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They are not all. Or not all the best ones, at least. Because many of them you won’t see in the catalog of the main streaming platforms to see them when you feel like it, although you can rent them on Google Play or on Apple TV mostly. For example, A Clockwork Orange, Planet of the Apes or 2001: An Odyssey in Space you will find for four euros for rent or about ten euros if you want to buy it to always have it on the Google or Apple platform. Many of the classic ones will not have them in catalogs either, but yes on Filmin for a couple of euros to rent it temporarily even if you don’t have a monthly subscription. Or many of them available in the permanent catalog permanently if you have a Filmin account and want to see them as many times as you want.


Terminator is a saga of science fiction movies that starts with this 1984 film. In this tape, the artificial intelligence machines called Skynet are at war with humans in 2029. John Connor is the head of the human resistance and the machines, faced with the impossibility of finishing him, decide to attack him before he is born. So they send Arnold Schwarzenegger, the cyborg Terminator T-800, back in 1984, with the intention of killing his mother, Sarah Connor, before she gives birth to the future head of the human army.

The persecution of Sarah Connor, the attempts of the future army of humanity to save it and the desire for destruction of Terminator will be the axes of the film. Lots of action and a script that still draws a legion of fans, one of the best science fiction movies you can watch at home. You can also watch the rest of the movies in the Amazon Prime Video. Terminator 2: The Last Judgment and Terminator: Dark Destiny (released in 2019) are available on the streaming platform if you are looking to complete the story

Platform: Netflix

Year: 1984

Duration: One hour and 47 minutes

Thematic: Futuristic

Age: For over 18 years

See Terminator on Amazon Prime Video

Watch Terminator 2: The Last Judgment on Amazon Prime Video

See Terminator: Dark Fate on Amazon Prime Video

Terminator - science fiction movies


In Interstellar, Nolan’s genius focuses more on science than fiction, with a script in which physics plays a key role. Matthew McConaughey He is a NASA pilot who lives on a farm and embarks on a mission to try to save life on Earth, threatened by drought and the near-total loss of agriculture. Her journey through space, her discoveries, the mysteries of black holes and the search for habitable planets will be mixed with a personal plot and with a ghost that lives in her daughter’s room. A complicated but entertaining plot, that you will keep glued to the sofa in your house and that you will want to see again and again to discover all the hidden details.

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Year: 2014

Duration: Two hours and 48 minutes

Thematic: Space

Age: For ages 13 and up

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Robocop is a futuristic film of the year 1987 which became a complete success. Later it has been a reference for subsequent similar scripts in which robotic police appear. The plot is about a secret project to end crime in the city of Detroit, about to collapse. The Robocop project turns a recently deceased policeman into a cyborg designed to capture criminals and protect the city. A plot of internal corruption, the robot’s moral problems, its orders to comply and a lot of action are the elements of an unforgettable movie that created a school in science fiction.

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Year: 1987

Duration: One hour and 43 minutes

Thematic: Warlike

Age: For over 18 years

See Robocop on Amazon Prime Video

Robocop - Science Fiction Movies

E.T, the extraterrestrial

The famous alien stars in another of the great classics in science fiction cinema and his film is available on Movistar + and Amazon Prime Video. Released in the eighties directed by Steven Spielberg, few are left without knowing what this strange alien film is about that comes to the life of Elliot and Michael after being abandoned on Earth. Elliot will not only try to protect E.T but will create with him a special bond, iInvolving his siblings and friends in protecting and caring for him before he is discovered by the police. Thus, they will draw up a plan to help the “being” to return to your planet safely and as soon as possible, without wasting time.

E.T is one of the great works of Spielberg but also of fantastic cinema in general if what we are looking for is a film for the whole family that never stops going out of style, that resists well the more than thirty years it has been with us. Beyond that we all know it by heart or know what happens in the end (except for a few absent-minded people), it is a perfect option to see with the smallest of the house and infect them with that eighties adventure that we all live once and that continuously We see referenced in series, in cartoons or in other movies.

Platform: Movistar + / Amazon Prime Video

Year: 1982

Duration: 109 minutes

Thematic: Science fiction

Recommended age: For all audiences

See E.T – El Extraterrestre on Movistar +

Watch E.T – The Extraterrestrial on Amazon Prime Video

E.T - science fiction movies

Super 8

Written by JJ Abrams and with Steven Spielberg as producer, Super 8 has created excitement since its announcement with a perfect cocktail to delight fans of science fiction and nostalgia, an event marked in red on the calendar in 2011, the year of its premiere. And so it was: success at the box office but also in the critics who speak of it as practically a work of art. With airs to Stranger Things with eighties styleIt will inevitably remind us of Eleven and the others, albeit with the recognizable signature of Abrams and Spielberg, two of the kings of this genre.

Nostalgic tribute

The story is that of Joe Lamb and is set in the eighties. The protagonist has just lost his parents and shoots with his friends a zombie movie in Super 8 but things begin to seem unreal and inexplicable events begin to happen after seeing how a van crashes into a freight train. Super 8 is another of the best science fiction movies if you are looking for something to watch as a family and that will conquer us all, young and old, whether you have seen it or not. There is no lack of classic airs that will remind us of the best science fiction movies and those that are intended as a tribute. If you want something for the whole family and have not yet seen it, you can do it on Sky TV or buy or rent it on Google Play or Apple TV.

Platform: Sky TV

Year: 2011

Duration: One hour and 52 minutes

Thematic: Science fiction

Recommended age: For ages above 7

See Super 8 on Sky TV Spain

Super8 - Best Science Fiction Movies

Ready Player One

Ready Player One is somewhat far from being one of the best science fiction movies in history but we can recommend it if you are looking for something current in which Steven Spielberg’s stamp shows a kind of virtual and different utopia. Additionally, the film was nominated for both the Oscar and BAFTA Awards for Best Visual Effects. If you want to see a show of lights, sounds and avatars it can be a good option in which there is no lack of nostalgia, pop culture, reflection.

