boon. informs users of the end and new fees

Under the title “boon. say goodbye to you ”, all boon customers will receive an email with the prepaid mastercard informing them that the service is about to end. At the same time, fees for remaining credit are announced.
The previously popular prepaid Mastercard will end its service on October 3rd. A direct connection to the Wirecard scandal is not explicitly mentioned in the email, but is likely. The boon.Planet offer is initially not affected by the closure.

New fees for remaining credit

Prepaid Mastercard customers should bring their current credit to zero as soon as possible, as new fees of EUR 2.50 or CHF per month will be charged from October 4th. At least automatic charging has been deactivated by boon. A payment of the credit to a bank account is possible, is only mentioned as a second choice due to the utilization of customer service.

boon. had already been removed from Wallet once

boon. was removed from the wallet app by Apple shortly after the Wirecard scandal became known, but was approved again after a short time.

The message in the wording:

With a heavy heart we have to inform you that we have boon’s service due to past events. discontinued on 03.10.2020.
In this way we would like to thank all of our loyal users and are overwhelmed by the many positive and encouraging messages.
Of course, we would still like to support you as best we can and give you a way to close your boon.Account quickly and with little effort.

Do you still have credit on your boon.Account?

Then we recommend the following steps:

  • Spend your existing credit completely and promptly.
  • So that you can get the target amount of your last payment with boon. hit exactly, if necessary top up your account one last time by exactly the difference.
  • You can spend the money as usual on online payments and in the store.
  • As soon as your account balance is at 0 and all transactions are “booked”, you can cancel your boon.Account in the app at the push of a button.

So that you don’t accidentally load up money again, we have already deactivated the auto top-up for you.

Of course, you can also have your remaining credit posted back to your bank account via the service team. However, our service team is already busy with a very high number of inquiries, so we count on your initiative so that you do not have to wait for your money and our dear colleagues can concentrate on the customers who do not work smoothly.

How long will the app work?

You will probably still have time until October 3rd, 2020 to clear your boon.Account and beyond that you will be entitled to get your credit back for another six years. From 04.10.2020 we will charge a monthly fee of € 2.50 / CHF on existing credit until it is completely used up. Therefore, please use this promptly. Further information can be found in the FAQ below.

You already have no credit left on your account?

Then you don’t have to do anything else. Your account will then simply be closed on 03.10.2020.

Best wishes and thank you for your loyalty!

Your boon.Team


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