Best chat programs for work and teams

There are many examples of companies that are adapted to the circumstances and that have been using these tools for a long time so that their workers carry out their tasks from home without losing internal communication. A practice that has now been extended by obligation to many other companies. Others, not so accustomed, had to adapt in 2020 with the arrival of confinement, the coronavirus and extending teleworking for everyone.

Chat and calling tools

There are chat or video call tools They serve to minimize the effects of the dispersal of workers, each one at home or even in different countries. Thanks to these programs, coworkers will be able to share instructions, bosses send requests to their employees and, ultimately, function as an office even if its members are not in the same building. These tools provide public and private chat channels, calls and video calls to arrange meetings, in short, they facilitate daily telecommuting and give the worker a greater sense of union than if he were working at home without company and away from other employees and their bosses.

Telecommuting It is here to stay, so it is best to try and learn different alternatives so that newsrooms or offices adapt as best as possible to new circumstances and offer workers tools to avoid feeling isolated in their homes. Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other alternatives are programs that will make work at home as similar as it was to the office before the coronavirus.


It is the quintessential tool for teleworking, since it allows the offices to continue operating with maximum communication even though their members are scattered throughout the world. It will be enough to connect to the virtual office and find there the rest of colleagues, with whom to chat publicly and privately thanks to the many options that this program offers. With Slack we can, within our virtual space, create different communication channels restricted to those who will use it.

For example, for cover finance or advertising issues the members of these channels will be the workers of said departments. And it also offers public channels where all employees can be to discuss general issues or relax. We can also communicate with a specific colleague via private message, make calls … Slack also has bots, which you can teach to respond in certain ways to certain messages, notification system and more benefits. It will be the closest thing to working in the office.


Microsoft Teams

This tool is very important in these times since it allows colleagues to see each other’s faces the same as if they were in the office, having almost face-to-face meetings and many advantages in the time of teleworking. It is a Microsoft program and one of the main alternatives to Slack in terms of popularity and use. Prepared for companies that use their institutional mail with them, but in which we can invite anyone, it doesn’t matter if they have Outlook, Gmail or another email account.

It offers chat and instant messages, but without a doubt its great success comes from its video calls to which up to 250 people can connect. It is the best tool for medium and large companies that want to make video calls, either by department or for all their employees, to hold meetings. Its biggest problem is that we cannot install the app as it is, it is integrated into Microsoft 365 and you must have a Business account to use it.

Microsoft Teams for video calls

Spike is another of the best chat tools for telecommuting although it may not be as comprehensive as Slack. It is compatible with Windows and macOS and also with mobile devices or an online version so can be used from any device without worrying about compatibility with it. Allows voice call and video call. It has free and paid options. In the free version you have up to 100k of history of search messages, you can schedule up to 20 notes and tasks, you have 5 GB of storage and a 5 MB upload limit. You can have up to 10 group chats, which will normally be sufficient for your entire team if it is not excessively large. And it incorporates voice meetings, video calls, encrypted emails or automated rules so you can organize everything.

It is one of the best and most complete options and you can bet on the Pro version if you want to go further, with unlimited number of notes and tasks, with 50 GB of storage space, with unlimited search history or unlimited group chats. It is one of the best alternatives to Slack to communicate with colleagues or employees.


Rocket Chat is very similar and one of the best alternatives to Slack And it has the great advantage of being a free option, although it also includes subscription plans with up to 20 TB of storage for very large companies. Furthermore, its similarities with the popular tool are many and it will not cost you to adapt. It is open source and offers us all kinds of tools for internal communication such as live chat, integration with applications like Google Calendar or Trello etc. It is very easy to install, it is easy to operate and it has a voice and video call function. Another advantage is that it has automatic and real-time translation into more than 35 languages, so it is perfect for teams with users in various countries if you need to understand.

Rocketchat - alternatives to Slack

One of the best options for small teams It is Flock, with free video call tools, search tools, the possibility of accessing chats and sending files, links, messages. In addition, another advantage of FLock is that it is compatible with more than 50 different tools such as Twitter, Google Drive or Todoist, among many other options if you need them. Its interface is very similar to Slack or other tools, with group chats and a simple and easy-to-manage organization for any user who usually finds it difficult to adapt.

