Best Racing Wheels 2020 – steering wheels for PC, Xbox One and PS4

Racing games in modern times offer more realism than ever. With photo-realistic graphics and controls that mimic the physics of the real world, games have become a simulation more than ever.

best racing bikes

What can you do to improve the experience?

When you invest in a racing bike, you feel closer to the action than ever. As racing bikes become more sophisticated over time, the next best thing is to sit in the car.

Which road bike is best then?

Top 9 best road bikes on the market in 2020 reviews

Top rated racing bikes

1 Logitech G27 road bike

The Logitech G27 is a hyper-realistic road bike that puts you in the driver’s seat right away. It has built-in feedback with two engine forces that simulates the feeling and experience of losing traction. However, it is not just the force feedback that receives the simulation elements.

The pedals for the G27 are made of steel and provide precise control when you use them. The LEDs are even built into the game you’re playing to make sure you don’t miss a gear shift. Speaking of switching operations …

The stick of the G27 is a work of art and offers smooth transitions between the aisles. In combination with the 11-inch leather wheel, it offers comfort and a real racing experience at the same time.

As if that weren’t enough, there are also paddle shifters if you fancy a serious racing mode. Also, don’t worry about navigating the menus of your favorite games as it has various buttons that let you scroll through the menus in no time. If you’re a racing fan, this bike will put you in pole position on the right.


  • Comfortable steering wheel
  • Precise pedals
  • Integrated LEDs
  • Joysticks and paddles for switching


  • Logitech no longer offers driver updates
  • The shift lever can be a little thin
  • Force feedback is sometimes fleeting

2 TX road bike

The TX Racing Wheel is a Thrustmaster product. When you arrive by bike and pedals, you can get right in the middle of the action. It has a reactive force feedback system that you can actually use to drive during the game. However, it’s not just a great driving experience that the TX offers.

It also gives you the ability to hack and change the accessories you use with it. So you can change the steering wheel cover and add a gear lever. However, the customizable nature of the TX road bike is not the best feature there is. This honor goes to the fantastic pedals that come with the TX road bike.

The pedals have rubber mods inside to ensure that the more you push the pedals, the more resistance you’ll get. This is called progressive resistance and ensures that the entire racing experience gives a realistic feel.

If you’re looking for a road bike that offers an engaging experience and a good level of customization, the TX is for you.


  • Good customization options
  • Excellent feeling in the pedals
  • Great experience from reactive force feedback


  • The wheel is sometimes a bit sensitive, which leads to overshoot curves

3 Logitech Driving Force G29

The Logitech G29 says one thing as soon as you open the box. Quality. The bike is made of high quality components to ensure a perfect lifespan. The bike itself is made of hand-sewn leather. The mechanisms on the inside are driven by stainless steel bearings and even the shift paddles are made of stainless steel. This results in a product that lasts a long time.

But is it good?

The short answer is yes. With a dual motor that provides force feedback, it simulates exactly the feedback that the steering wheel gives while driving. The pedals are also made of stainless steel and give your game a racing car feel.

Paddle shifting is also a great feature as the LED is combined to easily tell when to change gear. If paddle shifting isn’t for you, the G29 is also compatible with the power shift lever, so you can switch to a shift lever.


  • High quality materials for the production of the G29
  • Excellent strength feedback
  • Possibility to use paddle or gear lever


  • The brake pedal is too stiff until it wears out
  • The downshift paddle sometimes does not respond

4 Thrustmaster TMX road bike

The Thrustmaster TMX road bike offers a realistic racing experience. With a circle of 900 degrees, it offers the same freedom of movement as a real car. In combination with the complicated belt and pulley system, the movement when turning the wheel is smooth.

Flappy paddles make gear changes a breeze, but if paddles aren’t in your pocket, they’re also compatible with a variety of Thrustmaster shifters. The pedals only have brake and accelerator pedal options, but the buttons on the wheel make it easy to use the clutch.

To make it easier to use the wheel, there is an easy-to-use clamp at the bottom that you can use to snap it into place while playing. This makes it much easier to steer around difficult-to-navigate routes, especially since you don’t have to worry about the bike moving with you.

The Force Feedback offers realistic racing sensations and ensures that the bike fights you around every corner like a real car.


  • Easy to lock
  • The paddle shifter responds very well
  • The Force Feedback offers a realistic experience


  • The pedals slide too easily
  • The steering wheel is pretty light

5 Thrustmaster T300 RS GT road bike

The Thrustmaster T300 RS GT is licensed for use with Gran Turismo. Since it’s optimized for use with a hyper-realistic racing simulation, you would expect it to be as realistic as possible. Does it live up to these expectations?

The steering wheel features Thrustmaster’s patented H.E.A.R.T system for incredible accuracy and has more than 65,000 positions to move it. This allows for the highest level of realism when you indulge in your favorite racing games.

The T300 RS GT also has a brushless motor that powers its force feedback technology. This means that it not only provides realistic force feedback, but also without too much noise.

The steel pedals of the RS GT provide a realistic driving experience and the paddle changes offer a real racing experience. However, they can be exchanged for a gear lever with Thrustmaster compatible accessories.


  • Interchangeable wheels allow you to tailor your experience to your game
  • The force feedback is excellent
  • Incredibly accurate steering wheel


  • The clutch can sometimes be spirited
  • The fan can be quite loud at times

6 Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback road bike

The Thrustmaster T150 has a number of great features that set it apart from other products. With excellent force feedback, fully adjustable, 1080 degree steering wheel and compatibility with other Thrustmaster products.

