Best external DVD drive – top 10 brands on the market in 2020 reviews

A DVD drive is a must for a computer, isn’t it?

Without the help of a DVD drive, there is hardly any easy data transfer. Therefore, most computers and laptops are equipped with built-in DVD drives. However, some do not have DVD drives.

Needless to say, this creates major data exchange problems for people using these systems.

However, there are currently many external DVD drives on the market that help solve this problem. Because external DVD drives are compact, easy to use and quite inexpensive. External DVD drives are therefore a must.

But how do you choose one if you don’t have any preferences yet? This is certainly a difficult question. Here are some products to help you choose the best external DVD drive.

best external DVD drive

Best comparison table for external DVD drives

Top 10 Best External DVD Drives For The Money 2020 Reviews

1 External optical 8X DVD drive ASUS ZenDrive Ultra Slim USB 2.0

ASUS is very popular for its high quality devices. So this external DVD drive for laptop and computer is a sure way to solve your data transfer problems. You can also insert any desired DVD and copy and paste the desired data via the DVD slot.

Since the DVD drive has an 8x DVD write speed, it is very competitive. The compatibility with Windows and Mac OS also makes it amazing. This means that you can use the drive with all of your devices.

In addition, the drive has a slim and compact design so you can carry it easily. And it fits well on the desk with your computer and the rest of the stuff. More importantly, you can even use Nero Backup to back up your Android data.

What’s even more interesting is that the drive has a wonderfully long data life. From now on, the M-Disc stores data for more than 1,000 years. This alone is one reason to get this DVD drive to meet your data insertion and transfer needs.

Interestingly, the ASUS DVD drive has a 13mm form factor and is therefore best suited for thin laptops. Another cool feature is the concentric hairline finish that complements the zen-based design.

It also contains a powerful Cyberlink Power2go 8. This way, the drive can also burn efficiently. It also helps you to encrypt your files more easily. So there is little need to worry if you have an ASUS USB 2.0 drive with you.


  • Mac OS and Windows compatibility.
  • Slim black body.
  • 8X DVD write speed.


  • Not as elegant as some other models.

2 Dell USB DVD Drive DW316

If you are looking for a highly efficient external DVD drive, this is the one for you. Since the slim model has dimensions of 5.41 x 5.67 x 0.55 inches, it is ideal for all settings. The completely black frame is also a clear win in terms of design and construction.

This Dell drive has excellent memory and storage, making it suitable for all media. This can be the best external DVD drive based on its USB storage. This makes it compatible with almost all computer systems and you can enjoy its function without any problems.

In addition, the drive is equally suitable for reading and writing data. Since the read speed is 8X DVD and the write speed is 8X DVDR, it works impressively. In addition, the drive offers a simple plug-and-play option, so no additional settings are required.

In the meantime, the drive helps burn and play discs and access all kinds of data. Since it is small in size and lighter in weight, it is very portable. After all, taking a 200-gram drive is not a problem at all.

The drive also comes with a pre-installed CyberLink Media Suite, which makes it very user-friendly. So you can load any computer programs or media files as soon as you power them up.


  • Compact black frame.
  • 8X DVDR write speed.
  • 8X DVD read speed.


  • Serious scratching noise.
  • Tricky warranty terms.

3 Pioneer BDR-XD05B 6x slim portable USB 3.0 Blu-Ray burner

This amazing Pioneer drive has a design that meets almost all of your best external DVD drives for laptop needs. Because of this, the modern black body has dimensions of 5.24 x 5.24 x 0.58 inches. So the frame is quite compact and takes up less space than other external DVD drives.

In addition to the spectacular design, the functions of the drive are amazing. In fact, this is a great external high-end Blu-ray burner that meets the criteria of modern users. Since this is a newer model, the burner works easily with USB 3.0 and BD-R QL.

At full speed, the Blu-ray burner reaches a speed of 205 Mbit / s. As a result, this consumes about 43% of the bandwidth, which makes it much more efficient. Since the DVD drive aims to preserve data, there has been little data loss over the years.

The 3.0 USB port in particular ensures that data transfer is faster and less CPU power is wasted. In addition, the backup system of this Pioneer DVD drive is very impressive. Similarly, you can customize internal troubleshooting and also have settings for acoustic management.

