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Best series in August 2020

Best series in August 2020

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Even if you only think about refreshing yourself, there are some premieres that arrive if you look for best series in August 2020, such as Dignity or Lovecraft Territory on HBO, the movie Howard on Disney Plus or a new season of The Rain or High Seas on Netflix. Also Amazon is completely renewed with the West Wing of the White House or with the original Agnes of my soul. And if you like the series of doctors, Hipócrates comes to Filmin and Vienna Blood does it to Movistar. You can see all the news in those 31 days but you can also see what you missed in July or remember some new ones recently added series to the catalogs of the platforms and that surely you were missing. We recommend the best options.

Agnes of my soul

Inés del alma mía is not one of the best series in August as such because it premiered on July 31 but it is one of the best you can see this summer, based on a book by Isabel Allende and that tells the story of Inés Suarez, the first Spanish woman to arrive in Chile. Allende’s television adaptation reaches Amazon Prime Video with Elena Rivera and Eduardo Noriega as protagonists of this true story that takes us until the year 1537 when Inés goes to America to find her husband. There her life changes and she will become an important figure for the nation, a conqueror who never returned to her native Spain. Eight episodes of a series shot between Chile, Peru and Spain and that they present us with a history that many do not know if we are looking for something historical and vintage.

Premiere: July 31

Platform: Amazon Prime Video


Dignidad is a Chilean series (one month after the success of La Jauría on Amazon Prime Video) that comes to HBO with La Colonia Dignidad as its epicenter. An institution founded by a nazi military, Paul Shaefer, in a Chilean town. A military man who survived with the help of Pinochet and whose sect accumulates all kinds of torture, abuse and punishment. This HBO thriller It will tell how a young prosecutor will fight to uncover the horrors of this place. Not only to uncover them but to finally end them with a new government. An eight-episode action thriller available from August 1.

Premiere: August 1

Platform: HBO


Lovecraft Territory

One of the most anticipated not only in August but of the year is Lovecraft Territory, a premiere on HBO Spain from the 17th of this month in which Atticus Black will take a road trip together with her friend Letitita and her uncle George in a United States of the 50s where a portrait of racism and the Jim Crow Laws. A fight for survival in which there is no shortage of monsters and a dose of terror that will make it one of the successes of this month and so far this year. Since August 17.

Premiere: August 17

Platform: HBO

Zoey’s extraordinary playlist

From the drama and terror of Lovecraft Territory to simple and musical comedy but without changing platforms. On August 7, the series The extraordinary Playlist of Zoey arrives on HBO, a musical series in which Jane Levy is a San Francisco computer scientist who develops a kind of superpower: listen to music in your head in a somewhat strange way.

Not only can he listen to the soundtrack itself, but he is also able to hear the minds and thoughts of others as if everyone around him lived in a continuous musical number and wanted to show him things like that, in a continuous show. With a confirmed second season and being a success on NBC, an essential series if you like the rhythm and a soundtrack where you will listen to the Beatles but also to Katy Perry or R.E.M.

Premiere: August 7

Platform: HBO

Vienna Blood

Vienna Blood comes to Movistar + with a new episode every Tuesday from August 4. A series in which the protagonist is Max Liebermann, an English physician, disciple and student of Sigmund Freud. Liebermann works together with a detective because he is capable of detecting all kinds of behaviors in the human mind and his help will be the key to solving Sherlock-style cases of murder and mystery. In fact, Vienna Blood is created and written by Steve Thompson, scriptwriter for Sherlock (and Doctor Who), so fans of the detective have a must among the best series to see August on Movistar. The chapters are independent, with self-closing stories in each of them, and there is a confirmed second season.

Premiere: Every Tuesday from August 4

Platform: Movistar +


Also with medicine as the center, Hippocrates arrived at Filmin. Three young residents and an anesthetist must take over command in a public hospital in Paris with many casualties due to quarantine. A series of eight episodes of about 50 minutes where the emergency doctors are confined to their homes And these young people will have to take care of everything that arrives at the hospital. Due to its proximity to the current situation, Hippocrates seems to be one of the best series in August if you are planning to become a Filmin.