With the force feedback you can adjust the levels to your game. With immersion touch sense technology, you can really simulate any driving situation. The pedals are also fully adjustable so you can adjust them to your exact specifications.

The paddles behind the steering wheel enable quick and easy gear changes. However, if paddles are not your thing, various Thrustmaster accessories can be used. The ability to use shifters, various pedal sets and even a handbrake gives the T150 extra layers.

Overall, the T150 offers great features and a realistic gaming experience. The ability to add additional peripherals means that a complete experience can be achieved. You will almost think that you are in the driver’s seat when you make your preferred settings.


  • Excellent force feedback options
  • The wheel has a high level of accuracy
  • Due to the large number of available peripheral devices, it can be greatly adapted


  • Force feedback can sometimes take a lot of adjustments to get it right
  • The brake pedal needs to be adjusted to achieve realistic resistance

7 HORI racing bike

The HORI road bike has an official Sony recommendation to support it. With the PlayStation buttons on the front of the wheel, it nails its flags from the outside onto the mast. Does it meet the high expectations associated with this confirmation? Let’s find out.

The first feature that helps HORI stand out from the crowd is the alignment mark on the top of the bike. When you are engrossed in your race, you can better see the position of your bike. This way you can make sure that you know where and how far you have to turn your bike.

The force feedback ensures that you receive the required resistance when steering and that the pedals offer adjustable pressure levels. You can even change the se
nsitivity of the steering wheel if it doesn’t give you what you want.

The pedals contribute to the comfort of the race with a retractable footrest that relieves your feet considerably when playing. The rubber grip on the wheel makes it easier to hold when turning and generally provides excellent control when driving.


  • Easy to navigate menus with D-Pad and buttons
  • The alignment mark facilitates navigation on race tracks
  • The handle on the steering wheel makes steering easier


  • It is difficult to work on the PC
  • The shift paddles feel a little weak

8 Thrustmaster VG TX road bike

The ThrustMaster VG TX road bike is a high quality product that ensures that it contains components of the highest quality. This ensures that the processing quality of the VG TX is at the top of the totem pole.

Does everything come together to create a first-class racing bike?

The steering wheel is a wonderful hand-sewn piece that feels absolutely fantastic in your hand. The force feedback ensures that you get a realistic racing experience and get the right resistance in these curves.

The VG TX can be easily attached to any racing cockpit. Thanks to the central fastening system, you can attach it to any desk or table. This makes creating the perfect racing seat as easy as possible.

The paddle shifts are fast and accurate and the pedals offer realistic resistance. The brake pedal even has a rubber mod, so it offers progressive resistance. They are also all fully adjustable so you can get them exactly how you want them.


  • The Force Feedback offers a realistic driving experience
  • The resistance of the pedals can be adjusted according to your wishes
  • It can be attached to almost any surface


  • The force feedback can sometimes wear out quickly
  • The brake pedal may need to be heavily adjusted to work properly

9 Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel

As soon as you open the box for this racing bike, you immediately get a feeling of excitement. The iconic Ferrari logo brings out the best in people.

Does the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider road bike live up to its high expectations? The answer to that will come soon.

The first thing you notice about the Ferrari 458 road bike is the paddle for shifting. They are immediately visible and enable you to switch gears without any problems. The wheel itself has an excellent red rubber grip to take these tense cornering moments into account.

All of this is underlined by the high-quality force feedback of the Ferrari 458 racing bike. Every corner resists you as if you were sitting in the driver’s seat during an actual race.

The angle of inclination of the pedals can be adjusted to your personal preferences. The brake pedal also has progressive resistance like in a real car. Using the Ferrari 458 road bike adds an extra dimension to your racing experience.


  • The force feedback is excellent
  • The steering wheel handle feels great
  • The paddles are perfectly placed


  • The steering wheel may need to be calibrated regularly
  • The brake pedal can sometimes be too stiff

Best buying guide for racing bikes

best road bike reviews

When buying a racing bike for your gaming system, there are a number of factors to consider. The first factor is undoubtedly the price. Why do you ask?

Well, it’s obvious that when it comes to price, the more you pay, the better the quality you generally get. If your budget goes to the moon, you should go for the high-end models. If you have a smaller budget, the cheaper models should be just the thing for you.

best road bike buying guide

The console of your choice is also an important factor. Some bikes work better with different consoles. Wheels made specifically for this platform obviously have better performance. It’s like having the wrong controller for your console. It just doesn’t wo
rk well. So if you see a wheel designed specifically for your console, chances are it will work well.

The number of functions is the next factor that you need to examine. If you have a choice of features that mean very little to you, this bike may not be the one for you. If you see some features that make you jump for joy, you should aim at this bike. Don’t accept what you don’t want just because it’s at the top end of the market. If what you want is cheaper, go for this bike.

Finally, you should always read the reviews of people who owned the bike. Find out what the problems are and see if they can be easily solved. Find out which bike is the most reliable and gives you the best experience. The main thing is not to be put off by bad reviews. No product will get a perfect rating from everyone. Some people are born to complain.


It is essential that you have a high quality racing bike. Take the tips to buy yours and make sure you aim for the level you want to play at. If you are a casual gamer, a bike may not be for you. If racing games are your life, a bike would be a great investment.

These wheels provide an additional level of immersion at a time when games offer an unparalleled level of immersion and accuracy. Make sure you live up to these values ​​when choosing your bike.

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