Best series in July 2020

They follow the chapters of some releases of the month of June like Perry Mason on HBO, for example. Or you can catch up with all the premieres of June 2020 on streaming platforms such as the successful Look What You’ve Done at Berto Romero or the series Lost, a story already premiered on Antena 3 but which has become one of the Most popular on Netflix, perfect for marathoning. But beyond what we already have, there are many new releases coming, many series to see in July on Netflix, HBO, Disney, Movistar …

Series in June


Hamilton has just arrived at Disney Plus, an essential musical that everyone is talking about in recent days and that has been released on the streaming platform. It is a musical that has become an absolute success released on Broadway five years ago and has won the Pulitzer Prize for Best Drama or Best Musical Awards. Hamilton has conquered the whole world and now it comes in streaming format for Disney users. A story created by Lin-Manuel Miranda, a wonderful musical work for the whole family that you will be able to see again and again this July. A striking and essential show at Disney.

Release: July 3, 2020

Platform: Disney Plus

See Hamilton at Disney Plus


At Disney Plus comes Onward, the last Pixar movie and one of the great premieres of the summer. Ian and Barley are two elven brothers who lost their father when they were very young. Now they have found that they can bring it back to life for just a day but they will need to do a magic spell and get the gem that allows it. To do this, they will go out on an adventure to which their worried mother will join, following them to know where they are and to make sure they are not in danger. As usual in Pixar, a charming science fiction, fantasy and adventure film that is already available on the streaming platform but also in the cinema.

Release: July 3, 2020

Platform: Disney Plus

Watch Onward at Disney Plus

The Cable Girls

The cable girls return in July. Yesterday, July 3, 2020, and after several years on the streaming platform, the history of Bambú Producciones comes to an end. The last season has been divided into two parts and this is the second part to be released, the end of the finals as one of the most anticipated series of the year and summer. One of the premieres if you are looking for what series to see in July. If you have already seen it, you will only have to know the outcome. If you haven’t seen it yet and you don’t know what it’s about, you will see the five seasons without waiting for new episodes and doing a marathon this summer catching up with one of the most successful Spanish series on Netflix.

What is The Cable Girls about? Marga, Lidia, Carlota and Ángeles are four very different women who will come to the telephone company in the 1920s to turn their lives around, get rid of family ties or life in town and become independent. But everything will go far beyond life as a telemarketer, the plot will become more complicated and there is no shortage of rivalries, betrayals, drama, struggle. In the last season of the series we will be transferred to the Franco dictatorship and they will have to resolve all the open conflicts that the last episodes left us, they will have to close personal dramas, enmities, family dramas, romances, intrigues, historical conflicts … A series that is very easy to watch, simple and easily marathonable for any type of audience.

Premiere: July 3

Platform: Netflix

Watch Cable Girls on Netflix


Damn arrives on Netflix on July 17 as one of the summer’s big science fiction and fantasy releases on the platform. Nimue is the protagonist, a young woman who will find Arturo in the search for Merlin. The Legend of King Arthur told from a different point of view than usual and based on the graphic novel by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller. Nimue is Kathering Langford, a young warrior who will star in a series where magic is a constant, legends, fantasy. There will be ten episodes in the first season and all of them will arrive on Netflix on July 17 as one of the most anticipated mythological releases of 2020.

Premiere: July 17

Platform: Netflix

Watch Damn on Netflix

Normal People

Sally Rooney’s best seller premieres on Starzplay as one of the best series of July 2020 or one of the most anticipated. On July 16 it will arrive at the Starzplay platform the Hulu and BBC Three series that has become one of the best of the year according to specialists and critics. The book, Gente normal, was published in Spain with the publisher Random House and now its audiovisual version arrives as one of the most anticipated, most captivating, most exciting and that seeks to tell us about the complexity of relationships, love, people or the feelings.

Normal People tells the story of the relationship between Marianne and Connel, two young people who will meet and find each other from their adolescence to adulthood, joining and separating continuously. A captivating series and one of the essentials in July although with the inconvenience of premiering on a much less common platform than Netflix, HBO or the others.

Premiere: July 16

Platform: Starzplay

The pack

The pack arrives on Amazon Prime Video this July, a Chilean television series that premieres on July 10 on the streaming platform and talks about machismo, sexual harassment or feminist demands. It is the investigation of a Catholic high school student who has disappeared. With airs to Elite but from the misogyny point of view, “A game to attack women”, a network of sexual abuse will be the axis of the pack, which has eight episodes and which joins the catalog of the platform developed in Latin American countries in recent months. Will arrive in Spain from July 10 with a powerful history and as one of the best series to watch in July 2020 online.

Premiere: July 10

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

I’ll be gone in the Dark

HBO premieres this July I’ll be gone in the Dark, the story of the golden state killer who has been convicted on June 29, 2020. Joseph James DeAngelo is the protagonist of this HBO documentary that focuses on this murderer and rapist accused of 13 murders and more than 40 rapes that occurred forty years ago in California. Now in 2020, has been self-declared guilty to avoid the death penalty. I’ll be gone in the Dark is a weekly episode docuserie that will premiere on July 5 on HBO, one of the best series to watch in July 2020 and critically applauded, tasked with piecing together the crimes.

Michelle McNamara is the writer and investigator of the case with which she became obsessed, of the murders that occurred during the 70s and 80s, and her investigation is the axis of this docuserie of only six episodes, ideal for any true crime lover, of the investigation, of crime, of murder.

Premiere: July 5 / Weekly Chapter

Platform: HBO

End-to-two stories

As “daughter of the confinement” comes Tales with-end-to-two, the new series of Amazon Prime Video in which there are five episodes and stories that They operate independently and self-inclusive. Five chapters of between 15 and 20 minutes that seek to show the point of view of confinement, confinement … Shot at home and with what was in it by the authors. Phones that work as cameras, tripods and without a large team behind that allows a great production. But a result in which we can see Luis Tosar, Carlos Bardem, Sara Sálamo or even Isco Alarcón, the Real Madrid footballer who makes his appearance in Selftape.

All kinds of different themes, from thrillers to romantic comedies etc. Friends, roommates, hitmen, neighbors, couples … Variety of topics in a different series if we want to “revive” the confinement or if we are looking for something current and very 2020 or simply if you want something short and concise, like twenty-minute shorts. Although it is not the only one nor the first one because also in June it premiered At Home on HBO, a Spanish series with five episodes and five different authors who sought to represent, inside, the times of COVID19 and Spain. This may also be one of the series to see in July 2020.

Release: July 3, 2020

Platform: Amazon Prime video

See Tales with-fin-a-dos in Prime Video

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