Best Pet Hair Vacuums 2020 – Top 10 Reviews

Pet hair vacuum cleaner buying guide:

There are a variety of vacuum cleaners on the market today, and not all of them are created equal or do the same job. While some are just overhyped and overpriced junk, others are great investments. In addition, some specialize in doing certain cleaning tasks perfectly and not doing other tasks. Still, there are a few crucial factors that you need to consider before purchasing your vacuum cleaner, including which type of vacuum cleaner will work well for your needs and determining which features you will need most. Stick with it, hopefully we’ll point you in the right direction and help you find the one that makes your hard earned money and meets your needs.

Pet hair vacuum cleaner vs. Standard vacuum cleaner:

Despite the fact that some of the best vacuum cleaners act as very efficient tools for catching all kinds of dirt and debris on hard floors, they can suffer tremendously when picking up pet hair that is buried deep in upholstery and carpet fibers. With a two-part brush and hose, traditional vacuum cleaners simply lack the right equipment to handle such a dilemma. It can make matters even worse by driving hair deeper into the carpet or entangling it around the brush head itself, creating a pain that is then untangled.

Pet hair vacuums, on the other hand, come with silicone brushes instead of normal soft hair brushes, as well as special hair and dander accessories that ensure that the hair is completely captured without getting tangled around the brush. They also provide more suction power and have improved filter systems that ensure allergens and dust particles are firmly trapped inside.

Types of vacuum cleaners:

Namely, there are five common types of vacuum cleaners, which are mainly used for cleaning homes and other small places. upright, handheld or stick, canister and the latest robot.


As the name suggests, they stand upright, which makes them easy to use and store. These types of vacuum cleaners are most popular with people because they are affordable, easy to use, powerful, and effective to clean. The roller brush is in the head of the vacuum while the body contains the canister or container. They are either packaged or without a bag. As for the cons, you’ll find it difficult to clean under obstacles and stairs. Fortunately, most models have different attachments to deal with these spots.

Handheld & Stick

Because they are extremely light and portable, they are a great choice for those who occasionally need to clean small areas, such as the bathroom. Furniture, small carpets, or even the interior of your vehicle. Usually they are cheap, battery-powered, bag-free, and weigh a few pounds. On the other hand, due to their lack of suction power compared to full size vacuums, they are not designed for big spills or heavy cleaning.


Canister vacuums have a two-part construction, which makes it difficult to maneuver from one room to another and requires more storage space. Nevertheless, they are significantly lighter than their upright counterpart. They are also equipped with a flexible rod and a smaller head so that they can clean under furniture and reach difficult places with ease. They are usually packaged and come with larger dirt cups.


New to the game, the robot guy supposedly does all of the work for you once they’re set up. Thanks to their built-in tracking system, they can find their way around the house and avoid obstacles while collecting dust, dirt or hair. Also, because they have a low profile, they clean well under furniture, which makes them especially attractive for people with limited mobility. The disadvantages of robotic vacuum cleaners are: Lower suction power and limited storage capacity due to their small size and understandably high price due to their high-end features and technology.

Important Features To Consider Before Buying Pets:

Once you’ve picked the style that suits your preferences, there are a number of essential features that you should be wary of as well.

Cordless or with cables

If you prefer to clean a large room all at once, a vacuum cleaner with long cords or no cables at all is better so you don’t have to constantly plug it in and unplug it when you change your location. Also, make sure that your cordless vacuum cleaner has a long battery life to survive your long cleaning chores.

HEPA filtration

If you or someone who lives in your home or your regular visitors suffer from allergies or asthma, a vacuum with a reliable HEPA filter system is your best bet against allergens as they are certified to cover 99.97% of harmful allergens and particles to remove the air and seal it in your container.

Bagged or without a bag

With a bagless vacuum cleaner, you can simply empty the container into the trash once it’s full without worrying about replacing the bag when you’re ready to use it again. However, some of the trapped dust can get back into the air or onto the ground when emptying. In the meantime, a vacuum cleaner is the solution to this problem as you can toss the entire bag in the trash. The disadvantage of vacuum cleaners is that you have to buy bags all the time.

Attachments and accessories

There are different types of attachments, each with a specific purpose. Some are designed for handling delicate surfaces, others for pet hair, while others specialize in reaching the toughest spots, and the list goes on. With this in mind, make regular decisions about what you are dealing with and choose accordingly.

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