BLU-RAY MAGAZINE 6/2020: Flash Gordon in 4K

The new edition of the Blu-ray magazine compares the freshly restored 4K special edition of the science fantasy classic “Flash Gordon” with the ten-year older Blu-ray version, takes a look at Damon Lindelof’s celebrated HBO series “Watchmen” and is busy with further Blu-ray tests and 4K innovations.

We are still used to having everything available at all times. But can you imagine that your Blu-ray player is giving up and there is no replacement device? After discontinuing various hardware productions, this scenario is not that unlikely. Well, the full-priced Playstation 5 with a drive will still be able to play discs, but high-end game consoles consume far more energy than such a 20-watt Blu-ray device. In addition to 4K discs and standard Blu-rays, some also want to play their 3D Blu-rays. Since it is not yet officially known whether the PS5 will actually have this compatibility, 3D could soon become completely extinct.

Another point is that the availability of films and series on Blu-ray is also shrinking. For us, of course, this feeds the urge to close existing gaps in the Blu-ray collection as much as possible so that we don’t lose out later. At the moment, the prices for standard and 3D Blu-rays are very cheap, which is why it is definitely worth adding to the collection. Conversely, all of this means that the cultural value of the discs increases.

Who knows if and how z. B. an “Edward Scissorhands”, an “Alien” or a “Minority Report” will still be available in the future? Anything that promises success will likely be available on one of the increasing numbers of streaming portals. Everything else is worth gold if it’s in your own collection.

As the cover story, this time we compare the special edition of the science fantasy classic “Flash Gordon”, which has been freshly restored in 4K, with the Blu-ray version ten years older. We take a look at Damon Lindelof’s acclaimed HBO series “Watchmen”, examine both the standard and UHD versions of the fun superhero flick “Birds Of Prey” and, in addition to other Blu-ray tests, we also dedicate ourselves to some again 4K novelties.

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Cover story

Flash Gordon
Save the world in just 14 hours – this is a task for Flash Gordon, whose skills have now expanded from American football to 4K image resolution including HDR.

Comics: Dark entertainment

The new Alex Garland series: “Devs”

Blu-ray tests

Watchmen, Sonic, Bloodshot, 3 Engel for Charly, The Gentlemen, Birds Of Prey

The spy next door, grandson for beginners

Intrigue, little women

Seven Mortal Sins (Vol. 1), Princess Principal (Vol. 1), Darling In The Franxx (Vol. 1), Onward, Magnificent Kotobuki (Vol. 1), One Piece 13. Film Stampede

Disturbing The Peace, Ulysses – A Dark Odyssey, Ashfall, Valentine – The Dark Avenger

Torture – Invitation to Die, When She Wakes (Preview), I See U, Brahms – The Boy II

Doctor Who – 5th Doctor – Kinda, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. (5th season), Colony (2nd season), The Outsider, Blood Drive (1st season)

VFW – Veterans Of Foreign Wars, Birds Of Prey, War of the Worlds, Days of Thunder, Top Gun

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