. But he does not want to kill him, he does not want to be like the others and thus will achieve a friendly relationship between the human and the creature. An action and fantasy film that Dreamworks has turned into a success and that is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and cared for animation tapes of recent times. In addition, you can also see the dragons in their own cartoon series on Amazon or HBO.

Dragons: Riders of Berk is a sequel to the film in serial format in which the inhabitants of the island will begin to get along with the draogons or, at least, to live with them in peace and without killing each other. On Netflix you can also see dragons but from a more childish point of view, more adorable.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 2010

Duration: One hour and 39 minutes

Thematic: Adventure / Fantasy

Recommended age: For ages above 7

See How to Train Your Dragon on Netflix

Dragons to the rescue on Netflix

Watch Dragons: Riders of Berk on HBO

How to Train Your Dragon - Animation Movies

Chicken run

The creators of Wallace and Gromit are also those of Chiken Run, a stop motion with twenty years and with plasticine chickens that was a success at the box office and still seems like a good idea to this day. The chickens are locked in a farm, in a kind of concentration camp where they are tortured and forced to be productive. If not, they are murdered. Ginger is one of the leaders of the farm and believes that by learning to fly they will be able to escape, get out of that hell. So they will begin his fight for freedom and for survival in a totally recommended title and that you can see on HBO.

Platform: HBO

Year: 2000

Duration: One hour and 21 minutes

Thematic: Animals / Action

Recommended age: For all audiences

Watch Chicken Run – Farm Escape on HBO

Chicken Run - Animation Movies

Finding Nemo

One of the mythical Disney characters is Nemo, a pauyaso fish who has disobeyed his father’s rules and has crossed the Great Barrier Reef, where it has been caught. Nemo will now be captured in a dentist’s aquarium and will try to escape while his father, Marlin, and funny Dory search the ocean for the little fish to bring him home again. A movie released in 2003, one of Pixar’s highest grossing and more fun thanks to Dory’s witticisms. Pixar won again with Nemo the Oscar for best fiction feature film in a masterpiece of adventures and creatures of all kinds that we will cross on this journey by sea.

More than ten years later, Finding Dory was released, the continuation of the film in which Dory lives with Marlin and Nemo but decides to go out and find her parents, whom she lost years ago. A trip that will not be easy because of his memory problems and that will result in a fun adventure

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2003

Duration: One hour and 21 minutes

Thematic: Animals / Action

Recommended age: For all audiences

See Finding Nemo on Disney Plus

See Finding Dory on Disney Plus

Finding Nemo

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