Best laptop cooling pads and coolers in 2020 reviews & buying guides

Among the many technical problems that laptop users face today, heat can be the one that causes significant damage.

There are times when laptops cannot run intensive applications like games and video editing. They heat up and users need to turn them off so they can cool down.

Without turning off the laptops, the laptops could shut down completely.

In this case you need a laptop cooling pad. This helps to lower the operating temperature of your laptop.

Like everything else on the market, there are many brands of such cooling pads on the market. This guide will help you make the right choice of the best laptop cooling pads and coolers for your use:

Best laptop cooling pillow
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Best gaming laptop cooling pad to buy in 2020 reviews

1 Opolar laptop fan cooler with temperature display, fast cooling and automatic temperature detection

If your gaming laptop continues to heat up, this is the best cooler you can get for it today.

The cooler has an innovative and compact design. It has an LED temperature display, 13 different fan speeds and a bidirectional installation. This is what sets it apart from the others.

It can also be used on your Nintendo Switch, and then you can play games, watch HD movies and run a large number of applications without worry.

This gives you an automatic and a manual work mode that you can use comfortably. There is an automatic detection that can display the air temperature from the laptop vent.

In manual mode you can adjust the speed according to your wishes. It enables bidirectional installations to simplify the movement of the laptop.


  • An updated LED screen dynamically shows your laptop’s air temperature and working modes
  • The cooler has up to 13 speeds to control the airflow and noise. You can have quiet operation in auto mode and max. The noise it generates is less than 70 dBm.
  • The cooler was developed for use with notebooks with ventilation slots on both sides or on the back. It is perfect for gaming laptops
  • The installation is very easy. You just have to plug and play.


  • Not suitable for MacBook and other ultra-thin notebooks that are thinner than 0.4 inches.

2 TopMate 12-15.6 inch gaming laptop cooler, five quiet fans and LCD screen

This is a great selection of laptop coolers that are very suitable for your games or your office laptop. It is a portable solution for your overheated laptop.

The cooler can create a continuous and evenly distributed airflow under your laptop. This will distribute the heat that your laptop’s CPU generates and traps in your computer case.

Choose this cooler for better cooling performance. It also comes with amazing properties and is slim, light, and quiet.

You can quickly adjust the height. The unique design offers 5 height settings, with which you can optimally position your laptop. It therefore offers you the most relaxing angle of inclination for long-term viewing.


  • The cooler has 5 fans; four outer fans and a large one in the middle. It also has a very powerful wind fan.
  • It comes in a unique design and adjustable tilt. The angle of inclination can be adjusted to four different positions before the fifth flat option. This helps him to meet the different needs of different users
  • There is a flap that can be used to prevent the laptop from sliding towards you
  • You get a small screen and a keypad. Different modes can be switched with the buttons. There are up to six speed modes.


  • Thanks to its sharp edges, you won’t be able to carry it on your lap for long

3 Thermaltake Massive 14 Steel Mesh Panel Dual 140mm Blue LED Fan

This is a massive 14 laptop cooling pad that was built with two LED fans on the bottom 14 cm in length. This is what brings the laptop’s cooling capacity to the extreme.

It has an ergonomic design and offers a more comfortable viewing angle when using a 17-inch laptop or a similar laptop.

The two fans allow a maximum speed of up to 1200 rpm. This is enough to generate the cool air that gives you the best cooling performance when working or playing.

The cooler has a fan speed controller and an LED lighting switch. These are located on the side of the cooling pad to enable intuitive fan speed adjustment. This creates a balanced cooling performance.


  • You can double your cooling capacity with two LED fans, the speed of which can be up to 1200 rpm. This gives you the best cooling performance.
  • The cooler has easy-to-use adjustable controls. You can adjust the speed, turn the LED on and off, and everything else needed to maximize the user experience.
  • It comes with two laptop levers that protect your laptops from slipping when you use them.


  • It is thick and can bring your laptops to an uncomfortable height.

