Bose TV Speaker, now available the new compact soundbar

Bose TV Speaker, now available the new compact soundbar 1

Announced just a month ago, the Bose TV Speaker bar is now available in Spain for 280 euros. It is a compact bar, the cheapest from Bose and one of the most affordable on the market at this level. It is an easy way to improve the sound of a television and we can also send you sound by Bluetooth to have music in the room.

Very compact

With their 60 centimeters wide and barely 5 cm high by 10 cm deepThe Bose TV Speaker is a very compact bar. It comes to replace the Bose Solo 5 of similar size but with a completely renovated interior. The new ride two internal full-range speakers angled to reproduce the two front channels with a wide sound scene.

AND add a third speaker, a central tweeter (tweeter) that helps to clarify dialogues. This is also how he manages to “center” the voices where the bar is (and the television), maintaining the illusion that we hear the voice of the protagonist or announcer where his image is. On the other hand, the bar has a internal labyrinth with rear exit which improves your bass reproduction.

Bose TV Speaker, now available the new compact soundbar 2

Easy connection

The other novelty of the Bose TV Speaker is your connection via HDMI. Thanks to the system ARC (Audio Return Channel) and universal remote control compatibility (CEC) If our television is not very old and has HDMI with ARC, that cable will suffice. If not, the Bose also has an optical digital input and bring the necessary connection cable in the box. In any case, from the moment the box is opened until it is ringing, a few minutes pass: without complex installation.

In addition also has a standard auxiliary input (3.5mm stereo jack) and has Bluetooth. Thus, sending music will be easy for when we do not have the television on and we want to make the room sound. Bring your own remote control too so you can control the volume, select the source or activate the “voice” modes (improves the clarity of dialogues) or the bass level.

Better dialogues and bass

With the button “Dialogue“, The speaker analyzes what is being displayed to further enhance the voices, achieving greater clarity in both dialogues and conversations and news programs. The bass level allows two adjustments down or up from the baseline level, depending on the size of the room or proximity of walls (and our taste).

And for whoever still wants more serious, it is possible to expand the system adding a branded wired subwoofer. The rear connection for this purpose is compatible with the models Bose Bass Module 500 or 700. With them, you get more powerful and thunderous bass, typical of a superior home theater equipment.

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