Blow by blow: Next update of Fritz OS 7.20

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The next repeater received the latest Fritz update from AVM today.

At the beginning of the week, AVM made the latest Fritz update available for another repeater and a powerline. Now the next device is in line: Fritz Repeater 600.

New features for the repeater:

  • Support for encryption according to WPA3 standard (SAE)
  • Support of “WPA3 / WPA2 Transition Mode” when setting up via the user interface

Further improvements with Fritz OS 7.20:

  • Automatic completion of the repeater connection for FRITZ! Repeater with two WLAN bands (2.4 and 5 GHz) if only one band is connected
  • Simplified login to the FRITZ! Repeater user interface (dropdown menu and default setting for the user name)
  • Event reports for WPA3 extended
  • Compatibility with Sonos multiroom systems improved
  • Support of the setup at the push of a button (WPS) against base stations that only use 5 GHz WLAN
  • Messages about WLAN (“System / Events”) improved
  • The FRITZ! Box Support page has been expanded to include the option of sending support data directly to AVM

Further changes with Fritz OS 7.20:

  • For repeaters in the Mesh without their own password, the user name and password of the FRITZ! Box are requested when the user interface is called
  • For repeaters without their own password that are not activated for mesh, a password is requested when the user interface is called
  • Removed option to save and restore settings
  • Removed outdated WPA / TKIP encryption

When used with a Fritzbox with Fritz OS 7.20:


  • Performance Mesh Steering improves WLAN connections for devices that are used on the go
  • Mesh auto channel: Takes into account the WiFi environment of the mesh repeaters when choosing the best WiFi channel for the entire mesh


  • Mesh steering of end devices that do not fully support the 802.11v / k protocol
  • Improved detection of end devices that cannot be redirected via Mesh Steering
  • Mesh steering evaluates and takes into account the type of connection and the speed of various connection paths (“paths”) when making the steering decision
  • Notification in the events of the FRITZ! Box if there is a network loop (e.g. simultaneous LAN and WLAN connection to the same device)
  • Automatic upgrade of encryption of the mesh connection

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