Best CPU cooler in 2020 reviews

Keeping the CPU cool is an important part of a functioning computer system. Without proper cooling, it will be difficult for you to use the highest quality system.

When it comes to cooling, you can always choose the best CPU cooler if you know more about it. For this reason, we have reviewed some of the top models on the market. You get some that offer air cooling, and others use liquids.

Best CPU cooler

The two offer impressive cooling, each with different approaches. Let’s go into it below without wasting a lot of time.

Top 10 best CPU coolers for the money 2019 reviews

1 Noctua NH-D15 6 heat pipe with two fans

You will be sure that once you find out how many awards it has won over the years, it will be a top product. So far, the model has received more than 350 awards as one of the best. These awards come from top hardware magazines and websites that rate the best CPU coolers. You can now select it and know that it works exactly as you would have liked it to.

The cooler has a double tower heat sink design. This should be better when cooling than when using the models with a single tower. The double tower also helps to increase the surface area. A larger surface area is crucial for better heat distribution and dissipation.

Thanks to its design, the model also ensures that the system has a superior airflow.

When using this model, the wider heat pipes are easy to see. These heat pipes are now further apart so that you have an even heat distribution. There is no doubt that this is what makes it a superior performance.

As part of the cooling, you get two 140mm fans on both sides. These two fans are important to supply the cold air and the hot air. In general, you should find that cooling is just as effective as you would want your system to be.

The cooler also enables PWM control. This type of control is important so that the fans can only run at high speeds when required. This is especially important for those who don’t want loud fans.

It is possible to reduce the fan output from 1500 rpm to 1200 rpm. The speed can be increased if more cooling is required.

The manufacturer made it easy to assemble. It comes with mounting systems that enable quick setup. The mounting system also guarantees that the perfect contact pressure is available for even better cooling.


  • PWM support
  • Easy to assemble
  • Double fans
  • Larger heat pipes


  • Some compatibility issues among users

2 Be calm! BK109 Dark Rock Pro 3 CPU cooler

We come from a top brand and expect to always get the best performance using this type of CPU cooler. As far as the name goes, you expect the model to be quiet in its performance. We’ll see all of this below as we look at more of its features.

This cooler is here to give you the best high cooling efficiency. This is done using dynamically contoured cooling fins. These fins also have small dots on the surface to increase air circulation. You can now be sure that you have better airflow without necessarily making more noise.

Another amazing feature should be the arrangement of the double tower. This is important in order to reduce the weight and to enable the model to have a high cooling capacity.

You will also receive a 120 mm fan for the model. The fan is important to keep the CPU cool by supplying the much needed airflow from the system.

There is the integration of the high-performance heat pipes in the cooler. Without the heat pipes, not much would be cooled. These heat pipes are also equipped with a copper lining and aluminum caps, which are important for the heat transfer from the CPU.

Its immense cooling capacity has prompted most people to choose it today. They know that the model provides the right temperatures for the CPU to work properly.

The fan is supplied with PWM support. This means that the speed can vary depending on the load. The fan also has nine fan blades with a special design to promote cooling.

The 6-pin motor is crucial for smoother operation and less vibration at all times. You can be sure that fewer people are worried about the vibrations of the fan.


  • Unique and impressive design
  • Quiet operation
  • Impressive cooling performance


  • It is not robust like competitors

3 Cooler Master MA610P RGB CPU air cooler

There is no doubt that you want to have fun with an RGB fan. This is something a player always loves and this CPU cooler will do it for you. The manufacturer has decided to give it the performance, just to make sure you always enjoy the performance and the look.

If you are a player who loves to push the system to its limits, then you need such a cooling system. The model should run the system at the correct speed and still be fun.

Well, you can see that it’s not just a stylish design, it’s also a functional one.

The manufacturer also gives you a controller with which you can change the lighting. You can now always choose the right color depending on the style of the game.

The model comes with a precision-made heat sink. With the right heat sink, cooling is not a problem for most users. You get that with this model because it has an aluminum finned heat sink. You can now simply remove more heat from the CPU to keep it steady at all times.

The design also allows the model to accelerate air pr
essure. This performance is crucial to ensure that the heat can always be easily removed. You never have to worry about cooling the system again.

You will find that the design also allows more surface to come into contact with the CPU. This helps with faster heat dissipation.


  • More surface for heat dissipation
  • RGB lighting
  • Easy installation


  • Quality control problems for the fan

4 Scythe Mugen 5 CPU cooler with sealed precision FDB

The dual mount structure is critical for cooling. This is the reason why more manufacturers are using it today. With this model you can be sure that you will find it here. That being said, you may need to add the second fan separately as it is not included.

