Best webcam for streaming 2020

Do you like doing vlogs?

You can only do that if you have the best camera for recording. In addition to the conventional camera, the webcams can also be used.

There are a number of webcams today that can help you with vlogs or just stream different content. We’ll look at some of the options you would have when choosing the best webcam for streaming.

Best webcam to stream

We have compiled a list of the top brands below, each with a model. In the end you will also receive a shopping guide who will help you. The next time you buy a webcam, it is now based on an informed decision.

Top 5 best webcams for streaming on the market in 2020 reviews

1 Logitech HD Pro Webcam C930

You can now stream your chats in high definition. If you are a big fan of Skype, you can be sure that the person on the other end will see you clearly all the time. The same thing happens when you use it for the Facetime app on Mac. Google Hangouts is another application that you can use for streaming in HD.

It’s not just about chatting, you can also use HD recordings. Yes, this type of webcam can be used to create vlogs. Once created, you can now share these details on Facebook or YouTube so that more people can access them.

The manufacturer has made it possible for people to use it for uploads too. All thanks to the H.264 technology. This technology is about getting the best compression. Video recording and compression take place simultaneously. In the end you will get fast and smooth uploads. Compression also makes it easier for the computer to continue streaming with less need.

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, widescreen video call and recording

Its size allows people to take it anywhere to record videos. You can easily set it up and enjoy the videos. It always gives you rich colors, so everything that is recorded is the true representation of the real thing. If you compare some of the other models, you will find this model at the top.

Another important feature you will love should be stereo audio. This type of audio enables people to hear your real sound. All of this happens thanks to the two microphones attached to both sides of this webcam. The natural stereo sound also works great for later playback. The good thing is that the background noise is filtered out. You will always be heard with ease.

The manufacturer has also equipped this model with a full HD glass lens and an additional premium auto focus. The goal is that you have a model with a glass lens that takes crisp and clear images. The premium auto focus is important for a smooth adjustment of the images. In the end, you always have consistent HD content.

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, widescreen video calling and recording, 1080p camera, desktop or laptop webcam

Our rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

(4.4 / 5)


  • Impressive full HD recordings
  • Stereo audio
  • Clear and crisp videos

2 Logitech C270 widescreen HD webcam

This is another top webcam for streaming Logitech. We all know that Logitech is a big company and will always have some of the best products you will ever need in the electronics department. Many users who couldn’t afford the other Logitech webcam mentioned above could do the same. This is due to the HD video you get with the model.

You can be sure to always say connected when it comes to using this widescreen webcam. Thanks to its HD performance, you can create more video images per second. You can’t just compare it to other inferior webcams. Since it is a wide screen mode, you can show your friends more of you with a ratio of up to 16: 9. Not many webcams have this aspect ratio.

With its 720p quality, it is possible to create videos or vlogs at home or in the office. You will never have any problems setting up your vlogs for YouTube fans.

Logitech C270 widescreen HD webcam and 3 MP for reviewing HD video calls and recordings

Thanks to the fluid performance of the webcam, the manufacturer also made it easy for you to make calls. You can always be sure that your calls are of high quality every time. You can now make calls using Skype, Windows Live Messenger and Logitech Vid HD. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay for anything with these streaming services. Just make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Taking your snapshots doesn’t have to be a long process like other webcam programs. In this case, you can take snapshots with just one click. With its vibrant lens, you will always love the result of the snapshots.

Another thing you will like should be good lighting. Thanks to the light correction, you should be able to get the best possible picture. This is also important so that you get clear images even in low light.

The sound is also clear so you can appreciate the performance of a good webcam. All the more, a built-in microphone is included to reduce background noise. The person you are chatting with always hears a clear conversation.

The design of the webcam al
lows you to securely attach it to an LCD monitor or laptop. Well, the next time you use Skype with this model, it will be a different experience.

