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Bing sneaks onto Android thanks to a Microsoft trick

Bing sneaks onto Android thanks to a Microsoft trick

Microsoft uses Outlook as “Trojan Horse” to cast Bing on Android.

Occasionally we have seen how Microsoft He took advantage of the freedom Android offers to promote its own services, such as when it used the menus of the operating system to show ads for its apps. Now, the Redmond have returned to the charge, using some of its “Trojan Horse” mode applications to try to increase the user base of some of its services. In this case, the Bing search engine.

This has been discovered by some devices of different Android smartphone models, which in recent days have reported the appearance of the Bing search engine among the options of the pop-up menu that appears on Android when selecting a text fragment, without having this browser configured as a default search tool, nor having the browser’s own app on their mobile phones.

Microsoft Outlook for Android

Outlook, Microsoft’s “Trojan Horse” to introduce Bing on Android

Microsoft uses its apps to “strain” some of its services on Android

There are several users who have been surprised to see the search for bing as one of the native text selection pop-up options for the operating system. Later, it was discovered that this option disappeared when uninstalling the Outlook mail manager application of the devices. However, it has recently been discovered that you also need to have the Microsoft Edge browser installed on the device for this shortcut to Bing to appear.

Although the company has not commented on this specific case, it has spoken about its strategy for introduce suggestions and announcements of your own services through some of its applications. To do this, they take advantage of functions integrated into the operating system itself, which allow add this type of functions to components of the platform itself such as the “share” menu or this pop-up shortcut panel.

Bing search on Android

The Bing search engine appears on some mobiles even if the app is not installed.

It is clear that Microsoft is trying in every possible way get Android users to use their services, and that leads them to take advantage of the freedoms offered by Google’s operating system in questionable ways. But does it pay off to increase your user base in this way, shattering your reputation as a brand? Honestly, I doubt it, and I don’t think it’s a sustainable strategy considering that Google could consider that these types of techniques violate the policies of its app store.

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