4 Laptop Stand Cooling Pad Nnewvante Cooler Pad Laptop

This is a great looking cooler that will keep your laptop, MacBook, notebook and tablet cool. This extends the life of your device and allows you to use your laptop extensively with minimal worries.

It has 5 slits that can be used for adjustment to reduce the viewing height and strain on the neck, back and wrists.

This Coller gives you a comfortable and ergonomic leisure feeling as long as you need it. The stand is well suited for hard surfaces such as an office table.

It is made of bamboo material, has 3 heat dissipation levels and a hollowed out design.


  • The cooler is made of a cool material. Bamboo has an amazing cooli
    ng ability. Together with the heat dissipation from the cooler’s USB fan, this keeps your laptop cool
  • The cooler has a ventilated design that keeps your electronic device cool. The striped hollow design is non-slip and provides an excellent way to dissipate heat.
  • It is an ergonomic comfort desk stand with adjustable folding legs. This gives the user a comfortable height and viewing angle. A horizontal visor reduces the change when the eyes get tired. Up to 5 different heights can be set.
  • The cooler is portable. It is light and easy to carry. The bamboo material is environmentally friendly.

5 Kootek laptop cooling pad 12-17 inch cooler pad chill mat 5 quiet fans LED lights

This is a very strong and durable but lightweight laptop cooler that was constructed with a metal grille on the front. It has a height-adjustable incline of 6 points and a non-slip design. This is a cooler that guarantees that your laptop can breathe easily.

The cooler is powered by USB and has a double USB hub that can be used to connect additional USB devices. It can also be used as a desktop stand from your laptop.

You get 5 built-in fans with blue LEDs. You can choose one fan, 4 fans work, or all 5 work together. The independent control is the same for the LEDs.


  • This is a very quiet fan that creates a noiseless and trouble free environment for you
  • It has 5 built-in fans with blue LEDs and two on / off switches for simultaneous control of 5 fans and LEDs.
  • The user can connect additional USB devices to it via the double USB hub
  • It is an ergonomic stand with 6 adjustable height settings that allow you to play games and watch movies at the most comfortable angle.
  • The two stoppers on the front can be used to prevent the laptop from falling.
  • It works for laptops that are between 12-17 inches. These include popular brands such as Apple MacBook, Pro Air, HP, Alienware, Lenovo, Dell and ASUS.

Best laptop cooling pad for MacBook

Best laptop cooling pad for MacBook
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1 Cooler Master NotePal X-Skim laptop cooling pad with 160 mm fan (R9-NBC-XSLI-GP)

If you’re looking for the best cooling performance for your MacBook, this cooler is an excellent option you can rely on to meet your needs.

The cooler offers everything you need for the excellent cooling performance of your laptop. It has two height settings that are ideal for viewing and entering angles.

It also has a full-range network that enables superior airflow. You get cable grooves for easy USB cable management.

The cooler is powered by a USB port extender. It can accommodate up to 17 inch laptops.


  • The network surface and a fan are sufficient to provide a cooling mat for your laptop, Ultrabook, Apple MacBook, BookPro, notebook and netbook.
  • It is a high performance cooler that uses a 160mm fan that operates at a speed of around 1500rpm
  • This is a high performance cooler but with an ultra flat profile. It is best to use on gaming laptops.
  • The supplied cable grooves can be used for easy cable management. The cooler is powered by a continuity USB cable to ensure you don’t lose a USB port.
  • Thanks to the two different height settings, you can easily use your laptop in a perfect and comfortable position.

2 Tree New Bee cooling pads for 15.6-17 inch laptops

This laptop cooler has an aerodynamic design that provides maximum cooling. This dissipates heat that reduces performance and gives you cooling performance of up to 20% compared to other cooling pads.

It comes in an ergonomic design that allows a better viewing and writing angle. This will help reduce the likelihood of back and neck pain. This allows you to work on your laptop for a long time without ever straining your back, neck and wrists. The cooler works perfectly at home or in the office.