The film, released in 2018, is a nostalgic journey full of pop references. But it is, at the same time, a futuristic story set in the year 2045 in which Wade Watts isolates himself from the real world in Oasis, a kind of virtual utopia that takes him away from everything around him. Watts will focus even more on that “video game” when the creator of Oasis dies and offers the fate of his company to the one who wins in a kind of treasure hunt that will make the teenager face all kinds of enemies not only through the screen but in the real world, they will do their best to seize power by passing over everything they find on their way.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 2018

Duration: Two hours and 20 minutes

Thematic: Videogames / Futuristic

Age: For ages 13 and up

Watch Ready Player One on Netflix

Ready Player One - science fiction movies


Christopher Nolan’s brain gave birth to this science fiction movie in which hes dreams, time, parallel worlds and gravity does not follow the usual rules. With a cast of luxury, with Leonardo di Caprio at the helm, Origen is an impressive film from a technical point of view and with an argument to blow your mind. The concept of the film is that a group of thieves infiltrates a victim’s dreams to steal passwords, data and compromised information from the depths of his subconscious. For this they have a complicated technological system in which to enter the various layers of sleep of the kidnapped person. A film that broke molds in science fiction and that now you can see again in your house to try to understand all its tracks and script turns.

Platform: Netflix / HBO / Amazon Prime Video

Year: 2010

Duration: Two hours and 28 minutes

Thematic: Brainy / Psychological

Age: For ages 13 and up

Watch Origin on Netflix

See Origin on HBO Spain

See Origin on Amazon Prime Video

Origin - science fiction movies


Neo is one of those characters that we have all imitated at some time. And we have even joked with the pill or the blue one, the one that allows you to continue in the Matrix or the one that allows you to forget everything. The Wachoski sisters movie It premiered in the late 1990s making it one of the best science fiction films to date, with Keanu Reeves starring and a complete box office hit along with its two spin-offs, The Matrix Reloaded and Matrx Revolutions released in 2003. Referently referenced, it is difficult for anyone to remain who does not know what we are talking about when we talk about the Matrix.

The protagonist is Thomas Anderson, a programmer from a software company whose life will change suddenly after receiving a visit and that will lead him to the Matrix since he seems to be the Chosen One who will end the power of machines. A blockbuster futuristic movie that you can watch as many times as you want on Netflix or HBO Spain and that it won four Oscars for best visual effects, sound effects, best editing or best sound. We have repeated Neo’s movements fighting countless times, but if you don’t know why, you should catch up with one of the great classics of science fiction, action movies

Platform: Netflix / HBO Spain

Year: 1999

Duration: Two hours and 16 minutes

Thematic: Action / Futuristic / Robots

Age: For people over 16 years old

Watch Matrix on Netflix

See Matrix on HBO Spain

Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions

Also on Netflix and HBO Spain you can see the following two films if you want to enjoy the full trilogy starring Keanu Reves, Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss.

Watch Matrix Reloaded on Netflix

See Matrix Reloaded on HBO Spain

Watch Matrix Revolutions on Netflix

See Matrix Revolutions on HBO Spain


Star wars

We couldn’t keep just one Star Wars movie because it wouldn’t be fair to talk about some of the best science fiction movies without remembering the complete saga. Episodes V and VI are probably the most applauded by fans but in the absence of consensus, we compiled all of them. There are very few people left who have not seen some of the movies that were released more than forty years ago and that still continue to focus on us at the door of the cinema on the day of its release, waiting to find out what happens to Skywalker and the others.

Luke Skywalker left his uncles’ house more than forty years ago and we know by heart many of the moments of Han Solo, Leia and the others. But all of them (or almost all of them, being fair) deserve a place in any list of best science fiction, space, fantasy movies. You may have already seen them but it’s a good time to do a marathon Since they are all available in Disney Plus, the complete saga, without ads and without the need to wait to see them on television.

Han Solo and Rogue One

The three trilogies They are available on the Disney streaming platform, from Anakin Skywalker as a child to Rey’s expected fate in the last minutes of the saga. If you haven’t seen them yet, you still have time. If you already know them by heart, it is always a good time to return to them. Plus you can also watch Rogue One and Han Solo, a Star Wars story if you want to do the full marathon following the order (chronological) in which we leave you the links below.

Han Solo movie It is an action-adventure film that little or nothing will remind us of Star Wars or Harrison Ford but that introduces us to the life of the character in his youth, before being the one we know. In the timeline it is centered a few years before Episode IV, after Episode III and after Rogue One. It is precisely Rogue One another of the best science fiction Star Wars films outside the trilogy and the objective of its characters is to make with the plans of the Death Star, making a prologue to the first movie that was released in the cinema and with a frenetic pace in which there is no shortage of battles, heroes or humor pills starring some of the droids that appear on the screen.

Links to the entire Star Wars saga

Watch Episode I – The Phantom Menace at Disney Plus

Watch Episode II – Attack of the Clones on Disney Plus

Watch Episode III – Revenge of the Sith on Disney Plus

Watch Rogue One at Disney Plus

Watch Han Solo – A Star Wars Story at Disney Plus

Watch Episode IV – A New Hope at Disney Plus

Watch Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back on Disney Plus

Watch Episode VI – Return of the Jedi on Disney Plus

Watch Episode VII – The Force Awakens at Disney Plus

Watch Episode VIII – The Last Jedi at Disney Plus

Watch Episode IX – Skywalker’s Rise on Disney Plus

Episode VI Star Wars

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