Best power supplies for gaming PCs

There are people who love to play religiously. Here you get a person to invest a lot of money in building a powerful gaming rig. The right power supply must be found when making this gaming rig.

Best PC power supply

In general, gaming requires a lot of resources, from powerful processors to game graphics cards. These components require electricity to work effectively. This is the reason why you need to choose a power supply that meets gaming power needs.

To help you, we have divided these models into different sections so that you can always easily find the right power supply. It could be the power supply that provides the nominal power and also the efficiency. Check out these best gaming power supplies below.

Best 400-600W power supplies

Best 600 – 800 W power supplies

Best 800-1000W power supplies

Best 1000W + power supplies

Best 400-600W power supplies

best 500w power supply

1 EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G3 power supply

If you want to choose the best power supply, you want to know that it always provides the best power supply. This model is designed to ensure that you get the best product for your money.

With a guarantee of up to 7 years, it is clear why many people want to vote today. Such a guarantee enables people to trust that this will be a durable product.

The amount of space allocated for power in your computer case often determines the type of case you choose. Well, it is now possible for you to get the best product if you choose this. All thanks to its compact design.

A compact design enables installation in various types of computer cases that could use their performance.

Just because it is downsized does not mean that it also has reduced performance. The model still has enough features you need to use. With a length of 150 mm, it can easily be said that it is the smallest power supply with the best performance on the market today.

As part of its operation, the model must have the best fan so that it stays cool at all times. For this reason, the model is equipped with a hydraulic bearing fan. This fan type can rotate longer without affecting performance.

The hydraulic dynamic bearing fan is better than the fans that use the plain bearing.

It is impressive how the model is structured modularly. Here you only get the cables that you need to use. This is important to reduce the tangle of cables around the power supply. This type of construction also helps greatly in improving the case airflow. You should now have a power supply that works longer due to the airflow.


  • Impressive modular design
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Strong construction


  • Surge protection could be improved

2 550-watt SLI-compatible power supply from the SeaSonic G series

It is common for you to want to see some of the best certifications when purchasing a power supply. Don’t worry, this type of model has 80 Plus Gold certification. It was actually one of the first brands to receive this type of certification.

Through certification, the power supply can easily meet flawless performance and efficiency. If you receive it today, you can be sure that you have received the right product.

To make it even better, you get it with semi-modular cables. This means that you get a clear connection when using this model. Some of the cables are firmly connected to avoid loss in the end.

There is no doubt that the device’s 550-watt power supply will appeal to most. This is mainly because most players would want something in this area. It makes it easier for them to configure their gaming rigs.

The power supply also has intelligent and noiseless fan control. The goal is to maintain an intelligent heat cycle that ensures an optimal balance between component cooling and performance.

With this type of design, you get a model that is important to operate the power supply at the optimal temperature.

Thanks to the quiet fan, you no longer have to worry about noise.

The model still offers you impressive voltage regulation. This is crucial so that it is always easy for you to find the best power supply for your gaming rig.

The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get it. It is affordable and you are able to keep the gaming rig running.


  • 80 PLUS Gold certified
  • Cable-free connection design
  • Tight voltage regulation


  • The build quality could be improved

3 Modular power supply of the Corsair CX series with 550 watts

Corsair is a top brand, so choosing one of their products is a sure way to get the best. For this reason, you will find many reviews in this model, each showing how much you have benefited from using this type of power supply.

This device is great for buildin
g office PCs or for those who need to build their gaming rigs. This is mainly due to the performance that the power supply can offer the user.

One thing you will love is that it works with a low noise level. This is thanks to the efficient and clever design of the fan. Sometimes you may not even know the power is on unless you see the computer working. No noise can be seen during normal operation.

Once the power supply is in place, you won’t want to think about how to cool it down again. This problem should be solved by the manufacturer. Fortunately, this manufacturer has. The model comes with the best fan to cool your power supply.