Logitech C270 widescreen HD webcam and 3 MP for HD video calls and recordings

Our rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

(4.4 / 5)


  • It is good value for money
  • It offers an accurate microphone
  • The model has good video quality


  • When assembled, it is slightly unstable

3 Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

You will definitely love the design. The manufacturer has given it a barrel design that differs from that of other models. This should make more people interested in what it can offer more. The color is mostly black with a silver ring on the front and the name. You will easily notice the microphone on top of the camera.

The most remarkable thing should be the vertebra on which it rests. The aim of the swivel joint is to take the adjustability into account. With this swivel, the camera can be rotated up to 360 degrees. Of course, it would only have to be turned up to 180 degrees in both directions, which it likes to do. The cable that comes with the camera is also nice to get good performance. The built-in cover ensures that everything stays clean.

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema test

Mounting on the laptop is a problem for most users. Most of them would have expected it to be easier to assemble, but that’s not the case. Nevertheless, you can always take the time to make sure that the webcam is correctly installed before you use it. The manufacturer has instructions that you can follow when setting up this webcam for an event.

In terms of performance, the pictures and videos are recorded at 720p. This means that you can enjoy the experience of a camera that is affordable. You may even find that the camera is of better quality compared to other brands that may not always perform well.

To set up, you need to get software from the manufacturer’s official website. It is not a large file, so you should simply download and install it. After installation, check what else you can do with the webcam. The software offers you more functions than just when using Skype. You get a number of fun things like masks, filters, and effects. With its highest video resolution, you will always love this type of webcam.

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

Our rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

(4,3 / 5)


  • Solid construction
  • It gives you excellent quality for its price
  • Impressive video quality


  • The assembly of the laptop takes some time

4 HUE HD Pro USB camera for Windows and Mac

This model offers a different approach than a webcam. As the manufacturer describes, it could be great for the classroom. You will not miss the stylish body and flexible stand that comes with this model. With this type of design, you can bend the camera into a position you love. You can also pan around the neck to bring the camera into the desired position. You will definitely not miss finding a use for this type of camera.

With 720p resolution, you should find that this is fine for most users. Although some would have wanted one with 1080p, sometimes 720p is enough. If you consider that it is mostly used only as a webcam, the resolution is okay. You will find that many people use it for video chatting. Skyping with this camera this time is no problem.

HUE HD Pro USB camera for Windows and Mac test

This camera is not just for video chatting. Most people found it great to demonstrate a scientific project, take snapshots of student work, and more. F
inding a use for the webcam is not a problem. With its numerous functions, you can use it at any time to document your vlogs for the YouTube channel.

This model can still be used to take snapshots. With just one click you can save a memory for life. Forget these models, you would have to go through several steps to get the job done. In this case, you only have to do it in one step. You can choose to save the image as JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF. These are the common formats you can use to later view the photos on different devices.

The manufacturer has integrated it into the new software that enables all of this. Once the software is installed, you should be able to manipulate the webcam as many times as you want. The software is also easy to use, making capturing these moments easier and faster.

HUE HD Pro USB camera for Windows and Mac

Our rating: 4 out of 5 stars



  • Flexible neck
  • Setting up is easy
  • Operation is simple
  • Affordable


  • It cannot be mounted on a monitor

5 Genius 120 degree ultra wide angle full HD conference webcam

If you were disappointed with the last streaming webcam you bought, now is the time to change all of this. Here is another powerful webcam you can find on the market right now. The performance measurements relate to the video and audio functions. This model is shot in 1080p. When you consider that it is a webcam, such a resolution is simply incredible. You always get the best picture quality. In addition, a function with 30 frames per second is retained. An fps rate means that the video is fluid and looks more natural.

So what about audio quality? For many people, the audio quality was excellent. You will find that the background sound drowns so that you have better audio quality. The next time you video chat with your friends, they will experience the clarity of the sound with no delays. Of course you would also want a similar webcam.

The focus is not automated, but manual. It may seem like a disappointment to some people, but generally you should find that it is still easy to adjust manually. You can make the adjustment by adjusting the ring around the lens. It may be cumbersome at first, but you will get used to it at some point.