Finally, the two help the drive to have a nice and reliable backup database. The base of the DVD drive is also metallic, which gives it additional strength. Conversely, the plastic frame on the top and sides only insulates the powe
r, making it safe for your use.


  • USB 3.0 port.
  • Has a clamshell design.
  • A slim black body.

4 Apple USB SuperDrive

Apple is slim and intelligent, isn’t it? In fact, this white, sleek DVD drive lives up to the promise of delivering the best. This makes it one of the best external DVD drives for Mac options on the market.

The drive is very compatible with Mac OS and supports the data transfer processes. In addition, it has an impressive read speed along with the write speed. The reading speed of 8X DVD is an amazing thing that comes with this Apple USB drive.

What sets this DVD drive apart from other Apple drives is that it works with all Mac systems. Regardless of whether your laptop has a built-in optical drive or not, it works exceptionally with it.

In addition, the white frame of the drive is so compact and appealing; it looks great with all types of systems. This drive is ideal for reading and writing DVDs and CDs.

So there is hardly anything for which you do not find it useful.


  • Slim modern white body.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • 8X reading speed.

5 LG Electronics 8X USB 2.0 Super Multi Ultra Slim portable DVD burner drive

This is what LG has a huge impact with. The completely black body with the lonely LG logo has character and style. There is also a tiny green light on the front, which shows the performance and function.

In addition, due to its read and write speed, it is a worthy candidate for the best external DVD drive. With the write speed of 8X for DVD and the write speed of 24X for CD, it’s amazing. As a result, the USB 2.0 interface is so amazing that it works well with 480 Mbit.

The drive is also compatible with 3.0 USB because it offers a wider range of data device compatibility. In addition, the dimensions of 5.6 x 5.4 x 0.6 inches result in a small but effective frame that takes up less space. As a result, these dimensions look even better at only 5.6 ounces.

This drive is so light that you can take it with you wherever you go. Whether you are at home or in the office, it is best suited for all work and game settings and spaces.

Since it is compatible with both Mac and PC, it also works with all types of computer systems. In the end, this LG disc burner also has a smoothly functioning system and generates almost no noise.


  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • High compatibility with Mac and PC.
  • Very easy.


  • All plastic bodies are not durable.

6 ASUS LITE Portable USB 2.0 Slim 8X DVD / Burner +/- Rewriter External Drive

This attractive white DVD drive from ASUS is light and offers high functionality. The frame has a modern and creative design that impresses people when you look at it. And the drive works just as well as it looks.

From the amazing 8x write speed to quiet function, this drive has a chain of satisfied users.

In addition, the DVD drive has a diamond cut design that makes it look cool with all devices. Usually, the problem that persists with most external DVD drives is lack of security and privacy.

However, it offers double security for disc encryption. It comes with performance control and a hidden file functionality. Both functions distinguish it from other external DVD drives on the market.

In addition, it has a simple and basic operation with only three steps. Since they work together on a drag-and-burn basis, burning discs is child’s play. Interestingly, the drive is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

So it works well with any computer system you can have. It also has a very user-friendly framework and usage, which helps people a lot.

In addition, this drive has dimensions of 5.59 x 6.18 x 0.83 inches, which makes a slim and modern body. All in all, this is really the best external DVD drive on the market.


  • Impressive diamond cut style.
  • Slim and attractive white body.
  • 8X DVD write speed.


  • USB hardware connectivity only.

7 Samsung USB 2.0 Ultra Portable External DVD burner model

Samsung knows how to add amazing devices and drives. The drive is compatible with both 2.0 and 3.0 USB interfaces and therefore offers a wider range of applications. The black frame with SAMSUNG is also quite classy and impressive.

In addition, this external DVD drive has the dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 inch, which results in a simple shape. The most striking feature of this DVD drive, however, is the 1 MB buffer memory. This will create a nice buffer log for you while burning discs on this drive.

In addition, the access time for both CD and DVD-ROMs is incredible. In addition, the access time for DVD-ROM is 150 MS, while for CD-ROM is also 150 MS. Since this drive comes with a nice
USB cable, it can be easily connected to your computer or laptop.