The ability to use two fans is important when it comes to performance. They always have a higher air cooling capacity. This is because the two fans use the push / pull principle. There is no doubt that more people will love more cooling for their systems.

The asymmetrical design is said to give you better performance. The design includes the large passive heat sinks that are designed to dissipate more heat.

The heat pipes are also tilted back so that the cooler can be pushed into position without any problems.

The design also allows the user to access the memory slots without blocking them. This is different from other coolers, where the slots may be intrusive.

The model comes with a PWM fan to simplify control. It is now possible to operate the fan from 300 to 1200 rpm. Depending on the load, the fan can always be operated with the correct efficiency.

The fluid bearing for the fan is important to reduce friction and wear. You can be sure that the fan lasts a long time and still works quietly.

The mounting system, however, is critical to performance. With the right mounting system, setting up the fan is a breeze.


  • Easy to set up
  • Impressive fan control
  • Structure with two fan brackets


  • The second fan must be installed separately

5 Deepcool CPU Cooler Assassin II, 8 heat pipes

The twin tower design is something that many coolers have adopted. This is due to the many advantages it offers users. One of the things you will appreciate should be improved air efficiency. With this model, you never have to worry about airflow again.

The nickel plating and the shark tooth design are part of the gaming mood. Whenever you open the system so that someone can see the components, this CPU cooler is easily noticed.

You will still have the performance you have always wanted when it comes to this cooler. This is because the model is equipped with an optimized heat pipe array of up to 8 heat pipes. These tubes are also made of copper to ensure that the best cooling performance is always achieved.

The solid bending design enables the cooler to deliver effective thermal conductivity. As of today, you should have an easy time using this particular model type.

As part of the cooling, you will like the highly polished copper base. The unique bulge design allows the user to quickly absorb heat from the processor. Overall, you should find it easy to cool your CPU today.

You will continue to receive the double FDB bearing for the fan. The main goal of such a design is to make it easier for you to use the cooler without worrying about the fan noise. The rubber cover of the fan also helps minimize vibrations while working.


  • Quiet operation
  • Permanent
  • Impressive design


  • The packaging lacks thermal paste

6 Arctic Freezer i32 co-CPU cooler with 120 mm PWM fan

One thing is certain, you will love the price of this model. So it is always easy for you to spend this money on a CPU cooler. Being affordable doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work for you. The best thing about this model is that it always performs.

For its price, it’s even amazing with the type of cooling you get. You could have other affordable coolers that do worse.

To make it even better, the manufacturer had to make sure the weight was low and the size was smaller. With a small size, you can easily set it up in different computer cases. You won’t have a problem since the model doesn’t take up much space.

In contrast, weight is important for overall performance. There is an improved quality on the manufacturing side, yet performance without compromising on the materials used. It shows that the lighter materials can also be useful to support the cooling system.

This model also has a fan control. Control is important to ensure that the fan runs at the correct speed when needed. The fan often runs at low speeds when the CPU is not under heavy load. This leads to higher speeds when the CPU needs more cooling.

The overall design of the fan enables high airflow. This is important for cooling at all times. It should be easier for you to keep the room quiet.


  • Durable fan bearing
  • Impressive compatibility
  • Improved cooling performance


  • There are some assembly problems

7 CRYORIG H7 Tower Cooler for AMD / Intel CPUs

Well, the design alone will make you love this type of cooler. It was made to have a proprietary beehive fin design. It is one of the best designs because it provides an accelerated airflow that you need to properly cool the CPU.

The design also allows for easy turbulence reduction. This is important for those who love to enjoy a durable product. It’s not just about functionality, it’s also about looks. Not many coolers on the market will easily appeal to users like this.

The model uses a large air inlet and a narrower air outlet section on the fins. Such features are important in order to move the air faster when leaving the heat sink. With faster air movement, you should have a cooler that keeps the CPU cool faster.

The overall design prevents the RAM slots from being disturbed. You don’t have to worry about the CPU cooler being large to cover the memory slots. For this reason, the model is considered to be highly compatible. You can use it to cool different types of CPU without any problems.

Mounting a cooler is as important as the performance of the cooler. The manufacturer offers you a mounting bracket system for this model. The best thing is that you have to take care of the assembly as this is easy.

All you have to do is follow the manufacturer’s instructions for everything to work properly. You should then be able to set it up in a short time. Make sure the installation is done properly to improve the performance of the heat sink.

Combine it with the best graphics card and you should be good.