The model has a stand design that you can get on most webcams today. The design allows the model to be mounted on a desk or monitor for use. The stand also allows the camera to rotate freely to a point that works for you. You can either move it up, down or sideways. The model continues to come with a 5-foot USB cable. This is important for flexibility. You can now simply plug it in and place it in different locations.

As with any other premium webcam, it comes with a glass lens cover. This is important to cover and protect the lens when not in use. The webcam itself is well built overall and will last a long time.

Genius 120 degree ultra wide angle full HD conference webcam (WideCam F100)

Our rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars

(3.8 / 5)


  • It has a wide field of vision
  • Impressive audio quality
  • Strong construction

Webcam for streaming buying guide

Best webcam for streaming buying guide


This is one function that is more important than the other. For those who are looking for a webcam or camera, there is always the question of resolution. This is simply because it determines what type of video or image quality you get. The resolution can be either standard definition or high definition. The standard definition is a bit old and would have low resolutions.

The high resolution is preferred. For the best webcam for streaming, focus on one with a resolution of 720p or 1080p. The more pixels you get, the sharper the image will be in the end.

With a 1080p webcam, people on the other end can always see you clearly.

Frame rate

The frame rate is another important feature that you want to consider.

The frame rate is simply the rate at which the webcam described can take still pictures. In most descriptions it should be given as fps. If the pictures can be taken and sent faster, they appear like a
n animated video.

What is a good frame rate?

In most cases, a webcam with 30 frames per second should be good. A frame rate with a frame rate lower than 30 fps makes the images appear irregular.


The autofocus function has been around for ages. In this case, this camera can track a moving subject within its frame and change the focus as the subject moves away from or closer to the camera. It’s a nice feature as it helps keep the subject in focus at all times. This is important for users who move frequently during a video chat.


As important as the resolution is, the lens construction will significantly affect the image quality.

You need to understand the lens design and know if the images get better with the model you’re interested in.

With excellent lens quality, you can always get bright pictures due to the better light transmission.


Some of the webcams come with built-in microphones, while others don’t.

If the webcam doesn’t have a microphone, you can buy it as a separate component. Well, not many people want that. You want a complete package when it comes to performance.

Keep in mind that even with a microphone, it is only suitable for general video chatting. You need a separate microphone if you want to record professionally.

Noise reduction

The noise reduction function is important to ensure that the receiver does not understand what you are saying.

Depending on the microphone technology, it is always easy for you to communicate if your webcam has a noise reduction function.


The design is also a relatively important consideration.

You want to know how easy it would be to mount the webcam before using it. The common types are plug-in and free-standing webcams. The clip-on type is the one with which you simply clip the webcam onto the monitor frame. The free-standing webcam would have its own stand, where it can stand alone without support. The clip-on webcams are popular and are best suited for thin monitors like laptops. If your desktop monitor has a thin frame, you can also use it.

The free-standing webcam, on the other hand, would need more space on the desk. That being said, you don’t have to worry about adjustability. You will always find that it is more flexible than that with a clip.

Connection type

The type of connection can vary from model to model. In most cases, the model can be connected via a USB cable or a wireless connection.

The most common would be the USB cable. As much as the USB cable would add a bit of cable to the system, it’s so easy to set up and use often.

Those connected via a wireless connection are a growing trend. Some may like them, others may not. In most cases, the wireless webcam can be used for surveillance when it is in a different room than the computer.


The brand that manufactures a product has often been decisive for success for a long time. Even for a person buying the product, you would feel comfortable if you got it from a top brand.

Which of the manufacturers available today is the best?

The top brands for webcams include Logitech, HP, Microsoft, Creative, Gear Head, Sony, Apple and Toshiba.

There may also be other companies that manufacture quality products. So take the time to learn more about these products.


There is no doubt that you want to end up with the best webcam for streaming. All of the models we’ve reviewed above are good at it.

It will now be easy for you to choose from the list. The Buying Guide is a bonus that helps you make your decision. You now have access to the best webcams to create all your vlogs or other applications.

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