Big special show "The crazy 80s" today in the first

© WDR / Interfoto

Nostalgia marathon on TV: The first program devotes three hours of programming to the decade before German reunification – and reviews the music, pop culture and lifestyle of the eighties.

The 80s had a very special flair, in many ways: Between dystopias in the cinema and political signals of hope, not only electronic music and shrill fashion developed – but also a new zeitgeist. The first wants to bring the full program of nostalgia into the living room in three hours today and in particular to revive the German perspective and perception of the decade.

In addition, a lot of original material from the eighties is promised in order to enable the viewers to take a little “journey through time”. Shoulder pads, the synth sounds of the NDW, perms and Rubiks cubes can be expected – a nostalgia trip for the more mature audience, younger viewers may rediscover their gaudy retro fashion from the second-hand shop in its first use.

There are prominent comments and personal flashbacks as part of the 80s nostalgia show by Hannes Jaenicke, Annette Frier, Ann-Kathrin Kramer, Peter and Stephan Brings, Oli P., Angelo and Joey Kelly, among others.

“The crazy 80s – the favorite decade of the Germans” starts today Saturday (July 11th) around 8.15 p.m. in the first.

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