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The repositories of 3D models have all kinds of content and some offer us free options and others with payment. Users themselves can upload some of the designs so that others can take advantage of your talent. In most you can find categories according to what you need and print it without complication. There is anything you can imagine and need: you can use the search engines to find something specific, such as a Star Wars napkin ring, or browse designs or categories until you find something you like or convince.

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Without a doubt, one of the best websites to print 3D parts on Thingiverse or possibly the best. It is a free database with all kinds of models available that you have at your disposal for your device. You will find from Mini Yoda figures to decorate to cookie cutters, tools, masks and all kinds of supplies. You can filter according to what you need or access the different categories but you can also see what is popular in the last days, what’s new or what users of the website see the most.

Once you decide on the design you want, just download all the files. You can have information on each design and a large number of photographs to know what the final assembly is like, the different pieces, how it looks, etc. If you can only have a website to download 3D parts to print, this is the best one.

Thingverse has an advantage over the previous one: you can also find it with a Spanish version. It is a great community where you will not only find a database with ideas and designs but also there are also forums or different groups you can join if you want to meet people or make friends who share with you the passion for 3D printers. If you only want to print designs, it is also a recommended option with more than 20,000 different options such as cable ties, accessories for the console …

Once you have chosen the design you will see a brief tab explaining the number of files it includes, the estimated time it will take, the details about the filaments, the weight or a description of what it is, along with instructions on PDF that you can download if you want more details.


Youmagine has thousands of pieces and designs that you can use and is one of the best webs to print 3D pieces de all kinds. You can filter by trends, popular or recently uploaded. The web interface is comfortable because at a glance we can see the different images and thumbnails to choose which one we want more details. You will also find different thematic collections. For example, Star Wars pieces or designs.

In the tab of each piece or design you will find the same as the others: a plan with the different pieces, information, documents, description, labels or comments from other users who have already seen how it is done. Depending on the number of pieces you can decide if you find it interesting or not.

Youmagine - Webs to print 3D pieces

Unlike the others, it is a website where you will find a specific theme: miniatures. It is a repository of files with documents for 3D printers but specialized in miniatures. Different designers upload their pieces and put a price on them, so you will find all kinds of complex utensils or design objects that are much more elaborate or “pretty” than other alternatives. There are also free options and a glance will be enough to find what you are looking for. There are different categories and you can access as a designer or as a ‘maker’, download the files you like or upload the ones you want. In addition, it also has the great advantage that it allows us to request what we want if it is not available and they can create it for us.

Myminifactory - Webs to print 3D parts

One of the most comfortable and practical is Free3D, with highly visual categories that will allow you to find everything you want easily. It is a complete website where you will find options for architecture, vehicles, furniture, gadgets and electronics, decorative animals, plants … You will also find the most viewed and popular. And another advantage is that it is in all languages ​​and you can use it in Spanish but also in English, French, Portuguese …

Free3D is one of the best options with many free models that you can download and use. There are payment options too. In each tab you will see all the details, files, size, photos, descriptions or comments from other users that will help you get an idea of ​​what it is like and how it looks.


Pinshape is a 3D marketplace where creators upload files and others you can download them. You can search all kinds of free STL files, the ones you will need to print. But you can also upload your own to share with others: you will see description, photography, comments or technical details such as the filament material or the time it will take to print the complete design at home.


If you like antiques, Here you can find a great category of decorative objects. But also science, fashion, home, transportation. You can use the search engine on the website and filter according to whether you want them to be paid or free prints. You can also choose the maximum price you are willing to pay for 3D printing and you will find designs of up to a thousand dollars depending on what you want. From toy cars to cassette tapes. Once inside each piece you will see the reviews of other users, descriptions, additional information, file size, votes, etc. You can also add it to the wishlist if you have an account on the website and want to have it archived for use at another time.

Threeding - Webs to print 3D parts

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