Best apps to watch live football on your Android Smart TV for free

Best apps to watch live football on your Android Smart TV for free

Regardless of whether you’re talking soccer or football, the good news for you is that if you have an Android Smart TV, there are ways you can access the content for free! Today I’m going through some of the best apps to watch live football on your Android Smart TV for free.

Yes, the COVID-19 lockdown has robbed us of the great football action, but the action is back on the lush green fields. While we still won’t be able to see the pros play in person, television is definitely the next best thing. If you want to watch football online on Smart TV for free, you need to install one or two reliable APKs.

Before starting the list of the best apps to watch football live on Android Smart TV in 2020, let me warn you that football authorities in most countries are investing huge amounts of money to stop illegal streaming. In an effort to restrict access to live matches, soccer league administrators have managed to restrict most apps and Kodi add-ons. However, there are still some apps to watch live football for free, but you should use them carefully and with your safety in mind.

Stream safely and anonymously

Installing football live apps on Android Smart TV is not a difficult question, but careless streaming can get you in trouble. Copyright violations, regional restrictions, data compromise, ISP monitoring, watchdogs and hackers are some of the problems you will face.

It has become difficult in recent years for anyone looking for manners watch soccer and football online for free. New laws have already banned some popular streaming sources that people used to use watch football live online. But you can still see your favorite football teams and players in action on your smart TV by using a VPN service.

There is one simple and effective solution: a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

This is how VPNs work

A premium VPN service hides your identity and keeps you anonymous while accessing premium, fully encrypted servers with no logging in different countries.

Installing community apps from third-party developers becomes risky because you don’t know about the possible hidden files. But with a VPN running on the system, the device remains protected and you can surf safely because all information is end-to-end encrypted.

Some add-ons won’t even work without a premium VPN. The Virtual Private Network bypasses regional restrictions so you can stream live TV from different countries.

My recommendation

For reliable privacy and security, I recommend IPVanish. Thanks are huge network of servers spread all over the world this VPN service alone circumvents regional restrictions but it too secures your personal information by creating a virtual tunnel through which the encrypted data is sent. IPVanish has a strict no-log policy what does that mean your browsing history is not revealed for everyone because the premium servers of IPVanish Do not keep this information.

IPVanish is the optimal VPN to stream football online for free.

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Top 3 Android Smart TV apps to watch live football (soccer) for free

1. Live Net TV

Live NetTV is an excellent Live TV app, good for watching live football on your Android Smart TV for free

The Live Net TV app now offers more than 800 channels, including many sports channels that are broadcast worldwide. You can unblock most channels using a premium VPN service. Live Net TV is easy to operate. It has the Live Events section in the menu that makes it easier when you are looking for the upcoming football matches. You can install Live Net TV by following the instructions in this post. The best part is that Live Net TV is also compatible with Chromecast. Most channels on Live Net TV are broadcast from the US, UK, India, Pakistan and the Middle East. For football fans, channels from the UK, US and India (Star Network) are suitable.

2. RedBox TV

Redbox is an excellent app to watch live football on your Android Smart TV for free

This app is very easy to use and offers quite a few channels – more than Live Net TV to be honest. The channels aren’t all sports related, of course, so you’ll have a good mix of content at your disposal. You can install RedBox TV by follow
ing these instructions. Once you install it you will find that it offers a fairly fast response and many of the streams are available in HD quality.

3. Mobdro

Mobdro is an excellent streaming app

Watching live sports online has never been easier. Mobdro is probably the best app to watch live football on an Android Smart TV. This is a live TV application with an extensive list of channels. You can watch football matches and sports shows through sports channels on Mobdro. Mobdro offers download functions so that you can watch a show later if you are not free at any time. You can also subscribe to the Mobdro premium plan for the best features and streaming experience. But the free version also works well, especially if the VPN is running on the device. Follow these instructions to install Mobdro quickly and easily.

4. Kodi

Kodi is a streaming application that you can use to watch live football on your Android Smart TV for free

This is a bit more of a process than a simple Android app, but Kodi should be on your list too. You see, Kodi as a media center has a ton of different sports add-ons that can be installed watch live football. For example, you can use Rising Tides for a mix of sporting events and if you are a fan of the fists then Fight Club is for you. However, the first thing to do is install Kodi on your device and after that you can decide which add-on is of most interest to you. Also check out our list of some of the best Kodi builds so you can really personalize your viewing experience.


With the best apps to watch live football (soccer) on Android Smart TV, you can watch sports channels from all over the world. Most of these channels have regional restrictions depending on the broadcasting rights. If an app has 100 channels and you can only watch 20 (which is normal without a VPN) then there is nothing wrong with the app.

But you can unblock all channels with a good VPN like IPVanish. Make sure to run the VPN for an optimal streaming experience and privacy.

With Android and Kodi apps, a good rule of thumb is to have as many installed as possible, as unfortunately streams can be played without a moment’s notice. So, we hope to have helped expand your streaming options and you can watch live football on your Android Smart TV for free with this guide to best apps.

Happy football trips!

Disclaimer: BestDroidPlayer is in no way affiliated with any streaming application and its add-ons. We are also not associated with the brands shown here as the references are for informational purposes only. We do not support the consumption of illegal content; the content provided here is for informational purposes only. So if you decide to use it in some way, we recommend using a VPN.


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