Bounced or Rejected Messages in Gmail: Causes and Solutions

The truth is that there may be various reasons why a message can be returned. And is that the mail servers of the recipients can reject the emails we send for different reasons. In this case, Gmail itself will send us an email with the response provided by each server based on the address of the recipients.

Common mistakes in returning emails in Gmail

Although the causes of the return or rejection of the sending of a message may be different on different occasions, there are certain error messages that are frequent and that usually accompany the message that Gmail forwards us from the servers of the email addresses that they have rejected the shipment.

“The email account you are trying to send your message to does not exist”

This is one of the most typical error messages and as it indicates, the problem could be in having misspelled the address of the recipient of the message or that he has canceled that email address and does not exist. In this case, what we will have to do is check that we have written it correctly and it is not a writing error, verify that there are no spaces before or after the email address, that we have included a period at the end of the address or that it contains some illegal character such as quotation marks.

If everything is correct, then we will have no choice but to call that person to inform them of the error and ask them if they have canceled the email address that we had saved.

“Message marked as spam” or “Message temporarily rejected”

If we find any of these messages in the email that we have received from Gmail due to a bounced or rejected message, then it is likely that our email has been returned because the text or a link included in the body of the message has been detected as suspects. In that case, what we can do is remove or delete the links to those websites.

Another reason is that we have added too many recipients in the Cc or Bcc field. In this case, if we need to send the same message to many recipients at once, it is best to create a Google group and use it as the recipient of the message.

“The recipient’s server has rejected our requests”

This message indicates that Gmail has not been able to contact the mail server of the recipient of our message. In this case, it may be that at that moment the server had a problem and it was something momentary, so we can wait a few minutes and try again to send the email message.

If the mail has to be returned again, then we must make sure that the address is written correctly. If everything is fine, then everything indicates that it is a problem in the mail server of the recipient’s address. We may contact that person to provide us with an alternate email address, or we may contact customer service for the recipient’s mail provider to find out when the shipment will be possible.


Gmail sending limit

It is important to know that Google limits the number of messages that users can send each day, as well as the number of recipients per message. Therefore, if we exceed these limits we will find that Gmail will not allow us to send and will return an error message of the type:

  • You have reached the limit of messages you can send.
  • A contact is receiving too much mail

These measures are taken by Gmail in order to avoid spam and protect accounts, hence the Google mail service limits the number of emails that we can send or receive per day, as well as the number of recipients that we can add in a message.

If we find the message that indicates that we have reached the limit of messages sent, this may be because we have tried to send the same email to more than 500 people at the same time or what have we sent more than 500 individual messages in one day. And is that this is the limit of daily shipments that Gmail allows, so if we go over, we can see that the message is returned or rejected.

The solution is to wait the next day to be able to continue sending emails normally, as long as we do not exceed the sending limit again. On this occasion, it is a highly recommended practice create a google group with all recipients of a message and send the mail to the email address of that group.

If the person to whom we are trying to send a message receives too many emails and very quickly, then we may find a message in which we are told that the user to whom we are trying to send the email cannot receive any more messages and therefore the mail will be returned or rejected.

In this case, we will have no choice but to contact the person to whom we want to send the email and request another email address to send the message without problems.

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