The disc burn rate is 3 MB per second, which corresponds to an average time of 1 minute 35 seconds. In addition, the drive is integrated in Nero Express Essentials v12, which makes it more user-friendly.

The built-in functions also include media management utilities and backup utilities. This also includes a media player and a firmware updater to make the functions easier and smoother.

Finally, the DVD drive has smooth connectivity, which makes the operation very effective.


  • USB cable for connectivity.
  • Black stylish body.
  • Nero Express Essentials v12 included.
  • USB 2.0 and 3.0 interface compatible.
  • MB buffer memory.


  • No external power supply.

8 Pioneer Electronics USA Slim external Blu-Ray burner

This slim external DVD drive is a great option as the best external DVD drive for games. Because this DVD drive has a simple silver-white, super slim body. A stand is also included with which you can easily save space.

In addition, the 6x write speed helps users to use it fairly effectively. The external drive is super slim and has a magnesium body that is all shiny and graceful.

In addition, this BluRay write DVD drive can be easily connected to any laptop or computer you want.

Pioneer made it big on the market this time with its slim body and stylish stand. This fits all office and living environments because it is so attractive and impressive. Since this DVD drive is Windows compatible, it works great with all types of Windows, whether new or old versions.

In addition, the drive has a slim 5.24 x 5.21 x 0.47 inches, which makes it so cool. Similarly, the weight is also 8.6 ounces, making it light, very portable, and easy to carry around.

It also shows whether the DVD drive is receiving power or not. This amazing DVD drive acts as an efficient disc burner and Bluray disc viewer.

The included cable is super cool. So think seriously about it while buying an external DVD drive for you.


  • Slim and stylish body.
  • Comes with a great support stand.
  • Great burning speed.

9 Archgon MD-3102S-U3 USB 3.0 External Blu-ray combination

This Archgon DVD drive serves multiple purposes and has an impressive frame. Since it is equipped with a built-in Panasonic Blu-ray combo drive, its functionality is brought to a higher level. Measuring 5.91 x 5.43 x 0.71 inches and 13.9 ounces, this is one of the best external DVD drives.

The simple black body frame does not look very modern, but it has a unique character. This drive makes it so easy for the user to use it because it has a USB 3.0 user interface. It is also great for reading and writing, which are its main functions.

In addition, this Archgon external DVD drive has a high quality aluminum case that increases durability. Since the drive is also compatible with USB 2.0, it offers a wider user-friendly connectivity range.

The customized version of Bundled Cyberlink Media Suite OEM improves the way it works. Since this DVD drive works as a Blu-ray player, it is even better than other DVD drives.

In addition, this amazing DVD drive is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. For this reason, the drive is ideal for all types of computer systems that include both new and old versions.

Finally, it has impressive software to help you play, so you can consider using it for gaming too. So this Archgon drive is a great option for all types of computers and laptops.


  • Compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0.
  • Bundled Cyberlink Media Suite OEM.
  • Simple black frame.
  • Robust aluminum body.


  • Occasional problems with the software function.

10 SEA TECH Aluminum External USB Blu-Ray Writer Super Drive

If you have a Mac OS device, this is the best external DVD drive for you. Since the outer frame is based on aluminum, it is very durable. As a result, the frame is resistant to major damage and has such amazing user-friendly software.

The best thing about this DVD drive is that it does not require any additional drivers to function. All you have to do is take it out of the box. Then connect it to your device and it will work fine.

The drive also measures 7.95 x 7.4 x 2.13 inches with a beautiful white housing. Because the drive is so light, you can easily take it along with your laptop.

In addition, this DVD drive does not require an external power source, which makes it even better.


  • Light body.
  • Attractive white design.
  • Robust aluminum body.


  • The drive has sharp edges.


Finally, there are several external DVD drives on the market. However, it is difficult to find which one is best for you. Since these ten drives are great in their own way, they do their job well.

Nevertheless, the portable external USB 2.0 slim drive ASUS LITE is the real winner. So it’s the best external DVD drive with an 8x DVD write speed and slim body. Since it is very functional, it also promises versatility.

So take a close look at all DVD drives and their functions and then select one for you. However, remember to keep your device and its specifications to choose the best one.

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