  • This is a great laptop stand that keeps your laptop cooler to minimize the risk of a crash
  • It uses four fans and two anti-slip arms to prevent the laptop from slipping. The metal frame dissipates the heat from the laptop.
  • You get additional USB ports through which you can connect other USB devices.
  • The cooler allows the user ergonomic comfort. Together with the adjustable height adjustment, this enables a more natural and comfortable view.
  • The cooling mat looks good and gives your laptop a new and better look. So it not only stays cool, it also looks cool.


  • The cooler uses very fragile plastic clips to prevent the laptop from sliding down

Best Buy laptop cooling pillow

1 HAVIT HV-F2056 15.6-17 inch laptop cooler cooling pad

If you’re looking for the best laptop cooling pillow for the money, this is an option worth considering. This is a slim, portable and lightweight laptop cooling pad that you can use to protect your investment anywhere.

It has a very comfortable ergonomic design and can be used as an ergonomic stand with two adjustable height settings. The pad has been optimized for carrying laptops.

It is a high quality pad with a high quality multidirectional metal grille. This gives your laptop a wear-resistant and stable laptop wing.

It uses three ultra-quiet fans to create a noiseless environment for you. It comes with additional USB ports and power switch design. The integrated dual USB hub enables the user to connect additional USB devices.


  • You will enjoy a visible work status when you cool your laptop. The cooler’s LED indicator light allows you to see the working status of your cooling pad, especially at night.
  • It is very portable, so you can comfortably cool your laptop whenever you want. The thin body and light design make it very easy to take it anywhere.
  • The cooler has two shield holders on the back, which offer the user two height levels. This gives you a better viewing and typing experience and can prevent back and neck pain.

2 Laptop cooling pad, portable, ultra slim, quiet laptop notebook cooler from TeckNet

This is a super comfortable, ergonomically designed work surface that keeps you and your laptop cool. It rests on your lap and dissipates the heat generated by the laptop. It uses two fans to ensure ventilation, which may be restricted if the laptop is used on a duvet or pillow.

The cooler has a metal grille surface that provides excellent airflow to keep your laptop, netbook, ultrabook and Apple MacBookPro cool. You no longer have to worry about overheating during long periods of gaming or surfing online.

Great features include 2 USB ports that can be used for power, 110mm fans, and an easy-to-use power button design. The cooler does not need a main power connection, which is very practical.


  • You will receive an additional USB port, through which you can connect an additional device.
  • The cooler is slim, light and therefore very portable. It is super easy to carry so you can use it anywhere.
  • There is an LED indicator on the back that you can use to confirm that the cooler is active.
  • This is a very quiet cooler. Its ergonomic design makes it super comfortable. It has been angled to put your laptop in the best position and create a more comfortable experience.

3 Targus Lap Chill Mat for Laptop, Black / Gray (AWE55US)

This is a great laptop cooling mat that provides a comfortable and ergonomic work surface to keep you and your laptop cool.

The mat lies on your lap and distributes the heat using its double fans. The fans provide ventilation that may be trapped inside the machine when used on a pillow or duvet.

The cooler is very easy to use; You only connect the USB port to the laptop to activate its cooling.

The ergonomic inclination makes typing easier for the user. The soft neoprene material offers padded comfort on your lap.

It has an open design that allows its fans to run quietly and stimulate a constant airflow.


  • This cooling mat protects the laptop and the work surface from heat.
  • It has two fans that help distribute heat and improve functionality. This extends the life of your laptop.
  • The exterior is made of soft neoprene material, which feels very comfortable when placed on your lap.
  • You get four rubber stops on the front of the cooler to prevent your laptop from slipping.

Best 17 inch laptop cooling pads

Best 17 inch laptop cooling pads
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1 Thermaltake Massive TM aluminum plate dual 120mm fan 10-17 inch laptop notebook cooling pad

This is a thin and light laptop cooler designed with Thermaltake, the very first adjustable temperature sensor.