The large diameter fan is important to ensure that it is always easy for you to keep the power supply at the right temperature.

The design of the model enables quick installation. With the modular cabling system, you can easily set up a clear environment after installation.

The modular structure is also important for improving the airflow into the power supply. This should make it work longer.

The beautiful finish in matt black with cable with sleeves makes it look great. You can always find it today to get it.


  • Easy installation
  • Cools down faster
  • Impressive build quality


  • After a while you wail a little

Best 600 – 800 W power supplies

best 800W power supply

1 Modular 650-watt power supply from the Corsair CX series

You will find a number of Corsair products on this list. It’s that we’re biased, but it’s a top brand and deserves multiple slots. Well, you get a powerful power supply if you choose it.

The manufacturer gave it a low-noise design. This type of design is what people want. Fan noise often irritates many people who simply want to use the computer.

It is possible that you may not even recognize the fan noise while the power supply is operating. Yes, it’s so quiet when it comes to performance.

The faster installation and better look are the best thing about using this power supply. The clear design allows you to place it in his room without a doubt. You also get the modular cabling system, which is crucial for reducing clutter.

Whenever you have less clutter, you can improve airflow to power. It also gives it a cleaner look in general.

This model is very reliable when it comes to power supply. You can be sure that it always delivers stable performance.

To ensure that it meets the needs of multiple customers, it has been extensively tested. This also helps with trouble-free installation, since compatibility with several cases is guaranteed.

There is no doubt that you will also find this power supply good. This is thanks to the matt black finish. It also comes with sheathed cables that make them look like premium components.


  • Larger fan diameter
  • Modular cable structure
  • Smooth power transmission


  • Cases of coil whine are common

2 Seasonal 650W 80 Plus titanium power supply

This model is all about highlighting the ultra-high efficiency you can expect from such a top brand. The series is also known to provide users with excellent performance at all times. You never have to worry about the power supply again.

The manufacturer has also managed to improve efficiency at low loads. This is done by strongly suppressing the ripple noise. You can be sure that the service will always be performed as you would have liked.

With a generous 12 year guarantee, you only know that it is a top product. Not many manufacturers would try this if they didn’t know it was a top quality product. It is certainly a power supply with the longest warranty period.

The manufacturer of everything when it comes to manufacturing the product. Thanks to the included power supply tester, you can now test it easily. If you have any problems, you can quickly work on the power supply. Well, that’s often hardly the case.

The inline capacitors on the cables are removed on this model. The aim was to remove the bulkiness of the system. Now you can be sure that you always have better flexibility. This also makes installation easier.

The model also has the highest certification level, namely an 80 Plus Titanium certification. You will always love what it has to offer.

The latest design of the power supply helps ensure that the output voltage is in the narrow range. You can have an impressive and stable power supply at any time.


  • Low-noise fan
  • Stable power output
  • Compact design


  • S
    ome quality control problems

3 Seasonal Focus Plus series SSR-750FX 750 W power supply

This is another top model from SeaSonic. So far, the company has been supplying the top models in terms of power supply. It should be easy for you to choose the right product at all times. One thing is certain, you can experience the best stable power supply with this model.

The wireless connection design is another interesting thing to check. The company’s engineers have found a new way to deliver a top design. This is where the cables are removed so that you have a compact, yet functional model.

The design also reduces the likelihood of errors in production because the cables are inserted minimally. In the end, you should have a model that improves power quality.

You always get a hybrid fan, which is important for cooling the power supply. This fan is available in three operating levels. You can use fanless mode, silent mode, and cooling mode. These three are important to ensure maximum cooling whenever necessary.

The fanless cooling gives you unmatched silence from the power supply. Overall, it works well.


  • Impressive fan cooling
  • Strong construction
  • Stable voltage output.


