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Best keyboards for tablets: Cases, wireless, folding …

Best keyboards for tablets: Cases, wireless, folding …

Although we usually write quickly on mobile phones and have become accustomed to doing it almost without looking, the same does not happen on tablets with larger screens and more distances from one key to another. It’s not a problem for long texts, like searching for a video on YouTube or composing an email, but it can be if we have to write full reports or write many emails throughout the day. The keyboards for tablets offer us the possibility of doing it faster, in a more precise.

What to look at

There are a series of criteria that we have to look at when choosing keyboards for tablets, whatever the model of the tablet you are going to use. There are many models and it will not be the same to choose one or the other, so it is convenient to take into account a series of criteria depending on the use that we are going to give it, for example.

  • Dimensions and weight and design. In general we will want a keyboard that we will take with us everywhere to work, to access the Internet or for any other function that we need.
  • Connectivity: We will find keyboards for tablets that allow us to connect via Bluetooth wirelessly but also others will connect through the port of the tablet itself and that is why we must take into account the compatibility in terms of connectors or wireless connection.
  • Operating system compatibility: There are tablets with Android, iOS or Windows and it will depend on this OS that we need a keyboard or another. The most recommended is to bet on universal models but they are not always and you should pay attention to this.
  • Multidisciplinary. Some portable keyboards have the advantage of being able to link to multiple devices with the ability to detect one or the other. For example, you can have compatible keyboards for tablets to navigate to a Smart TV, on the computer, etc.
  • Functions and keys. Here we must also take into account what we need because not all of them offer us a numeric keyboard, for example. Some do not use edit keys, for example.
  • Touchpad: You may only need a QWERTY keyboard or that it incorporates a touchpad with which you can move around the screen without the need for a touch screen or mouse.
  • Battery: It is essential to see how long you can be using it without having to charge it if you are going to travel, if you work outside or simply if you do not want to always be aware of the charger.
  • Language: It may seem unnecessary to say this but note that the key layout is correct or that it is a Spanish keyboard or then you will miss the Ñ when you are going to use it.

Keyboards for tablets

We collect some of the best keyboards for tablets with Bluetooth connectivity and for all kinds of devices, Android or iOS or Windows. In addition, in the list you can find what suits your needs: keyboard covers, folding options, roll-up, multi-device or with built-in backlight.

CoastaCloud Bluetooth Keyboard Cover

This keyboard for tablets is incorporated in a case compatible with any device with a size between 9.0 inches and 10.6 inches, either Windows or Android. It is compatible with most Samsung models, for example, and is available in several different colors. It is wireless, works with Bluetooth connection and includes QWERTY keyboard and a touchpad. The case, including the keyboard, has dimensions of 27.3 centimeters x 20 x 0.8 centimeters thick. The battery is 750 mAh and Amazon users assure that it will last quite a bit once we set it up. Another advantage is that it allows us to remove the keyboard from the case and use the case without having to hook the keyboard.

CoastaCloud - Keyboards for tablets

Cooper Cases Keyboard Cover

This keyboard case is recommended if you have a tablet between 9 and 10.1 inches and you want the keys to be incorporated into the protection. It has four hooks on one side where you can fix the device so that it is fully attached and is not in danger. On the other the wireless QWERTY keyboard with Bluetooth 3.0 with all the necessary letters along with keyboard shortcuts. It has a universal design and you can use it for Windows, Android or iOS and it has a rear support that will allow you to have a lectern to fix it at the height you want.

Cooper - Tablet Keyboards

Logitech K380

One of the best keyboards you can find if you are looking for something wireless is the Logitech K380 available in pink or black and not only one of the best options for tablets but for any other device: it is compatible with PCs, laptops or televisions. You can use it with Windows, with Android, with iPad OS, with Apple TV, with Mac, with Chrome OS… And its versatility has an addition that allows us up to three connected devices at once between which you can change and just touch a button to connect one or the other.

It has the possibility of registering three different devices if in the morning you need to use it on the computer, in the afternoon on the tablet and at night you want to use it to navigate through your Smart TV. Another main advantage is that the battery life is estimated to be of about 24 months with intensive use diary. And it’s compact, small, and very light weighing just 423 grams and dimensions of 16x 279 x 124 millimeters in the case of the keyboard, which makes it perfectly transportable in any bag with almost no effort required.

Logitech K380

Logitech K480

The version above the previous one is the Logitech K480, a multi-device wireless keyboard that differs from the previous one in that It has an integrated base. That is, you will find a slot that will allow you to place your tablet or mobile phone here. Like the previous model, you have the ability to switch between three Bluetooth wireless devices with Easy-Switch control it will be enough to press a button to go from one to another. And it is compatible with all tablets or phones or computers: it works with Windows, Mac or Chrome, with Android or IOS mobiles and the adapted base allows you to place the phone on the tablet if you want to read at the same time as you write and do not want to use a cover .

