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Best websites, prices and how it works

Best websites, prices and how it works

Although carsharing continues to be advanced as a recommended option in large cities around the world, beyond electric scooters, the private car rental It has many advantages and can be more profitable than if we use a rental company like the ones we all know. But the most striking advantage is that you can earn a large amount of money for three or four days that you have the car in the parking lot and that you are not using it.

Private car rental

As we have explained, you register on certain websites and applications and choose if you want to advertise a vehicle for which you will have to give all the details. Or if you want to rent a car. Most websites or services allow you to set a price per day, per week or per month or they will even suggest one depending on the model. Other people can choose the car they want to rent, you will stay and you can lend your car in exchange for an amount of money. You can get up to 200 or 300 euros a month for three or four days although it will depend on the car model and some They allow you to earn up to 600 euros in one day.

How does it work?

Once both parties are registered and the vehicle data is fully disclosed, an agreement must be reached. Here there are no applications that open cars or anything like that, but the two interested people must stay at one point to make the delivery of the vehicle, in the conventional style. Or through an app depending on the model and service. It may be that they deliver it to you at home or that you are the one who moves. It is generally advisable to write down or review all vehicle damage so that you do not have to bear the blame later. Or even some services allow you a tab or section within the application where you can fill them out.

The person who has rented the car you can use it for several days or the agreed time and then deliver the vehicle in good condition to its owner. Or they may settle debts in case of gasoline difference or any other detail that is pending. In most services we can rate drivers and owners.

Private car rental

What advantages does it have?

The main advantage is that the person who is not using his car can earn more than 500 euros a month in a vacation period. Or that you, if you go to rent it, it will be cheaper than hire a specialized company. The downside is that you will have to rely on lending your car and that if you are a user you may trust less to take a car that is not from a company, perhaps it is dirtier, perhaps it is more uncomfortable or any other drawback you can put.

What do you need?

Most websites ask you to be at least 21 years old to rent a car from private individuals, although they may even require 23 years to be eligible for one of the cars. You will also need to prove that you have a valid driving license. Some pages, in addition, ask for experience depending on the car you are going to rent and normally you will have to prove at least two years old and with a license.

Drivy – Getaround

Drivy has changed its name and is now Getaround but it is still the most popular in terms of private car rental. It is a kind of Wallapop of private cars among which you can browse and choose the one you want. To rent a car you simply need a valid driving license in the permit you are going to rent, age conditions and years of license depending on the category of the car and paying the rent for it.

The rental price includes daily price, mileage for trips of eight hours or less, insurance and roadside assistance and the Getaround or Drivy service fee. It does not include fuel or extra mileage or additional cleaning, delay or any other problems in the rental or in the return thereof.

There are three categories for cars registered in Spain according to the “quality” of it and in each of them you must meet some requirements: in economy you must have more than 21 years and more than 2 years of experience. In comfort you must have more than 25 years and more than 2 years of experience. In Premium you must have more than 28 years and more than 3 years of driving experience. In addition, depending on the category there are different levels of insurance franchise that you can consult on its website.

How does it work

The operation is simple: You choose your car choosing among those that exist and with the possibility of filtering the features you want, you check your profile with driving license and ID. Once it’s ready, you can unlock the car doors with the Getaround app (in some cases) and start using the ride. The entire trip is insured at all risks by Allianz Once you finish you can leave the car in its place and lock it with your mobile. There are vehicles that do not have the option of unlocking with the app and you must stay with the owner to exchange keys. He will verify card, documentation and credit card.

How much does it cost?

Entering the web is free and you do not need registration if you need to get an idea of ​​how much it is worth or how much they charge for the cars. For example, in Torremolinos you can rent an Opel Corsa for 8 euros an hour or a Seat Ibiza for 6 euros an hour during the summer months. You can also filter that it has an opening with a Smartphone and you can find a BMW 3 Series, for example, for 10 euros an hour.

Private car rental Getaround


Socialcar is another of the most popular in Spain and its operation is similar to if you book a hotel or any other service. You look for the address or the city where you want a car, you choose pick up and return and You can find the rentals available to you. From moving vans, traveling cars, motorhomes or all kinds of vehicles that you can find using the filters on the website.

The operation is similar to the previous one: you are looking for your car, send the rental request, You wait for confirmation and meet the owner to take your car. Together you can check the condition of the vehicle and sign the contract. Once the service is over, you meet with the owner to return the keys and check the vehicle so that it is as you had collected it. Both parties can give their opinion, about driver or owner, and thus help other users.

Both owners and drivers have insurance. There is a civil liability policy up to 50 million euros with coverage against theft or damage to the vehicle for owners. And drivers have comprehensive insurance included with roadside assistance 24 hours a day every day of the year and even with international coverage so you can use them to travel without any problem.

How much do you earn?

The money you are going to earn may vary although Socialcar prices ensure that for two rentals a month with three days for each one you can win about 300 euros in conventional cars or 500 euros in special vehicles such as sports cars, vans, SUVs. Also, there is extra income that allows you to get a little more money like home or airport delivery. There is no cost to register, you can upload your car for free and hope that someone is interested in it. When there is, you agree.

How much does it cost?

As in the previous case, we take a look at the available cars that are in Torremolinos, a tourist area. You can rent a Land Rover Velar for 300 euros a day, a Ford Mustang for 250 euros a day or a Porsche 911 Cabrio Carrera 4S for 600 euros a day. But there are also much more affordable cars: you can have a Peugeot 206 for 19 euros a day or a Seat Altea XL for 55 euros a day.

Private car rental Socialcar


Amovens is another website that allows us to rent private cars throughout Spain if you have a car that you are not using or if you need one. It also has a renting service or a shared travel service in the Blablacar style. The car search works quickly and similarly to the previous ones, although with fewer options than in Socialcar or Drivy. You are looking for the city or municipality, the date and time. You will get all the cars available near that location with scores, prices and features.

How does it work?

Operation is easy: you find the car, send a request to the owner, agree on the details and “validate” your identity and details and collect your car after having previously reviewed it with the owner. Then you just have to return it in the same conditions and check that everything is as it was before. Then you can assess the owner or the car in question.

Price and payment

Payment is made online and the owner receives the money 24 hours after the rental ends, the money is not given in hand and you do not have to give him anything except pick up the keys. Yes, it is essential that the person picking up the car must be the same person that has been accredited and the owner will verify all the data.

Amovens rent private cars

We cannot compare the same area because car models do not appear in Amovens for rent but we do in other tourist areas or with the beach. For example, in Valencia you can rent a Citroen C3 Picasso for 30 euros a day, a Volkswagen Polo for 29 euros a day or a Fiat 500 for 33 euros a day. Also other cars of higher ranges such as an Audi a6 for 51 euros a day. Although with less variety and options than in the case of the two previous websites or apps.

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