  • It tends to have coil hum

4 EVGA SuperNOVA 750 P2 Fully modular power supply

The popular feature that most people talk about when it comes to this model should be Eco Mode. In this mode, the fan can now only run when the internal components have reached 45 degrees Celsius. This is an important design feature if you always want to keep power consumption to a minimum.

You can now equip the different types of motherboards with this model. That’s the nice thing about it. You don’t have to worry about another power supply if you already have one.

The manufacturer has also used the LLC resonant circuit layout. The goal of such a circuit is to help improve efficiency. You can be sure that you will have a lot of fun with the power supply due to its improved efficiency. It always delivers the right performance you need.

It is completely modular. This means that you can easily remove every single cable connected to the power supply. Once removed, the user can easily set up the model for work. You can now have it installed in your computer cases faster than before.

After the installation is complete, you can add additional cables to connect the various components of the system.

The manufacturer has adopted the use of the highest quality products such as solid state capacitors. The aim is to offer you a product that is about reliability. When working with this type of power supply, you can expect high performance at all times.

The use of a double ball bearing fan is another feature of the highest quality. It is important that the fan remains durable and works for years. In addition, the fan always provides better cooling. If the fan fails, power problems will occur with the power supply.

The efficiency rating with platinum says everything about this model. You never have to worry about using an efficient power supply again. No more power consumption compared to some other models on the market.


  • Impressive efficiency
  • Double ball bearing fan
  • Fully modular structure

5 Corsair AX series AX760, 760 watt power supply

It is always important that you focus more on the type of performance you get from a power supply than on its brand. For this model, it serves both interests for those who want a brand and performance. Let us learn more about the power supply below.

It is platinum certified. This is important if you want to learn more about efficiency. The certification shows that this model generates less heat overall than the other brands currently on the market. When less heat is generated, less energy is wasted.

The fan, however, is important for cooling. The best part is that it comes with the zero RPM mode. The fan does not turn here, especially when the system is idle. You no longer have to worry about power consumption when you are not using the system.

The manufacturer has made it possible for you to enjoy this type of model by simplifying the installation. This is thanks to the completely modular cable structure. You only need to use the cables you need at a given time. If necessary, you can add more cables to the power supply at any time.

After several tests, it is shown that the model always delivers stable and reliable performance. You never have to worry about performance deteriorating. Using high quality components is another thing that keeps performance at the top.

The model is largely compatible. You can use it with almost all gaming motherboards and other related components.


  • Broad compatibility
  • Stable power output
  • High quality components

6 Fully modular BitFenix ​​Whisper M 80 Plus Gold power supply

If you buy this model, you can expect it to deliver high efficiency. As the name Whisper shows, the manufacturer has made the model extremely quiet, so you never have to worry about fan noise.

Since the power supply is certified over 80 gold, you expect that its efficiency is always good. Due to the high efficiency, you can determine that the PC components are always supplied with power smoothly.

The best thing is that the model is made of high quality components. These components are critical to ensure that you can always use the power supply with ease. Thanks to the high-quality construction, it delivers stable currents even at high loads.

For the best cooling, the model comes with a large diameter fan. Due to the durability, it
is always easy for you to use it. It works even at low speeds and only the demand increases. This can be the case if the power supply unit needs more cooling.

The model has a power factor of 0.99. This is extremely important for those who are looking for an efficient power supply. This always delivers performance.

Thanks to the design and other features, this model is environmentally friendly. It can generate less heat and also consume less than other models on the market. You should now have more confidence in performance.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Impressive cooling
  • Stable power output


  • Managing the cables is a little difficult

Best 800-1000W power supplies

best 1000W power supply

1 EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G3 fully modular power supply

This is a superior type of power supply that you can currently bring to market. The manufacturer has managed to keep the best on the market by making it more efficient. You can also rest assured that you will get the best performance and reliability using this model.

To show you that it is the best on the market, the model has received over 70 awards for leaving review pages. It only shows that this will be a reliable power supply for you.