  • Easy construction
  • It is compact
  • Impressive design


  • The fan stability could be improved

8 Corsair CW-9060025-WW Hydro series

This is currently one of the best-selling CPU coolers on the market. You never have to worry about getting a low performance cooler with this. With millions of people trusting it, you can be sure that more people will look for it today.

As a liquid cooler, you should easily see why more people want it for their CPUs. They understand that the model always provides the best cooling.

When it comes to liquid cooling, the cooler is an important factor in the system. You need to make sure you get a model that always performs. This comes with a 240mm high density cooler.

In this case, the cooler offers a large cooling surface. You can be sure that cooling off is now easy. Another thing is that the model is the right size to easily fit into the different types of PC cases.

RGB lighting is another thing that makes the model popular. This is an important function for someone who is a player. They will always want to show their cool gear in their systems.

It is possible to adjust the lighting so that it works as well as you would have liked. These customizable effects have enabled people to like the cooler even more.

The model also allows the user to adjust the speed of the pump. This is important when you have to choose between performance and quiet operation.


  • Impressive RGB lighting
  • Different operating modes
  • Impressive cooling for the cooler


  • A few complaints about the loud pump

9 Corsair CW-9060027-WW H115I Liquid CPU cooler with extreme performance

This is another powerful Corsair liquid CPU cooler. This just shows that with a top brand you can be sure that you always get the best performance. The performance begins with the use of the double fan cooler.

Two fans on one cooler should improve cooling. These two fans can generate the correct airflow required for quick cooling. It’s not just about cooling, as these two fans are also quiet. This does not apply to a model in which a single fan is used for the entire cooler.

This model is all about making sure the cooler does an excellent job. It is the reason why you get this with an improved cooling plate. This helps to extract heat from the CPU as quickly as possible.

You will also love the new pump design. The pump is now more effective and does not make much noise during operation.

The coolant is now easily circulated in the system to take more heat with it.

The fans are also PWM controlled. This is important for every fan system today. This means that depending on the load, you can set the speed of the fans so that they work. We all know that the fans are rather loud at high speeds. With this control you can switch between cooling and noise level.

Of course, RGB lighting will appeal to many. You will love what you get today in terms of performance so you can enjoy your mood with the lights. You can even have the light in terms of temperature changes.

Such an impressive CPU cooler is required for every powerful gaming processor.


  • Radiator with two fans
  • Impressive pump design
  • PWM support for fans

10 EVGA CLC 280 Liquid CPU cooler

One thing is certain when it comes to using this type of model is that the cooling is better. The manufacturer did it in terms of performance. You can be sure that your CPU will stay cool at all times.

This cooler has an improved flow rate than other models. With impressive heat transfer, you can be sure that cooling is now better. The enlarged surface also plays an important role so that the cooling is always effective.

RGB lighting is another thing you’ll see. This model gives you the best performance you have wanted in years. You always have full control over the lighting so you can customize it to your liking.

The best thing is that you can save the color profiles in the firmware. This means that you can easily select the previous color settings.

The tube with sleeves makes the tubes look ready for use. They will also love their looks as it shows they can last longer.

The fans are also designed for excellent cooling and quiet operation. You can be sure to forget the fan noise on this model.


  • Tube with sleeves
  • Low-noise fan
  • Comes with control software


  • Setting up may require some fiddling

Best buying guide for CPU coolers

Best buying guide for CPU coolers

Air or liquid cooling

On the market, you get these two as the main categories for a cooling system. The air cooling type is the most common. You should find more people who choose it because it’s cheap too. That being said, you need to make sure that the cooling is effective on the model you choose.

The liquid cooling option is also considered effective. It will have a cooler and a pump to cool or circulate the liquid. The cooler is an important consideration where to mount it. In a good case, a space should be reserved for such a cooling system.

The fan noise

Nobody likes a system that is too loud. The noise often comes from a loud fan. It all depends on its construction. You need a model with a fan that works quietly.

Another thing will be the bearing from which the fan is made. Some camps are louder than the others. So make sure you understand the working mechanism.

Easy installation

It will be nice to have a model that is easy to install. Check the installation brackets and general checks to see if the model is easy to install or not.

Overall concept

The overall design often determines how well the cooler works. Look at the size and make sure it doesn’t protrude so hard to access the memory slots.

You also need to look at the design and how it improves cooling. Sometimes you get a model with a little problem when it comes to maximizing airflow. Make sure that this is not the same problem with your CPU cooler. You want a model that delivers air faster to cool the CPU more easily.


Now that you understand what CPU cooling is all about, choose the best model. You can be sure that the best cooler will make it easier for you to continue using the system. Make sure the cooler is performing. As important as the brand is, always choose one that effectively cools the CPU.

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