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They may be a good idea for the preadolescents of the house but we all know that you are also going to get hooked on those series of ten or fifteen years ago that you saw on Disney Channel. Hannah Montana, Lizzie McGuire or Zack and Cody are some of the characters that we can see in the best Disney Plus youth series

Hotel Dulce Hotel

If you are in your thirties, you probably remember seeing the blond twins on TV. Zack and Cody have a peculiar life: they do not live in a house with their family but in Boston’s most elegant and luxurious hotel with his mother, the Tipton Hotel. There they will live all kinds of crazy things with invited friends from outside but also with the workers or London, the daughter of the hotel owner or the young Maddie, who sells sweets in the hall of the Tipton Hotel although she combines the sale with her jobs as a nanny in charge of the mischievous protagonists or their confidences with London.

Twins Zack and Cody have nearly 100 episodes on Disney Plus that form one of the best youth series for all audiences, with all kinds of fun moments, stories, trouble, mischief. A fun series for all audiences with episodes of 25 minutes and that will continue in the spin-off Zack and Cody all on board.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2005 – 2007

Chapters: Three seasons, 91 episodes

Duration: About 25 minutes per chapter

Thematic: Humor / Mischief

Age: For all audiences

See Hotel Dulce Hotel – The Adventures of Zack and Cody at Disney Plus

Hotel Dulce Hotel - Youth Series at Disney Plus

Zack and Cody all on board

Beyond the classic series where twins grew up and made up stories at the hotel, Zack and Cody they will get on board the SS Tipton in these more than 70 episodes. On the ship, owned by London’s father, they will travel around the world to visit all kinds of countries while the protagonists get used to a life surrounded by water. Travelers they will meet, islands and landscapes of all kinds or a school on board where they can continue teaching. Like the previous one, one of the best youth series that will remind you of the characters of your childhood or adolescence if you are under thirty but it is a good idea for children or preadolescent now, with 73 episodes of about 25 minutes at Disney Plus.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2008 – 2010

Chapters: Three seasons, about 73 episodes in total

Duration: About 25 minutes

Thematic: Humor / Travel

Age: For all audiences

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Zack and Cody

High School Musical – The Musical. The Serie

High School Musical is, along with Hannah Montana, one of Disney’s greatest hits of the last twenty years with Zac Efron as the protagonist. Now, Disney Plus has released its new version of the film adapting it to a series recorded in false documentary and that serves as a tribute to the musical released in 2006 with Troy and Gabriella as the protagonist, a teenage love story versioned more than ten years later in original and exclusive series format.

It is not a spin-off nor are they the same protagonists, but the new series of Disney Plus comes to us at East High, in the institute the current students and their acting teacher will seek to represent the musical of the Disney film, they will seek to interpret the roles of Gabriela and Troy and the rest of the team. In addition to the work they prepare to simulate the one from fifteen years ago, the characters star in their own high school story in which there is no shortage of love stories, music, friendships or dramas that go beyond what happens on the stage and rehearsals . As it could not be otherwise, there is no lack of music or dramas, auditions, friendship, family problems or choreography and dancing in the gym.

Documentary and movies

In addition to the new series, at Disney Plus you can also watch all three original High School Musical movies if you want to do a full marathon. And, in addition, you have a 23-minute special that will introduce you to the new characters or show the scenes behind the scenes of the movies.

Platform: Disney +

Year: 2020

Chapters: Ten episodes in total

Duration: Between 30 and 40 minutes

Thematic: Comedy / Institute

Recommended age: For all audiences

Watch High School Musical The Musical: The Series at Disney Plus

Watch High School Musical Musical: The Series – The Special at Disney Plus



Launched two years before Soy Luna, Violetta was an absolute boom worldwide. An Argentine youth telenovela that aired in Spain making Tini Stoessel a mass child and youth idol. Violetta is a young teenager, the protagonist, who will return to Buenos Aires after living a few years in Madrid. You will have to adapt to the change in your life, from Spain to Argentina, to new friends but also to rivals who will stand in your way and that will make it difficult for you to fight for your dreams.

Violetta loves music and in the soap opera there is no shortage of songs but also drama, family troubles or love affairs with Tomás and León, two young men who will fight to conquer the love of the character of Tini Stoessel to the point of confusing her and starring in a real drama. It is one of the best youth series if you are looking for something of a soap opera type, practically identical in history and development that I am Luna (which would come later) and for all audiences (according to Disney) but recommended for children over eight or nine years old, at least (as a personal opinion of the writer) A kind of Rebelde Way adapted to the times, adapted to another generation but with the essence of always.