So if the performance is good, it should be a large power supply, right? Well, that’s not the case when it comes to using this power supply. The manufacturer has managed to deliver with great performance, but still on a small size.

It is compact, which means that installation will be easy in various cases. The model is only 150mm long. This power supply is small, but still offers a lot of power in this compact design. It’s amazing how EVGA always manages to maintain such a ratio of performance to size.

As part of the best power supply, the manufacturer had to make sure that it was also quiet. This is made possible by a hydraulic dynamic bearing fan. You never have to worry, like other models, that the fan is loud.

The hydraulic dynamic bearing fan is good for durability. You will find that this type of fan design lasts longer than what you get from other designs.

The stable power supply is another thing worth mentioning. You don’t have to worry about the model delivering an unstable tension.


  • Quiet fan
  • Impressive efficiency
  • Hydraulic dynamic bearing fan
  • Quiet fan
  • Impressive efficiency
  • Hydraulic dynamic bearing fan


  • A larger fan could be used for cooling

2 Corsair RMx series RM850x power supply

You may have been waiting for this for a long time. You will never have to wait as it is here. It is a top product that you can always like when it comes to enjoying yourself with the right power supply.

Since it is gold certified, it means that you will achieve the best efficiency in use. It also comes with extremely extreme voltage regulation so you always get the right performance.

How about the internal components? This manufacturer has allowed you to enjoy the use as it comes with high quality components. These components include the capacitors, which always ensure a smooth power supply.

These high quality components can last for years. You don’t have to worry about replacing them soon.

The power supply also has the well-known fan mode without speed. In this mode, the fan does not rotate because it is not switched on. This is important to save power when the system is idle or has no heavy load. The fan turns on easily when the components start to heat up above a certain temperature.

It’s amazing how the manufacturer grants users a 10-year warranty on the model. It just shows that the model will last for years without having to be replaced.

The fully modular structure should be great for many people. You can only connect a component if this is necessary.


  • Fully modular structure
  • Consumes less electricity
  • Strong construction


  • Loud whining from the power supply

3 Corsair AX series AX860 860 watt power supply

The great compatibility of this power supply causes more users to try it out. You may have bought other power supplies to determine that they may not be performing as intended. Don’t worry anymore as this is
largely compatible and still has powerful features.

The manufacturer has also made the model in accordance with various safety standards. You receive safety approvals from CE, CB, FCC, CCC and others.

With the best safety ratings, many people today should find it easy to get involved. You buy knowing that it always performs.

One thing is certain, you can always get a clean and stable power supply when using this type of model. This was made possible by the high-quality capacitors that you receive with the model. You will always make sure you get the right performance for the money.

The power supply also has overvoltage and undervoltage protection. You can be sure that you always get the best protection for your components in the system.

The fully modular connection is another top feature you’ll love. It helps ensure that you can always set it up easily. You can only connect the components if you want. This look is important so you don’t have to worry about the space that unplugged cables take up.

The model as a whole doesn’t generate much heat. This is important so that you don’t have to deal with a hot power supply. Less heat means less energy wasted.


  • Low heat power supply
  • Impressive cooling
  • Compact design


  • There is a bit of wailing

4 Seasonal SSR-850FX 850W power supply from the Focus Plus series

The manufacturer specifies a model that is 80 Plus Gold certified. In the electronics world, this is important for performance. Such certification ensures that the user receives a model with better efficiency.

With an efficiency of 90% at 50% load, you can see that this will be an extremely reliable model for you. This is the reason why you will see more and more people who are always looking to get the model for themselves.

They have a wireless connection design. This is something most manufacturers are changing now and will stay here. This includes using circuit boards instead of cables. This is better because it reduces the cable clutter of the power supply.

This type of construction also allows for the complete automation of the manufacture of the best power supplies. You no longer expect manual entries for the cables.

The model is equipped with a quiet hybrid fan control. With the right fan control, you always get the best performance. The fan only works when it is needed. For this reason, this model uses even less power than the other models available.