It has a control panel, an aluminum design and two temperature-controlled 120 mm fans. You can regulate the temperature according to your wishes and also according to the size of your laptop.

The cooler has an amazing ergonomic design that gives you the most comfortable viewing angle and hand position.


  • The temperature-controlled 120 mm fans enable manual / automatic speed adjustments
  • It has a temperature sensor that is adjustable and can monitor up to four different areas
  • The control panel of the display is easy to use and intelligent. It is multifunctional, including a lock button and a fan control button.

2 AVANTEK laptop cooling pad, 2x 160 mm high-performance fans, Ultra Slim Quiet Quiet Notebook Cooler

This laptop cooler optimizes airflow to effectively cool your laptop. There are also two 160mm fans that run at a high speed of 100rpm. The large metal grille distributes the airflow to evenly distribute the heat. This keeps you and the laptop cool on a long day’s work.

The cooler is powered by USB, which is very convenient. You do not need a power supply. You get additional USB ports that you can use to connect an additional device.

The high-quality, oversized 160 mm fans suck in air from below. They are very quiet, even when they are rotating at 100 rpm. Together with the blue LED lighting of the cooler through the network, these give the cooler its great appeal.


  • This is a very efficient cooling pad that provides the best cooling performance for you and your laptop
  • It is slim, light and portable. It’s great when you’re on the go
  • The well-made metal plate and the thick net make it strong and impact-resistant
  • The cooler is very quiet with an operating noise of only 26 dB. This is only audible at the quietest of times and will therefore not disturb or distract you when you focus on your work.
  • The cooler is supplied with feet that are equipped with non-slip EVA pads. These support your laptop and allow a display and writing position for ideas.

Best laptop cooling pads and cooler buying guide

In this era of digitization, there is so much to do on a computer. Desktops are no longer featured because there are many and better alternatives, includi
ng laptops. Laptops are more convenient and portable, and you can use a laptop for long hours. However, device temperatures are rising and this affects the speed at which you work. This can also shorten the life of your laptop.

Best laptop cooling pads and cooler buying guide
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Laptop cooling pads and coolers are very helpful when it comes to keeping your laptop’s temperatures low. There are so many brands on the market today, but choosing the best shouldn’t be a problem.

Here are some factors that can help you make the best decision:

Cooling bags with or without a fan

Most of the best-selling cooling pads on the market today are those with fans. Some have only one fan and others have multiple fans for maximum airflow for effective cooling.

There are those who come without fans and they work pretty well. Instead of fans, heat-resistant materials such as aluminum are used.

The good thing about the latter is that they are quiet compared to those with fans. However, a cooling pad with a fan is more effective in terms of performance.


Quality should always be in the foreground when buying a laptop accessory.

A high-quality cooling pad ensures effective cooling for you and your laptop. This gives you more time to work, play, surf the Internet or download.

High-quality cooling cushions are equipped with several fans to enable excellent airflow.


Cooling bags should be flexible so that you can work with maximum comfort. It should be ergonomic, fit your laptop size perfectly, and allow you to use different angles and positions.


A laptop cooling pillow should be portable, just like the laptop. You should be able to use it conveniently anywhere. It should therefore be light, slim and easy to carry.


It may not be the main consideration here, but it is important. There are many models and brands of laptop coolers on the market today.

Some are expensive, while others are very cheap. It’s good to compare what’s available in terms of quality and price before you make the final decision.


Laptops don’t have many USB ports. If a cooling pad is connected, you have one less connection.

You may want to buy a cooling pad with more ports to connect more devices.

However, such coolers cost slightly more than those with fewer connections.


Cooling pads and coolers for laptops are among the most important laptop accessories in the market today. An overheated laptop will not allow you to use it for a long time.

Buying a cooling pad not only keeps your laptop cool, it also gives you a good viewing and writing angle. This reduces the risk of neck and back pain.

With so many options in the market today, you have to take the time to choose the best. This is a complete guide that will guide you to the best laptop cooling pillow.

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