Bioware outline their plans to revive Anthem – WePC

We heard earlier this year that a team of 30 people is currently working on Anthem. This is a fairly small team working on a game of this size, suggesting that it is more focused on easy-to-get optimizations that it can manage without the need for extensive work. I do not expect major overhauls of the underlying systems, but possibly a certain balance and realignment of existing systems.

This is hinted at in Bioware’s recent blog post on the future of Anthem, which announced plans to optimize the loot system with the stated goal of reducing the time it takes to grind and increasing the rate at which You will be rewarded with new equipment and items and less reliance on completely random rewards.

They have also revised various aspects related to the fight:

“In addition to loot and gear, there are some really good improvements to the feel and types of items we support. The gunplay responds faster overall if opponents react immediately to hits and improve the forecast on the client side. We’re investigating the role of melee items and builds, and of course we can spend skill points to unlock new types of equipment and synergies. One of the things I’m most excited about is seeing all of the awesome new weapon concepts based on our factions. “

This is a plaster for a deep wound, the game would take a lot more significant work to really realize its potential, but still these would be welcome changes that hopefully will be well received by anyone who still plays them and might convince some players to turn around back there and may even involve some players who have never tried it.

There are a few other steps you could take to improve your chances of winning players. EA has had some success when it first launched its games on Steam, with Titanfall 2 becoming more popular. Anthem is not yet available on Steam. Starting it there will increase your chances of winning a significant number of players. There’s also the option to play Free to Play, where the game has been so aggressively reduced over the years that the best chance of making it a success is to lower the upfront fee and try to get as many to get people to try as much as possible and hope that this will result in a net increase in earnings when people spend money in the game.

We’ll have to wait and see what exactly EA and Bioware’s future plans for Anthem are, but I don’t think we’ll see an Anthem 2 anytime soon.

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