It is still possible that you like the silent performance even more from the start. You never have to worry about the fan becoming uncomfortable when rotating.

The manufacturer gives you a button that allows you to easily adjust the fan speed the way you want it.


  • Tight voltage regulation
  • Allows you to set up multiple GPUs
  • Cable-free connection design


  • It tends to have a clicking sound over time

5 Rosewill Glacier Series Continuous 80 Plus Bronze certified power supply

Not all power supplies on the market always receive bronze certification. Some of them could have a few drawbacks. This is not a problem when it comes to choosing this. The manufacturer has achieved an efficiency of 85%. This is the reason why it is very popular with many users who need the highest quality product.

In general, you should also find that this model is equipped with a quiet fan. The fan is such that you can also have this type of power supply in your system.

The fan has an automatic speed control. The goal is that it only occurs when it is necessary. This will further help reduce the heat given off by your power supply.

You will also love modular cable management. It seems like more manufacturers are opting for this design because that’s what people want. No more handling a power supply that looks like an octopus. That’s the nice thing about choosing the model over the others today.

The model has been tested and is certain to meet the various standards set with industry standards. The model corresponds to TÜV, FCC and many other organizations dealing with this sector.

In general, you will find that this model offers the best power protection. You may never hear of a person complaining about the model frying their motherboards. It also comes with short circuit protection to ensure that the power supply is working properly.


  • Power protection
  • FCC compliant
  • It is very efficient


  • Some complaints about poor customer care

Best 1000W + power supplies

1 EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2 80+ Titanium 1600W power supply

It’s amazing that you can deliver so much electricity using this type of power supply. You can be sure that it is something that will appeal to many players. For a player who has different GPUs, this model should meet all the performance requirements he will have.

You can’t have a model rated Titan
if it doesn’t meet the performance requirements that users want. You can be sure that it will offer you this service from the moment you receive it.

The best thing about it is that DC comes to DC LLC resonance circuit. There may be too much jargon in one sentence, but it simply means that this model has better efficiency. An excellent performing power supply ensures that you get the best performance in terms of power output.

To make it even better for many people, the model is completely modular. You can be sure that the model is always easy to set up. You can now leave the unnecessary cables first and only connect the required ones.

Performance is further improved by a model that consists of high quality components. These components include the high-quality Japanese solid-state capacitors.

These components always ensure that the delivered power is even and does not affect the overall performance of the power supply.

The double ball bearing is another important feature that you will like. This type of construction is important to ensure that you have a durable fan. A long-life fan should keep the power supply functional for a long time.


  • Impressively strong construction
  • High performance
  • Impressive power transmission

2 Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB 1250W power supply

You will undoubtedly love the fact that the model is completely modular. This is something that most manufacturers have adopted today.

The best thing about being completely modular is that the user can only connect the usable components first. You do not need to connect cables that overload the power supply. Overall, you will find that it is a power supply that saves power and only supplies power that is needed by the user.

Another important thing you’ll love is the 256-color RGB fan. This fan is crucial to make sure you always have a good time with it. You can light up the model to create an impressive feeling when you consider that it is a gaming rig.

Another thing is that you can also adjust the fan colors and speed. This can be done digitally via the DPS G PC app. You will enjoy how easy it is for you to manipulate the power adapter to make it work and look the way you want it to.

The power supply must also be cooled. This is the reason why it comes with a concentrated compression fan blade. This type of design is important so that you always get the best performance as it doesn’t heat up.

Using hydraulic bearings on the fans helps ensure that you have a quiet fan. The fan always gives you the best performance the way you want it to.


  • Delivers efficiency
  • Impressive build quality
  • RGB lighting for the fan

3 Corsair CP-9020140-NA HX1200 1200W high performance power supply

As part of a performance series of Corsair power supplies, we expect processing quality to match. Nun, das ist überhaupt nicht falsch, da das Modell aus starken Materialien besteht.