Tini, the Great Violet Change

Two years after Violetta’s success, Tini arrived, Violetta’s great change, an hour and 40 minute film also available on Disney Plus that seeks to introduce us to the protagonist after returning from her world tour, as an adult who has left adolescence behind and has left your stage name Violeta to become Tini, an artist already woman who will travel to the other side of the world to reflect, think, order her life.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2012 – 2014


Duration: Soap opera / drama

Age: For all audiences

Watch Violetta on Disney Plus

See Tini, the Great Violet Change in Disney Plus

Violetta - Disney Plus Youth Series

I’m Luna

Karol Sevilla She is the protagonist of Soy Luna, an absolute success of Disney during its broadcast in 2014. A soap opera co-produced between Argentina and Mexico in which there is no lack of music, adolescence and drama. A worthy heir to Rebelde Way designed for youth consumption and that will also remind us of Violetta, another of Disney’s greatest hits in the children’s soap operas section, which arrived a few years before that of Karol Sevilla. Along with Violetta, in fact, the two great Disney soap operas of the last ten years.

In Soy Luna, the protagonist is Luna Valente, a mexican teenager who moves with her adoptive parents to Buenos Aires and will have to adapt to moving to another country, to new friends, to a new school, to new customs. Luna will be living all kinds of experiences and habitual stories in a series like this and with protagonists of a similar age. Na of the best youth series if what you are looking for meets these characteristics. Friendship, luxury, love or passion are not lacking, music or friends are not lacking but Luna Valente will also discover information that will bring her closer to her origins than ever

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2014 – 2017

Chapters: A season

Duration: Between 50 and 60 minutes per chapter

Age: For all audiences

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SoyLuna - Disney Plus youth series

Good luck Charlie

Charlie is a baby who has just arrived in the Duncan family: her parents Amy and Bob and their three older children Pj, Teddy and Gabe will have to adjust to the new life with the little one at home. A sitcom for all audiences, with airs to forced parents, and with a fun and everyday story that makes it one of the best Disney youth series + recorded in a peculiar way: Teddy (the Duncan’s second daughter, teenager and smart) is recording a daily video for his sister Charlie, for to see him when he grows up.

In the videos he tries to offer useful advice for when the little one is older, hoping that he will receive them when she is no longer at home and cannot personally give it to him. The protagonists will have to face all kinds of adolescent situations (as in most: high school, homework, romantic troubles, friends …) but without neglecting a peculiar life now that the house has been filled with bibs or bottles.

As the episodes and seasons pass we will see how little Charlie goes from being a baby and how all the members of the family grow, mature. As we say, with airs to Forced Mothers (which you can see on Netflix) and a very fun series to watch together as a family and face all these funny situations together.

Good Luck Movie Charlie

Good luck, Charlie also has a movie released in 2011 in which The Duncans stop visit Amy’s parents and the way to reach your final destination will not be easy. A classic Christmas film of humor, family and for all audiences.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2014 – 2017

Chapters: Four seasons, 199 episodes

Duration: Between 20 and 50 minutes per chapter

Thematic: Humor, family

Age: For all audiences

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Good luck Charlie

Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana is one of those great classics among the best Disney Plus youth series now and Disney Channel ten, twenty years ago. Released in 2006 and with four seasons on the streaming platform, Miley Cirus brings to life one of the great idols of the canal. Although we all know what the series is about, Miley Cirus plays Miley Stewart, a young woman who has just moved to Malibu and wants to keep her stage name and fame, Hannah Montana, a secret. Not even her best friend will know, at first, that she is a star. Neither does the boy she likes. A double life in which we will have to spend the day to day of the institute as one more student in the new school and with her new friends. A normal life in class that will have to be combined with being a popular pop star.

The Hannah Montana soundtrack was one of the best sellers of the year of its launch, 2006, and the series is one of the great successes of the last twenty years. Beyond the series, we find two more stories related to the same protagonist: ‘Hannah Montana, The Movie’ and ‘Hannah Montana and Miley Cirus, The best of both worlds in concert’, a kind of musical documentary that will follow Miley Cirus in his concerts and on his tour, getting to know what his life is like going around the world from concert to concert.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2006 – 2011

Chapters: Four seasons, 100 episodes

Duration: About 25 minutes per chapter

Age: For all audiences

Watch Hannah Montana on Disney Plus

Hannah Montana and Miley Cirus, the best of both worlds in concert at Disney Plus

Watch Hannah Montana, The Movie at Disney Plus

Hannah Montana - Disney Plus Youth Series

Lizzie McGuire

Hilary Duff is another of the great Disney icons of the past twenty years, as is Miley Cirus. It is thanks to the Lizzie McGuire series, a series released in 2001 on the Disney Channel that follow a ‘clumsy’ teenager and with little success she dreams of being a popular girl in high school. Along with her friends Miranda and Gordo, Lizzie McGuire follows the daily life of the protagonist, the relationship with her friends, with her parents Jo and Sam and with her little brother Matt.