The drawback, although it is one of the best keyboards for tablets, is that it is not completely flat or thin if we want to carry it incorporated into the tablet case, although it is very light and will not cause any problems in the backpack. Another problem is that it is not the most affordable that you will find. In addition, it is attractive and has a careful and very striking design. Another advantage is that it is one of the best-known brands in peripherals and we know that it has a quality guarantee.

OMOTON keyboard for Apple tablets

With an air to the original keyboards of the brand of the apple, although far from resembling the whole, the OMOTON keyboard is a good option if you have an iPad or an iPhone and are looking to incorporate keys to make the work more useful and simple. Not compatible with Macbook but yes with iPhone, iPad Pro, iPad Mini or iPad Air. See is about a QWERTY keyboard in which we find all the necessary keys in Spanish and the numeric row at the top in addition to the Apple command row.

It connects via Bluetooth to the tablet or mobile phone and is powered by two AAA batteries that promise a lifespan of about 30 days of continuous use. It is not compatible with computers or with no Android device It is exclusively designed for Apple. It is thin, light, compact and is available in white, black or pink, although white is the closest thing to the brand’s original keyboards. One of its strong points is the price because you will not have to spend even twenty euros to have it and be able to start using it.

Omoton - Keyboards for tablets

Reiie H9Plus Mini Touchpad

This is one of the best keyboards for tablets if you are looking for something very small. It is different from the previous ones, it is mini and seeks to be as compact as possible as if it were a television remote control. It is not the most comfortable option for tablets but if you are looking for something versatile that you can always have to use as an emergency. It is compatible with Windows, with Mac OS, with Android, with Linux, with Smart TV, with Android TV … It has a rechargeable battery of about 30 days and beyond the QWERTY keyboard it has a touchpad, volume buttons and control (such as Home , for example) or a joystick for scrolling control on television.

The great advantage is that it is ergonomic and complete and very small. But the drawback is precisely this: its small size makes it possible to be uncomfortable for prolonged use in tablets. It is not recommended if you go to work or write long texts, if you simply want the keyboard to search YouTube or update social networks or send an email. In addition, it is quite affordable with a price of around 17 euros and the advantage is that we can use it on another device at home if it does not convince us for the tablet.


COO Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

If you want a keyboard with backlight, the COO is an option for less than 25 euros and with the possibility of lighting in seven different colors (red, green, blue, yellow, purple, turquoise and white) It has all the QWERTY keys together with the usual keys control for all devices and connects via Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. It is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows so you can use it for tablets of almost any brand and also for computers in case you need it. Unlike others on the list, like the ones from Logitech, you don’t have the possibility to change one to another but you will have to configure it when you are going to do it.

One of the advantages is that when you stop using it for ten minutes it automatically enters in rest state and thus lengthens its battery. In general, the battery has about 40 hours of autonomy and is fully charged in approximately 120 minutes. Standby, the battery is six months. It is also a compact option of only 177 grams of weight and dimensions of 23.8 x 13.3 x 0.6 centimeters so you will not have any problem when transporting it.

COO - Keyboards for tablets

CHIN FAI – Foldable silicone keyboard

There are two big differences between this keyboard and the previous ones: its design and its connectivity. Unlike the others, here we will find a keyboard that connects with USB so you must take into account that your tablet is compatible with this system and has this port (most do not allow it although you can find microUSB or miniUSB adapters that make compatible) Also, it is an option of easily roll-up silicone or that can be folded, folded and stored anywhere. It is flexible and waterproof and can be easily clean with alcohol or disinfectant in case it is necessary.

It is available in black, pink or blue and is designed if you need something that takes up very little space, weighs little (only 164 grams) or is quiet as its keys will not make any noise. It may not be the most comfortable option in case you have to write long texts or not the best in terms of compatibility.

Silicone tablet keyboards

MoKo Foldable Keyboard

If you want a folding keyboard that takes up little space, the MoKo is a rather comfortable option divided into two parts and designed to make typing comfortable, as well as wireless. It is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows so you can use it for mobile phones, tablets or computers in case you need it. It hardly takes up space and weighs only 138 grams, with dimensions of 16 x 9.7 x 1 cm when it is folded on itself. It is magnetic so you will make sure it is folded into any bag or backpack without worry. As for ignition, just unfold it to turn it on automatically. And it incorporates a battery of 40 hours continuous duration in use or 30 days waiting. This battery can charge with USB cable included in less than two hours.


Foldable PowerADD

POWERADD is another option wireless and foldable Although here we find one of the best keyboards for tablets that can be folded into three parts. In addition, with the advantage of including a touchpad on the right side, making it more comfortable and complete. It is completely in Spanish and is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows so it can be used for tablets or mobiles. Its main advantage is that it not only has a wireless QWERTY panel but also you can unfold a support. This stand comes out from the bottom to fit two mobile phones or a large device (like a tablet) for effortless standing.

Another advantage is that it has three Bluetooth connection channels that you can have simultaneously connected, such as mobile phones, televisions, and keyboards. And you can switch from one to the other with just one button available to choose the operating system. It is, without a doubt, one of the most complete and versatile options and has a battery of about 64 hours of continuous use with a charge in about two hours at full.

Poweradd - Tablet Keyboards

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