Beginnend mit dem Äußeren werden Sie feststellen, dass das Modell eine Leistung liefert, die viele Menschen immer lieben werden. Eine andere Sache ist, dass die internen Komponenten auch hohe Qualität und Leistung sind.

Die Komponenten wie die Kondensatoren sind einfach beeindruckend. Sie müssen sich keine Sorgen machen, dass die Kondensatoren nach kurzer Zeit ausfallen. Die solide Leistungsabgabe ist aufgrund der starken Kondensatoren eine weitere Top-Sache, die Ihnen gefallen wird.

Der Hersteller hat dieses Modell nach der Inspektion nicht erhalten, weil es nur gut aussah. Es musste auch Leistung erbringen. Dies ist der Grund, warum Sie viele Menschen finden werden, die immer mehr Leistung von dem bieten möchten, was das Modell bieten kann.

Das Modell mit dem effizienten Betrieb im Allgemeinen erfüllt die verschiedenen Industriestandards. Sie sollten heute kein Problem damit haben, es für Ihr Spielrecht auszuwählen.

Der Null-U / min-Modus ist nichts Neues, aber Sie können sicher sein, dass er bei diesem Modell funktioniert. Der leise Ventilator hat schon immer viele Menschen angesprochen. Sie können sicher sein, mehr Leute zu finden, die nur dafür suchen.

Wenn das nicht genug ist, dann ist der modulare Aufbau eine andere Sache, die Sie leben. Das Einrichten, wenn Sie das nächste Mal ein Netzteil benötigen, sollte ein Kinderspiel sein.


  • Leiser Betrieb
  • Effiziente Stromversorgung
  • Hochwertige Kondensatoren


  • Qualitätsprobleme mit den Kabeln

4 Corsair RMx-Serie, Rm1000x, 1000W Vollmodulares Netzteil

Wann immer Sie feststellen, dass das Modell Gold-zertifiziert ist, können Sie sich darauf verlassen, dass es Effizienz bringt. Das bekommen Sie immer dann, wenn Sie Ihr Geld dafür ausgeben.

Der Hersteller hat so viel wie möglich versucht, um sicherzustellen, dass weniger Wärme vom Netzteil kommt. Mit weniger Wärme bedeutet dies, dass wenig Strom verschwendet wird und Sie auch eine niedrigere Betriebstemperatur haben.

Der Hersteller hat dafür gesorgt, dass Sie bei diesem Netzteil immer die richtige Leistung finden. Dies geschieht nur, wenn die Komponenten aus hochwertigen Materialien bestehen.

Aus diesem Grund finden Sie dieses Modell mit den beeindruckenden japanischen 105-Kondensatoren. Diese starken und hochwertigen Komponenten sorgen dafür, dass Sie immer eine solide Stromversorgung erhalten. Sie können auch erwarten, jederzeit die beste Haltbarkeit zu haben.

Es ist einfach erstaunlich, wie Sie einen Lüftermodus ohne Drehzahl haben können. Hier dreht sich der Lüfter erst, wenn genügend Bedarf besteht, damit er funktioniert. Der Gesamtaufbau des Lüfters besteht darin, dass er geräuschlos arbeitet. Sie müssen sich nie Sorgen machen, dass es den ganzen Tag irritieren
d sein wird, es zu hören.

Das vollständig modulare Design macht es zu einem der besten Netzteile auf dem Markt. Aufgrund des modularen Aufbaus sollten Sie mehr Leute finden, die danach suchen.

Der Hersteller gewährt Ihnen 10 Jahre Garantie. Eine solche Art von Garantie ist etwas, das viele Menschen heute dazu bringt, sie zu wählen. Eine so lange Garantie ist eine Garantie dafür, dass Sie über die Jahre hinweg ein zuverlässiges Netzteil erhalten.