High seas

Now that Cable Girls has come to an end, High Seas is the classic vintage and romantic drama from Bambú Producciones to which you can get hooked without difficulty. We traded the phone company (or the Velvet galleries) for a ship. But there is no lack of enemies, love stories, secrets and a simple plot of mystery and elegant and handsome characters. On August 7 his new season arrives, the third, in which the cruise ship Bárbara de Braganza will continue to be the scene of mysteries, revenges and secrets. Like most of this type, it is not the best series you will see but you can see it if you know what you are facing: something simple, quite predictable but it works.

It is fast, light and entertaining, a good option when you don’t know what to put on Netflix. If you want something simple, one of the best series to see in August. The three seasons (with about 25 episodes in total) will hardly last you a week on vacation. The story, broadly speaking, is that of the Barbara de Braganza cruise ship that sails from Spain to Brazil with passengers looking to do business or looking for a new opportunity. But the tranquility on the ship will not last long because a crime occurs and the culprit must be found.

Premiere: August 7

Platform: Netflix


If you have subscribed to Starzplay to watch Normal People, you can take advantage to see one of the best series of August 2020: Ramy. Ramy is a comedy created and starring Ramy Youssef who seeks to show what his experience is as a Muslim in the United States, the son of an immigrant in this country. Nominated for three Emmy Awards this year (Best Comedy Direction, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor) we will see how this young man faces all kinds of stories in a different, fun and unique comedy. Two seasons and 20 episodes that you can see on the Starzplay platform.

Premiere: August 6

Platform: Starzplay

The Rain

A new season comes from The Rain, the third and the last. A Nordic Netflix series with an apocalyptic story: a deadly virus falls through rainwater and kills almost the entire population except for the brothers Simone and Rasmus who had been hiding in a bunker for years. Now they must go out there to face a new somewhat different normality, to meet other survivors, to face a dead world. The third season will put the finishing touch to this Danish series perfect for fans of the post apocalyptic.

Premiere: August 6

Platform: Netflix


On August 7, Howard arrives at Disney Plus, which joins one of the many docuseries on this platform. It is the Howard Ashman biography, the lyricist in charge of songs that you know by heart like those of Aladdin or those of The Little Mermaid. The film premiered in 2018 at the Tribeca Film Festival and is now streaming to tell us more about one of the greatest lyricists in history until his untimely death from AIDS at age 40. As Disney explains, you may not know who he is but sure you know his music And this film will come to tell us more about one of the characters that have made the factory what it is today. Unpublished scenes, music, movies, interviews and statements that will bring us closer to the figure of Ashman.

Premiere: August 7

Platform: Disney Plus

Returning classics

Amazon Prime Video has become the perfect platform for the nostalgic and this August we have a large number of series that come to service. They are not original Amazon series and you have probably already seen them but they are perfect to see them again and do a summer marathon this August. Spanish series are coming but also some of the best series in August are the best of the last twenty years, such as The West Wing of the White House.

You can watch the seven available seasons of The West Wing of the White House, one of the best political series of all time with Aaron Sorkin as creator. One of the most popular of the last twenty years and with more than 100 episodes that are now available on Amazon Prime Video if you want to see one of the best classics about the ins and outs of the White House. Especially from the oval office. The atmosphere, the decisions, the team members or the role of the president and the first lady with a choral cast that make it a must have returned to Amazon this August 1.

West wing white house

Also on August 1, another classic arrives at Amazon: 24. The complete series is available on Amazon from this summer if you are looking for an action thriller. It has been released for almost 20 years and each episode is counted over the course of an hour, in real time. The protagonist is Jack Bauer, Head of the Los Angeles Anti-Terror Unit. A series of action with an intense rhythm and that at the time it was an absolute success. Now, if it is one of those that you have pending, you can see all its seasons and it is one of the best series to see in August 2020 if you want a good marathon. Plus, 24 is also on Netflix if you’re curious about it but don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription.


Television nostalgia on Amazon

Beyond some of the mythical and best series of recent times like the previous two, Amazon has opted for an extensive catalog of content that you have seen on television in the last twenty years. They may not be the best but surely you have ever wanted to see them again and see why you liked them at the time. The Telecinco and Antena 3 series are reminiscent of a whole generation and are now available to nostalgic thirties. They may not be the best series to see in August if you are looking for something innovative but we all know that in summer we settle for anything on television with which we can spend hours and hours without thinking too much.

