Best apps to organize and study

With these four applications for computer, mobile and tablet, studying will be a piece of cake. If you want to approve, you better download them.

Although summer is already here and many of you will have vacations or you will go to the beach or spend the days anywhere else, surely many others are left without summer because of studies. The school / university year has not gone very well and time to do everything that has not been done before.

Luckily today, studying is much easier than before and all of them thanks to computers, tablets and smartphones, that is, technology. Why? Due to the large number of applications available that help us organize and therefore focus on studies.

Microsoft OneNote


OneNote is one of the best apps to have our notes always ready, both on computer, tablets and mobile.

We start with one of my favorites. Because Microsoft has incredible productivity applications and OneNote is one of them.. It is not only free but also perfectly synchronizes with the rest of the Office 365 service applications.

OneNote is a digital notebook that helps us organize our thoughts, discoveries and ideas, simplifying the planning of special moments in our lives, or in the present case, it helps us to have all the notes always organized and at hand. Microsoft OneNote allows taking notes on our mobile phone and synchronizing them across all our devices.


Todoist Next interface

Todoist is a top productivity application with which we can keep all our tasks up to date.

In addition to a good notebook where to have all our notes, it is vital to have a good organization. Meeting daily goals or tasks to perform is the key to a good pass and no better ally than Todoist for it.

Todoist It allows:

  • Capture and organize tasks as soon as they appear in your mind.
  • Remember important deadlines with reminders and due dates.
  • Develop lasting habits with regular expiration dates like “every Monday.”
  • Collaborate with others on projects by assigning tasks.
  • Prioritize your tasks with priority levels.
  • Track your progress with personalized productivity trends.
  • Integrate tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack, Amazon Alexa and more.

Google Calendar

Google calendar

There is no doubt, Google Calendar is the best calendar application for mobile phones

Of course a Google application had to appear on the list and we are left with Google Calendar, arguably the best calendar app ever created. Not only will it allow us to write down the most important events such as the dates of the exams or when we have an appointment with the private teacher, but its interface and use is the best we have ever seen.

Just focus

Actually it is not an application but an extension for Google Chrome. What Just Focus allows us is to enter those web addresses that distract us when studying and hit the button. As long as this is done, it will be impossible to enter these web pages so it is over that of entering YouTube or Twitter while we are studying.

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