We will continue the day to day, the life of a teenager for more than 60 episodes but with an argument that stuck us all on the screen twenty years ago now and from which a return is expected. Also, the popular Lizzie McGuire’s alter ego in animated format It will be in charge of starring in moments of humor to express the feelings of the protagonist or what she thinks.

Lizzie McGuire’s New Series

Beyond the original, Lizzie McGuire is one of the most anticipated releases of Disney Plus as a sequel to the series is expected to be released sometime. The filming began although its premiere is on the air and we must continue to wait for problems between its managers and those in charge of the new production. Lizzie McGuire’s return It was announced at the D23 Expo 2019 but we still have to wait to know what will happen, when it will return and who will be in charge since a Disney spokesperson declared a few months ago “We have concluded that we need to go in a different creative direction” . Until then, we can watch over and over again to prepare for the sequel.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2001 – 2002

Chapters: Three seasons, 65 episodes

Duration: About 22 or 23 minutes per episode

Age: For ages 9 and up

Watch Lizzie McGuire at Disney Plus

Lizzie McGuire - Disney Plus Youth Series


Raven is a normal teenage girl though with a “super power”: have visions of the future, he is seer and lets know what will happen. Although not always (almost never, actually) his divinations go as expected and Raven and her friends Eddie and Chelsea usually end up in trouble. A humorous series with teenage characters, with episodes of only 23 minutes and with four seasons available on Disney Plus If you are looking for a youthful “sitcom” but with a different and supernatural touch. Of course, without any pretense of being a science fiction series or anything like that but as a teenage and preadolescent “supernatural comedy”. Humor, routine and institutes are the day to day of this story.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2003 – 2006

Chapters: Four seasons, 100 episodes

Duration: About 25 minutes per episode

Thematic: Supernatural Comedy

Age: For olders than 6

See Raven at Disney Plus



Jessie works as a babysitter for the Ross family, with four children: Emma, ​​the oldest daughter of 14 years and biological of the family, and four adopted children: Luke from the United States and with 12 years, Ravi from India with 11 years and Zuri from Africa and with eight years. The fourth will form a New York family, children of celebrities, which Jessie will have to take care of when the parents are not around. And it won’t be easy, getting like this all kinds of funny moments for all audiences.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2011 – 2015

Chapters: Four seasons, 101 episodes

Duration: About 25 minutes per episode

Age: For ages 12 and up

Watch Jessie on Disney Plus


Kikiwaka Camp

A summer series on Disney Channel: Camp Kikiwaka is one of the best Disney youth series + if you are looking something refreshing, summery, adventure and testing of obstacle, rural life and cabins. Emma, ​​Zuri and Ravi are the protagonists of this 50-episode adventure in which the characters will leave their usual life in the city to join a different environment in nature, Camp Kikiwaka. This is a spin-off from the previous one , by Jessie, launched in 2015 and which will lack moments of humor at all ages, competitions, teen love stories, friends, enemies, etc.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2015 – 2018

Chapters: Three seasons, 58 episodes

Duration: 25 minutes


Age: For all audiences

See Camp Kikiwaka at Disney Plus


Shake it up

Dancing is the axis of Shake It Up! a Disney youth series that introduces us to CeCe Jones and Raquel Rocky Blue, two young friends who dream of being dancers and who are hired as chorus girls in a dance program for teenagers. A 2010 series that you can now see in full on Disney Plus and that will combine rehearsals and dancing with the usual stories that we see in the other series on this list, although with the addition of the music, show or rehearsals.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2010 – 2012

Chapters: Three seasons

Duration: About 25 minutes per episode

Age: For all audiences

Watch Shake it up at Disney Plus

Wasabi Warrior

Inspired by Karate Kid and perfect if you like the theme, Wasabi Warrior is one of the best Disney Plus youth series focused on a martial arts academy. Specifically, the history focuses on Bobby Wasabi’s academy, It is not at its best and it seems that it will be forced to close. But everything will change thanks to the arrival of Jack, a new student who could return her to the elite and manage to defeat her main rivals to achieve the long-awaited reputation. There will be no lack of fights, action or laughter in this group of friends with Jack, Jerry, Milton and Eddie as protagonists, ready to do anything to win the championship that will give the “dojo” the importance it deserves.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2011 – 2014

Chapters: Four seasons, 84 episodes

Duration: About 24 minutes per chapter

Thematic: Sports / Martial Arts

Age: For olders than 6

See Kirby Buckets at Disney Plu

Wasabi warriors

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