Although it allows you free use, there are also payment options with a Pro subscription for $ 4.50 per month or Enterprise subscription for $ 8 per month with 20 GB per team, unlimited searches, unlimited channels, possibility of screen sharing or customer support for support 24 hours a day and every day of the week

Flock - alternatives to Slack

Mattermost is practically identical to Slack. It is a clone but open source and with which companies like Nasdaq or Intel work, for example. Its strong point is the great integration it has with platforms and applications from all areas. Also, like the others, it has applications for any platform and we can download it on macOS, iOS, Windows, Android or Linux. Mattermost also ensures that the privacy and control of the company They are protected thanks to their own firewall or VPN, so there is no need to worry about security. It allows group messages or individual chats, voice or video calls or the possibility of screen sharing. You can share files, images or links and you have a message history with a complete ability to search for what you want.

Mattermost - Best chat programs to telework

Zulip Chat helps us create channels and communicate in real time with colleagues, employees, bosses. It seeks to be a more orderly option than Slack and for this reason it combines communication by instant messaging with email, creating ordered and comfortable channels. It is compatible with different basic tools and is available for any platform: macOS, Windows, Linux, Android or iOS. It has interactions, you can send images or videos or tweets, you can download files and communication is comfortable thanks to word alerts, notifications on the desktop or the ability to mention colleagues, for example.

Zulip - alternatives to Slack

Twist claims to be an alternative for those who prioritize clarity and for those who want somewhat tidier than Slack. Unlike a group chat in real time where everyone talks, here it is bet on discussions by topics centered around the same subject and that promises a better structuring. In addition, it ensures that it does not require your continuous attention or that you are looking at the tool, preventing you from concentrating and being productive.

Organization is through topics and you can send messages to groups or coworkers without interrupting other discussions or talks that have nothing to do with it. There is a free version with unlimited guests, up to five integrations and up to a month of history and 5 GB of files. But beyond that you can have an unlimited version of storage, history or integrations for five euros per user each month. Twist guests are users to whom we can only add to specific channels depending on what we want them to read or see. You will not be able to publish or watch the rest of the channels.

Twist - alternatives to Slack

Fleep not only allows us to communicate with users of our own company but you can also chat with other people even if the organization or team is different. And even with people who don’t have Fleep as long as you have their email address, making it one of the best alternatives to Slack. Like the others, it has a free version and a paid one. The free version has unlimited conversations and full history of messages in addition. It has applications for all devices such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac or web version if we do not want to install anything. Have discussion forums, document and project management and tasks, options for video conferencing or integration with some tools such as email, Trello, Zapier, Google Drive, Dropbox and even with Slack itself.

The free version allows us to have a simple and basic community to organize ourselves. For example, to organize university work. In case of going a little further, for small and medium businesses you will have to pay 5 euros a month per user with the possibility of having unlimited group chats, 100 GB storage, native applications, teams, tasks, etc. If you want even more, allow the option to ‘customize’ the plan for large companies and with variable prices.

Fleep - Alternatives to Slack

Wimi is for SMEs, for freelancers and even for large companies as one of the best alternatives to Slack. For example, it ensures that it is used by companies like Sephora, for example. The operation is similar to the previous ones and allows all users to be contacted, in addition to integrating options for better management such as task tools, videoconferences, calendars, etc. There is a free version and a paid version, as in the others. And, also as in the rest, it is compatible with mac, with a web version, with Windows, with Android, with iOS.

It is a project management software that seeks to make everything more comfortable and have unified and easily organized workspace. You can store documents through the Wimi Drive cloud sync and you have free and unlimited guests if you need a client to access a group but not see the rest of the chats or conversations. It is compatible with Skype, with Google Drive, with Evernote, with Dropbox, with Box, with OneDrive and with all kinds of tools that make the software more complete.

Ryver is a perfect tool for those small or medium-sized companies that prefer to organize and communicate beyond email if you are looking for one of the best alternatives to Slack. It is an application like Slack in which we can create channels for each department and invite external people such as suppliers so that communication with them is also integrated in the same panel and not have to go to various tools to control our work. . We can have open forums, private channels, file sharing, reminders … All the necessary tools to have them in one place all our work communications. We can also make video conferences. It has a free trial, although it does not offer a free version and, once the trial period has ended, it has priced at $ 49 a month.

ryver - alternatives to Slack

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