Classmates and when leaving class

Companions premiered in 1998 and is one of the best high school series long before Elite actors and actresses were born. A classic and surely you are able to hum that “I will not fail you”. Nine seasons if you want to return to Azcona school in a summer nostalgia attack. Of course, drugs, pregnancies, gender violence, sex and romantic relationships between these school students that we have seen growing up on television and who entered the Azcona 22 years ago now.

Companions - Best August Series

And from Azcona to 7 Robles institute, from Antena 3 to Telecinco but without moving from 1998 because Amazon has also recently included another of the mythical series of teenagers from the late nineties on the Al Salir de Clase platform. Five seasons available in full, from start to finish, that hit the streaming platform in late July and can be an option when you don’t want anything new.

Central Hospital and There is no one here to live

The national nostalgic dose of Amazon closes with two other classics that you have surely seen some time, some loose episode, some moment in the plot: Central Hospital and Here there is no one alive, they have also arrived at Amazon in late July with all their episodes available. The 17 seasons of Hospital Central and the six seasons of There is no one living here They are some of the series to see in August 2020 if the 90s spirit has invaded you.

There is no one living here

What you have not seen in July

If you have pending series in July or have been on vacation without an Internet connection, there are some essentials that may also be your best option for August, such as Normal People, La Jauría or El Colapso.

Normal People

Normal People (in Starzplay) has become one of the summer and 2020 series. Based on the novel of the same name by Sally Rooney, it tells the story of Marianne and Connell, two high school teenagers who will meet and move away throughout their entire life. youth. The relationship between the two in one of the most beautiful series of the year in which family conflicts, class conflicts or the feeling of being different, of not fitting in anywhere are present. A tender series in which its characters fit perfectly and achieve a connection that has hooked us all.

The pack

Also this August you can catch up with others July releases on Amazon, as is the case of La Jauría. An original Chilean platform series that talks about sexual abuse in a similar story to La Manada although raised as a sect that has women as an enemy. Showing his rapes or sexist crimes in society is his goal and he succeeds in his eight episodes in which we go to a Catholic institute where a young woman has disappeared and where everything will begin.


The third of the essentials of the month of July that you must see in August if you have not already done so is El Colapso. Another of the successes of 2020. In this case, on Filmin. The Collapse are eight episodes shot in sequence and self-contained, seeking to show us the end of the world. But the end of the world without pandemics or zombie virus or apocalypse. A perfectly real end of the world that leaves us with a feeling of closeness and familiarity that makes the French title even more impressive. A dystopia no science fiction in the style of Black Mirror and that shows us the world as we know it. A supermarket that is beginning to lack supply or a nursing home that is preparing for the end of society as it is now.

Summer series

And if the heat makes none of the above convince you, you can bet on some summer classics to teleport to some paradisiacal beach and with a refreshing plot. A classic over thirty years old is Verano Azul and is available, with 19 episodes, on Amazon Prime Video. Javi, Tito, Quique, Bea, Desi and Piraña are the characters that are not lacking in Spanish summers and now you can return to them to rediscover the Antonio Ferrandis series. Although it is not one of the best series in August you can always have a good time seeing this mythical story.

Blue summer

For the entire family

To see as a family and without leaving the beach, on Netflix we can see H20: Just Add Water, the mermaids that many accompanied us in adolescence and that you can hook up with your children or nephews. Rikki, Emma and Cleo They are fifteen-year-olds who have suffered an accident. Since then, touching the water her legs become mermaid tails. Something especially uncomfortable considering that they live on the Gold Coast beaches and his day to day is precisely surrounded by water. And, as a spin-off, Las Sirenas de Mako will present a similar plot but with Zac, a newt, as the protagonist.

H2O - Best Summer Series

If what you want are cartoons, one of the best series for August and for August is Gravity Falls with Dipper and Mabel, two adorable brothers who will spend the holidays at their grandfather’s house, in the Mystery Cabin and that you can see in full at Disney plus.

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