  • Voll modular
  • Zuverlässig in der Stromabgabe
  • Lüftermodus ohne Drehzahl

Best Power Supplies for Gaming Einkaufsführer



Die Leistung ist die wichtigste Überlegung, die Sie bei der Auswahl Ihres Netzteils berücksichtigen müssen. Die Leistung bestimmt auch, welche Art von Netzteil Sie kaufen können, um Ihren Strombedarf zu decken. Manchmal kann man Modelle bekommen, die eine gute Leistung haben, aber die Wattzahl ist niedrig.

Sie finden Modelle mit einer Leistung von 300 W bis 1600 W. As you can see, you will always have the option of picking the model that works for you.

So, the first thing is to check what your power needs are. This helps you with making sure that you end up with the best power supply that cannot strain when it comes to delivering the power. For those who have to use multiple GPUs, then consider picking the one with the right wattage too.

Modular design

You might have encountered the world modular design when going through the guide. It is an important aspect of design when it comes to using the power supply units.

best psu

In the past and even now, some models of PSUs come with cables coming out of the power supply. It might even look like an octopus. This type of setting does not offer the best modularity. You will always end up with issues when it comes to cable management. The only good thing about them is that they are cheap to produce or even design.

You can also get the other type of design which can be semi-modular and others are fully modular. The semi-modular design will have the essential cables still coming straight out of the PSU. These are the cables delivering power to the motherboard and other essentials. You will then have the options to add cables to connect the accessories.

Fully modular on the other hand allows for removing all the cables and installing them once needed. This makes the overall installation process simpler than before. It is the reason more people will often go for this kind of power supply design.


The power supplies can often be expensive, so it will be important to invest your money in a robust type. Robustness is not just that exterior construction, but also the components used.

You want to have a strong model that is built to last for years to come. For most cases, you get the power supplies with warranties of 10 years. That should prove it is robust enough.

You also have to check the internal components such as the capacitors. They should provide stable power always and keep the motherboard and other components from frying.

Depending on the model, the robustness level will vary. Make sure to spend your money on a model with the best robustness always. Reading a bit of reviews on the model should help understand more about what it can offer.

Stop being cheap

There is no point of spending hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on building a gaming rig and then you become cheap with power supplies. You still have to treat the power supply as an important part of your gaming rig. Once you pick the right gaming power supply, then setting it up gives you the confidence of a top performance power supply.

Because of things such as the power fluctuations, you cannot be cheap with the PSU. With a cheap PSU, you might just end up frying your motherboard. Well, a gaming motherboard will even cost you more to replace it.

The good thing about picking the right quality PSU is that it holds value. As much as it might be slightly expensive to buy at first, it will always hold its value. You can easily sell it to other people who are looking to use the PSU whenever you make an upgrade.

The best PSUs can last for a long time. The chances are that the only time you will want to change a PSU is when you are building another gaming rig. They always come with up to 12 years of warranty!

power supply for gaming pc

Efficient PSUs

For a long time now, we all have been advised to do anything to make sure that we get to save our planet. Well, that starts with you using the right type of PSU that saves on energy. There is no doubt that you will also love having an efficient PSU that delivers on the stable power always. Such PSUs also save you a lot of money when it comes to paying the energy bills.

So, how can this efficiency be determined? Well, you have to look at the power efficiency that comes with the model.

For most cases, you will find the models having 80 Plus efficiency. This means that the PSU can convert over 80% of the AC power to DC power. For most models, they will have this efficiency proudly indicated on their product labels. It can be anywhere from Bronze to Titanium which is the highest efficiency.

The next time you have to buy a PSU, make sure to see its efficiency rating first before making up your mind.


There is no doubt that you will have an easy time picking the best power supply right now. From the long list of top power supplies, you can always find one that is within your budget and still delivers on the power needs you might have. Sometimes you can take the time to compare the various power supplies so that when making up your mind you have all the information needed
. The buying guide above should also help you in refining your search for the best supply even further.

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